cj#696> The EU: a globalist Trojan Horse


Richard Moore

Interesting comments below.  I presume the "why we slipped" remark is a bit
tongue in cheek, but it conforms accurately to objective fact.  The same
political leaders who tout the EU's recent enhancements to green laws,
worker protection, etc. markedly fail to point out that such laws are
strictly lame-duck measures given, as Duncan points out, the ultimate
primacy of the WTO.

And Pat Buchanan is not the only one who can put 2 and 2 together re/ the
fate of US sovereignty, but it's revealing of the "openness" of the US
media that such sentiments are only given airtime when mouthed by the likes
of a Buchanan or Perot.

Is it really the US who "won two big ones" over Canada and Europe?  Or was
it corporatism that "won two big ones" against democratic sovereignty in
general?  Are Europeans the only dumb ones?

Only the US Constitution itself has legal primacy over treaties (unless
they're with Native Americans or Third-World countries), and one wonders
what will happen when the WTO starts passing unconstitutional measures... a
Free-Trade Amendment?  Perhaps someone should challenge GATT on
constitutional grounds before it's too late - as an unconstitutional
yielding of sovereignty to non-US bodies.  If something has to go "out the
window", I'd rather it wasn't democracy.

My apologies to Duncan if he intended his message as sardonic irony.


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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997
From: Duncan Frissell <•••@••.•••>
To: Declan McCullagh <•••@••.•••>, •••@••.•••
Subject: Re: Data protection laws spark U.S. and E.U. tussle, from FT


>A recently adopted EU directive on data protection makes it illegal after
>October 1998 for EU businesses to "export" personal data for commercial
>purposes to countries which lack comparable privacy laws.
>Such a ban could prevent the sale of customer information, or even
>exchanges of marketing databases between subsidiaries of international
>The clause has already been cited by financial services groups as a
>potential barrier to trade.

That's why we slipped GATT and the WTO past those dumb Europeans.  Their
Privacy Protection regime goes out the window as soon as the WTO has a case
before it.

Notice the U.S. won two big ones recently.  Canada can't block U.S. magazines
on cultural protection grounds (goodby European TV) and Europe has to let
U.S. hormone-tainted beef in.

And Pat Buchanan worried that *our* sovereignty would be hurt by GATT.  Open
systems can't be hurt by openness.  Poor Europe.  "Mauke", as we say in



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