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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

I'd like to share this letter which I'm sending in to Bob Djurdjevic's
"Truth In Media" publication.  I hope he publishes it, as it is an attempt
to encourage necessary communication across a dangerous ideological divide.



Dear Truth In Media,

>>From reading Truth In Media, and from many other current publications as
well, I often get the impression that "liberals", especially as represented
by Clinton, are being portrayed as THE guilty party which is betraying the
Constitution and leading us toward a globalist world government.   I
believe this a very serious error - one which ignores the bi-partisan
continuity of U.S. policy, and which dangerously divides the opposition to
the New World Order (NWO).

It is time for "liberals" and "conservatives" to wake up to the fact that
they BOTH share the same primary goals: restoring the Constitution,
reasserting national sovereignty, rebuilding the economy, and ending the
special-interest influence that has gotten us into this mess.  Liberals and
conservatives are NOT enemies -- and they need to rise above their
differences and work together for their common survival.

Does anyone really believe the Republicans are "conservative" and the
Democrats "liberal"?   I wish I could find that much of a difference
between the tweedly-dee and tweedly-dum parties -- but it just doesn't
exist.  The Mena drug smuggling was a joint Bush-Clinton operation; Waco
was no different than the SLA burnout, the Reverend Jim Jones-CIA affair,
or the MOVE fire-bombing in Chicago -- which were carried  out in earlier
administrations.  Bankrupting the nation and selling out sovereignty have
been bi-partisan affairs. Politicians pretend to have differences -- giving
us a dramatic show debate at election time -- to keep us choosing between
them rather than voting in some real people with guts and integrity.
They're using the age-old strategy of tyrants: divide and conquer.

I recently received the following posting:

                    I see the White House is like a subway -- you
                          have to put in coins to open the gates.
                                           -- Johnny Chung (1997)

    America's so-called political system is based on money.  BIG
    CORPORATE MONEY now owns the best government that money can buy.
    Presidents are NOT elected because they give a damn about either
    environment or posterity; they are elected because BIG MONEY
    wants them elected so BIG MONEY can make even more BIG MONEY...

I think this sums it up pretty well.  The agenda of BIG MONEY is neither
liberal nor conservative, it is corporate.  And the political battle of the
day is not between liberals and conservatives, it is between corporations
and the people.

This was not always the case.  Prior to 1945 there was a close bond between
a nation and its industries and the two were generally counted as one in
calculating the strength and wealth of nations.  A nation's power grew with
the strength of its industries, and industries profited from the larger
economic sphere that a more wealthy and powerful nation could provide.  The
two were bound in a mutually beneficial partnership -- a partnership which
kept nations healthy and provided benefits to the citizenry.  The people,
corporations, and the nation -- their interests were in fundamental
harmony.  The Third-World may have been exploited, but at least the First
World was relatively sound.

But in the postwar "Free-World" system, the close-bonding between nations
and "their" corporations has been falling apart.  As long as the stability
of the overall world system is not in danger, TNC's don't give a damn about
the national strength and prosperity of their individual home nations.
Thus -- from the perspective of board-room strategy -- the allegiance of
the typical TNC has become global: TNC's are citizens of the world; their
focus is on global opportunities; the very concept of "home nation" is
out-dated -- to TNC's, all flags are flags of convenience.

Nations and industry can no longer be counted as a single entity -- TNC's
are a force in their own right, with an allegiance to the overall world
system rather than to a single nation.  The mutually beneficial partnership
is dissolving; nations are losing claim over their sinew.  Nations have
been abandoned by TNC's, and the people are stranded in a shaky ship of

TNC's -- with their new world-system allegiance -- are putting their weight
behind centralized international bureaucracies such as the World Bank,
International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Trade Organization (WTO).
This is neither a liberal nor a conservative conspiracy -- it is the open
policy of the TNC community, and it is being implemented by politicians of
both parties beholden to TNC BIG MONEY.  The Constitution is not being sold
out by UN-loving liberals, it is being sold out by TNC political influence.
The New World Government will be neither liberal nor conservative -- it
will be corporate.  All the centralized bureaucracies mentioned above are
staffed by TNC-approved bureaucrats, not elected officials.

This power grab by TNC's -- and the transfer of sovereignty to their
centralized bureaucracy -- is what GLOBALIZATION is all about.  It amounts
to the replacement of democracy by a modern corporate variety of feudalism.

Up to 1945, large corporations used their First-World nations as safe
bases, and treated the Third World as little more than colonial plantations
to be exploited.  The maintenance of civil order was left to puppet regimes
and occasional big-power intervention.  It has always been corporations
(from the British East India Company to United Fruit) that carried out the
imperialist exploitation, not nations themselves.  The nations simply
provided a free security service.

The consequence of globalization is that _all_ countries (in the First
World as well) are to be treated by TNC's as colonial plantations.
Privileged nations are no longer needed by TNC's as safe-base homes; all
nations can now be exploited; TNC's alone can be the "great powers".  As in
the Third-World today, the major role of all governments will be to
maintain public order and to seek to be "competitive" in attracting
corporate favors.  What this means is police-state governments and no
worker's or consumers rights (and no Constitutional rights).

The only problem the TNC's still need to solve is how to arrange for
"security services" as First-World nations are weakened and
disenfranchised.  My guess is that they will create yet another
TNC-dominated bureaucracy -- perhaps to be called the World Peace
Organization (WPO) -- which will somehow be given control over NATO and
Pentagon hi-tech (low manpower) weaponry.  The UN isn't likely to become
the military branch of the NWO, because it is too democratic -- too
representative -- to be trusted by the TNC community.  Repressive
governments will do the day-to-day policing, and the NWO Judge-Dredd force
will come in for emergencies.

I believe that the Militia movement is being deceived by intentional leaks
of "UN blue helmets in Montana" -- the idea is to get them fired up against
Clinton and an imaginary UN-liberal conspiracy.  This marks them as "cult
nuts" to the silent majority, and thus a large-scale pro-sovereignty
solidarity movement is prevented.  That is why it is crucial that we all
recognize the common BIG MONEY adversary -- the TNC's and their world
bureaucracy.  The rest of us are all being scuttled together, and
encouraged to fight over the deck chairs on the Titanic ship of state.

We need a revolution of a new and different kind, a revolution that
responds to this unprecedented state of emergency.  We don't have much
time, because the chips of power are being transferred rapidly to the NWO
bureaucracies, and the game is for keeps.  We must all join together or we
won't have the strength to challenge the TNC's and the divisive mass-media
propaganda.  And since we will be (take hope!) a MAJORITY movement it is
open political organizing we need, not clandestine guerilla groups.  We
need to take the high ground on main street and force democracy on
Washington DC, not skulk in the hills.

But we have to understand that we -- all the little people -- are in this
alone, we don't have big business as a natural partner in nation-hood any
more.  They've left home and taken the bank account with them, and we must
call them to account.  We still have the power -- if we seize it -- but our
window of opportunity is closing fast.  The good part is that when we
prevail, we will have genuine democracy for the first time -- not just a
junior-partnership in a corporate regime.


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