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Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 03:10:25
Subject: Clinton bombed Afghanistan and Sudan
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Friday 21 August 1998 London-UK [Afghan55]

From: Parveez Syed
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Clinton bombed Afghanistan and Sudan [Afghan55]
[Editorial feature] by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV

LONDON-UK (SC/SRTV) - Publicly humiliated and disgraced US
president Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of Afganistan and
Sudan on Thursday 20 August 1998 to terrorise and kill civilians
in the two sovereign countries. "The US has now unilaterally and
effectively declared war on all civilian and security targets in
Muslim countries to help him retain his job as liar-in-chief," a
US Republican official told Shanti RTV news.

Without providing irrefutable evidence, Clinton claimed that
Saudi businessman Osama Bin Laden funded the two bombings in
Kenya and Tanzania on Friday 07 August 1998.

Clinton's fans and critics rallied behind his order to kill
civilians in Afghanistan and Sudan. However, another US
Republican, Senator Dan Coats summed up the sceptical attitude
of most informed Americans. He said the timing was extraordinary.
Clinton's terror campaign was launched as his former plaything
Monica Lewinsky gave details of "inappropriate relationship" with
the 'liar-in-chief' who was forced by US legal eagle Ken Starr to
provide DNA samples that match a stain on Lewinsky's dress.

"Clinton has unilaterally bombed the two UN members without
declaring a war to help bypass US Congress. He has again
undermined the Congress and the US Constitution. He and his
cohorts are now set to subvert all UN members again with lies and
fake evidence. Full operational support for the US bombings came
from US bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf states," a
Pentagon source told Shanti RTV news agency.

To help justify killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Sudan,
Clitnon claimed he has "compelling information" that alleged
groups were allegedly planning attacks allegedly against the US.
He claimed that there was evidence that the alleged suspects or
key players accused of bombings in Kenya and Tanzania were
allegedly meeting in Afghanistan. "Our target was terror, our
mission was clear," Clinton claimed without providing irrefutable
evidence to prove that his victims financed or planned the
attacks on US bases in Kenya and Tanzania. Clinton claimed the
US bombings were designed to combat alleged threats to US
'national security' outside the US from further attacks.

British prime minister Tony Blair gave his strong, uncritical
support to the US aggression against Afghanistan and Sudan. "But
Blair and Clinton are not expected to bomb Christian killers near
Omagh in Northern Ireland and Eire," a Western intelligence
source told Shanti RTV news agency. British Tory MP and Jewish
leader Michael Howard also supported the latest Clinton's terror
campaign, bombings and killings in Afghanistan and Sudan. "They
are now accessory to the murder of civilians in the two sovereign
countries," the intelligence source told Shanti RTV news.

Afghan Taleban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar said US bombings of
six sites, including Khost and Jalalabad, in Afghanistan showed
enmity for people of Afghanistan. "This means war," another
Tabelan leader told Shanti RTV news. Sudanese information
minister Ghazi Salaheddin said the US attack was a criminal act
against Sudan. Sudanese interior minister confirmed that the
factory US bomed produce medicine. Clinton claimed that the
factory was a suspected chemical weapons plant. According to
initial reports from Afghanistan, Clinton's target, Osama Bin
Laden, was miles away from the six sites US bombed. Laden is
reported to be safe, unhurt and less secure.

So, where is the irrefutable evidence against the accused? What
about a fair trial? What about court of appeals? What about
legal discovery? What about international laws that most UN
members must comply with? What about UN Charter? What about
justice? What about trying Clinton, George Bush and Israeli
leaders for their crimes against humanity?

"The bombs helped Clinton silence calls for his resignation and
impeachment. By killing civilians in Afghanistan, Sudan and Iraq
the cowardly wimp-in-chief has proved that he is a man of sorts.
May God save Americans and the world from US presidents, Mossad
agents and their respective assets, and their justice" the
intelligence source added. "Now there is no need for legal
discovery; irrefutable evidence; kangaroo trials before biased
juries and patronised judges in the US or EU. Just accuse and
kill. Don't ask question until 500 years later, preferably
never" he explained. "The atrocities in Kenya, Tanzania,
Afghanistan, Sudan and Iraq have shown the pains and suffering
US and Israeli engineered pretexts and state-sponsored terrorism
can bring to innocent civilians," he added.

FLASHBACK: After speaking to a number of Western intelligence
sources, last Friday (14 August 1998) Shanti RTV news agency
predicted that a series of pretext were engineered by the
Pentagon and Mossad to bomb and kill civilians in Muslim states.
SC-SRTV also predicted that the pretexts are based on lies,
fabricated and tainted evidence fabricated planted by FBI and
Mossad agents and their assets in Kenya and Tanzania. SC-SRTV
also predicted that Clinton, who admitted this week that he lied
to his wife and American people for seven months, needs more
strategic ploys, games and tricks to distraction and divert
attention away from his scandals, lies, perjury and potential
impeachment. The rest is now history.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: On 17 January 1998 Clinton said he does not
remember ever being alone with Monica Lewinsky other than for
brief moments when she might have delivered documents in her
role as a White House intern. How can he now acknowledge
"inappropriate relationship" or sexual contact with Lewinsky but
not remember whether he was alone with her? So, who else was
there witnessing the inappropriate act or contact then? Is he
faster than speedy Gonzalles? Was that a quickie? Most of his
informed party members and many Americans are utterly disgusted.
They have again been lied to and they are furious. Clinton had a
fling with Lewinsky, then lied about it to everyone, including
his wife for seven months. What else does he lie about?

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 21 August 1998.
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