cj#693> re: reaching broader audiences


Richard Moore

Fri, 27 Jun 1997, Joe Ferguson wrote:
  >So, I suggest you also seek out "conservative" venues for your articles,
  >assuming there are some of these that are essentially honest and valid
  >(I'm sure this is true just like there are such publications on "the
  >other side.")

Dear cj,

Just about the time of Joe's message above, I got a messge from Bob
Djurdjevic, of Phoenix, Arizona, who publishes an on-line journal called
TRUTH IN MEDIA.  He's beyond sterotyping - a mixture of "patriot" and
"conservative", with a somewhat unique view of the Balkans due to his
Serbian heritage, and a comfortable person to do business with on the net.
He saw the "Globalism vs. China" piece and asked to republish it in his
journal, which has now been accomplished.

What surprised me is that he took the piece in toto - there weren't any
parts he had trouble with, although he thought I sounded too pessimistic
about the future.  Yet, as you might imagine from the sample below, his
usual themes include much that many of us would find debatable.

I find this very encouraging.  The overall transaction constitutes the
first "bridge" I've personally been involved with between what one might
loosely call the "liberal" and "conservative" camps.  I hope to get further
contacts from Bob's readers and to offer additional articles (after
reviewing them for gratuitous remarks) to Bob.

Eventually, it might be possible to begin to constructively discuss some of
the differences I have with some of "their" ideas, and see if any kind of
cross-chasm consensus can be developed.

Joe had the right idea.  We must overcome divide-and-conquer tactics of the
elite and quite squabbling among ourselves over secondary issues.

In solidarity,

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997
Subject: Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/6-7 (25-Jun-97)


    Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/6-7     25-Jun-97

New York Times' Rosenthal Attacks American Patriots, We Respond
     * * *
Some U.N. Soldiers Roasted, Raped and Killed Somali Civilians
     * * *
Serbia's Coalition "Zajedno" ("Together") No Longer "Zajedno"
     * * *
Plavsic, Bosnian Serb President, Wants Karadzic Investigated
     * * *


PHOENIX - Two New York Times' syndicated columnist, A.M. Rosenthal,
called for new legislation and more aggressive law enforcement against
the American "patriots," the word he spelled in apostrophes throughout
his column.  Here is our response to it, in the form of a letter to the
editor which we sent both to the New York Times and to the Arizona
Republic of Phoenix, which also carried Rosenthal's column:

June 25, 1997; 09:39 AM (PDT)

Shelly Belzer
Letters Editor
New York, NY
                                Subject: A letter to the editor re. A.M.
Rosenthal's column
Dear Mr. Belzer:

Your columnist, A.M. Rosenthal, is all wet, red and blue in his column,
"Recipe for Terrorism" (NYT, 6/24/97).  Wet - because he evidently
doesn't know much about the subject he writes.  Red - because his legal
ignorance, coupled with his political zeal, would make him a good
paralegal in the Clinton/Reno left-wing liberal administration (with the
emphasis on "para," meaning "almost, but not quite").  Blue - because
throughout his piece, Rosenthal spells the word "patriots" in
apostrophes, implying that only the "blue blood" Eastern establishment
types can properly define who is a patriot and who isn't.


--- end forward ---