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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

Cyberjournal has been around for close to three years now.  Some of you
have been around from the beginning, and some are very recent subscribers -
by last count we are 1061 altogether.  This would be a good time for
everyone (including lurkers) to send in feedback comments; I'd be
especially interested in any reflections on how the list has evolved over
time, how it has been useful to you, and whether you regularly forward
postings elsewhere in cyberspace.

The focus of the list thus far has been INVESTIGATION and ANALYSIS of
GOBALIZATION in its various aspects, and I think this has been reasonably
successful -- indeed I feel like the point of diminishing returns has been
reached in this endeavor.

A recent thread has been devoted to the topic of a democratic reponse to
globalization, and I've gone so far as to "announce" that The Revolution
has in fact begun (in Candada) and that an example exists of a functional
democracy (Cuba).  This thread has included INVESTIGATIONS into democracy,
activism, building bridges across ideological gulfs, revolutionary
prospects, reactionary counter-measures, and a Revolutionry Leadership

What I propose to do is shift the list to an ACTION focus -- democratic
counter-revolution.  Other threads will continue, but the emphasis will be
what we can DO, based on a reasonable understanding of how things ARE.  In
particular, I'd like to declare the intention to proceed to planning and
organizing the first leadership conference.   This will hopefully be sited
on Prince Edward Island and will involve participation by anti-MAI
organizers.  The agenda, tenatively, will be "understanding globalization",
"First-World counter-activism", and "global solidarty".

There are two already-scheduled conferences on globalization coming up this
spring and summer, one in Liverpool and another in Baltimore.  I'll be
giving a paper in Liverpool and Carolyn Ballard (my co-author on the
globalization book) will, I believe, be giving essentially the same paper
in Baltimore.  We'll use those opportunities to pursue networking for the
PEI conference.

I welcome suggestions of organizations and individual to invite to the PEI
conference.  Still more critical are suggestions for people to help
organize the conference.


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