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Richard Moore

Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997
From: David Shove <•••@••.•••>
To: Richard K Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Forward to Chomsky


Here' part of a letter from my friend Sam Gale, who received your series
on China et al via my list.

From: Samuel W Gale <•••@••.•••>
To: David Shove <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: PM: Moore 3  7.14

> Dave, thanks for posting Moore's analysis.  It's great.  I just
forwarded it to Noam [Chomsky].  He has been good about replying via
e-mail lately and the last message I received from him was a rather
lengthy description of his recent trip to Israel and the debacle that is
unfolding there. Pretty wild to get first-hand analysis from him like that
so if I haven't done so already, I'll forward it to you.
--end of excerpt--

Direct replies from Noam Chomsky. I'm jealous.  If Noam replies re Moore,
I'd love to see it, and forward it on to Moore.

And here is the letter (not yet about your article) from Chomsky to Sam:

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 14:46:53 EDT
From: •••@••.•••
To: Samuel W Gale <•••@••.•••>

Dear Sam,

McMurtry's article on MAI is right on target.  I've read the draft treaty,
and given talks about it, even a few remarks in print. It's pretty
amazing, and ought to be brought to the public as vigorously as possible,
and fast.  They'd intended to ram it through last May.  Current target is
next May.  My guess is that it will be blocked at the WTO (where the same
treaty is called the MIA).  India and Malaysia particularly are
vociferously opposed.  But the OECD version should sail through, in which
case the rest of the world will simply have to agree.

On Israel/Palestine, a lot to say, too much for a letter.  Basically, it's
what I knew and have written about.  Nothing significant has changed since
a long article I wrote about Oslo II, about a year ago.  But it's always
different to see things and talk to people directly.  Also to see
first-hand the way the huge construction projects carried out by Labor
(now continued by Likud) are undermining any possible hope of any
meaningful existence (I won't even mention "self-determination" for the
Palestinians in their Bantustans.  The purposeful abuse and humiliation of
the Palestinians continues to be shocking.  I wasn't the least surprised
to see the outbreak in Hebron a few days after I was there.  It was
seething.  It also wouldn't come as a great surprise if there'll be a
serious confrontation between the Palestinians and the corrupt gang around
Arafat, who are enriching themselves and brutalizing the population with
the close cooperation of Israeli authorities, while the population sinks
into still further misery, particularly in Gaza and the camps.  Israelis
themselves are mostly in a state of collective denial, particularly the
doves: they don't want to "see" what is two inches in front of their eyes,
and prefer to blame it all on the bad Netanyahu.  There are hopeful signs
too.  From the airport, I went directly (after TV) to a teach-in in
downtown Tel Aviv, the first in about 6 years.  It went on from 2 to after
10. I was there for the late afternoon, then my talk and discussion at the
end.  There were hundreds of people, lively discussion, quite
far-reaching.  No one even bothered to condemn the occupation or Labor
doves.  It was much more far-reaching, quite moving often.  The vitality
and energy surprised everyone, and encouraged them too.  Hope something
comes of it.  Of course, it's a fringe, but it reflects tendencies that
are much more prevalent, as always.  Even press coverage was good, to my
surprise.  My own travels and talks too.

So the usual mixed picture.



Check www.islandnet.com/plethora/authors.html for a worthy guide to
anti-MAI articles.

Thanks for your previous posts and excellent articles.


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