cj#731> plea for computer contribution to cause


Richard Moore

Dear cj,

As posted earlier, Chris Thorman and I are endeavoring to create a
"Globalization and New World Order" web site, hopefully to be funded by
PBS.  Chris is a first-class web engineer, a graphics artist, and a hotshot
programmer: his donated services make it possible for us to plan on a
high-quality, appealing site, with strong navigational support and
interactive features (each topic will have a "See reader comments" and
"Send in a comment" buttons).

To get started, we need to set up a dedicated server, put together a
prototype of our site, and use it as our ongoing test environment during
development.  As our prototype, we'll be taking the cyberjournal homepage
and cyberlib, expanding and refining them, and incorporating html into the

As a collateral benefit, cj will gain its own server with fast response and
a good Internet connection.  We'll have our own domain - cyberjournal.com.

Chris says we need the following hardware:
        All that would be required is a very low-end PC (486 or 586)
        It would make an excellent web server, and I would be happy to take
        charge of reviving it for our needs.

If anyone has such a vintage machine not being used, we'd appreciate the
donation to the cause; don't know if it's tax deductible.