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Richard Moore

From: •••@••.••• (Bill Blum)
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998
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Subject: Re: cj#851-1/2> gri.c6 -- Collaborative internationalism


You may have mentioned this before, but I forget.  Do you have a publisher
lined up for your marvelous book?  If so, do you have any kind of deadline?
Just wondering.



Dear Bill and cj,

I'm in contact with a publisher, and the editor is working with me to
develop the material.  They want the material to be developed on a more
bottom-up, example-based manner.  My style has been to present conclusions,
and then add the "evidence" to provide "proof".  This is how things are
done in math and science.  They want something that draws the reader along
and "shares the experience of discovery".  Examples leading up to

This seems like a major challenge, but it also makes sense.  I'm going to
pick a chapter (either 4 or 5) and try rewriting it along these lines.  As
a first step, I've re-drafted the Table of Contents, with new titles and
with chapters 4 and 5 swapped.  Let me know what you think.

They want the rewriting of sample chapters before they want to discuss



                         Achieving a Livable World

                 From corporate rule and global devastation
                      to democracy and sustainability,
               by means of non-violent democratic revolution

                     Copyright 1998 by Richard K. Moore

Table of Contents

Part I - Corporate rule and global devastation: understanding the
dynamics of today's world

     Chapter 1 - Evolution of world power: from Pax Romana to
     Pax Americana, by way of competitive imperialism

     Chapter 2 - Evolution of political power: from kingdoms to
     corporate rule, by way of republics

     Chapter 3 - Evolution of capitalism: the growth imperative,
     societal engineering, and the finite Earth

Part II - Envisioning a livable world: an inquiry into democracy and


     Chapter 4 - Democracy: collaboration and harmonization
     instead of competition and factionalism

     Chapter 5 - Sustainable societies: a realizable necessity

     Chapter 6 - Collaborative internationalism:
     culture-diversity and the trap of world government

Part III - Achieving a livable world: the necessity of non-violent
democratic revolution


     Chapter 7 Building a global movement: learning from
     history and moving beyond class struggle

     Chapter 8 - Engaging the corporate regime: anticipating elite
     responses and avoiding co-option

     Chapter 9 - The Democratic Renaissance: making the transition to a
     livable world