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OAKLAND, CA (CERJ) -- A coalition of organizations (15 - list below) concerned 
about criminal justice policies (police accountability, drug war  & death 
penalty) have been pressuring Mayor Jerry Brown's office for a  meeting.  In the
last week, we have suddenly gotten some very strong support from close 
associates of Mayor Brown, especially on the CIA-drug issue.  There is 
indication that Mayor Brown will *come out publicly* on the drug war issue, but 
he needs to know that there is support for him!

Any organizations who consider the Drug War a 'waste of time, money and  
people's lives', and who would have any affiliations with any >organization  in 
Oakland, CA, please get them to contact me.  If you do not have any 
affiliations, but have members of your organization living in Oakland, please 
inform them!

A group of organizations (and many hundreds of individuals) are forming a loose 
coalition based on this one issue (STOP THE DRUG WAR) in order to show our Mayor
- Jerry Brown - that we are against this war on the people of Oakland (and the 
world) and all its consequences that ravage our community.

Any and all organizations are invited to PLEASE contact Lara Johnson 
<•••@••.•••>, (South-African-American activist, heroine and Amnesty 
International member) that we can form a HUGE coalition of organizations from 
every sector of our community; poor, rich, left, right, old, young, straight, 
queer, African, Asian, Chicano, Latin, European, criminal justice reform, prison
related, hemp, gardening, youth, education, family, whatever type organizations.
etc.  The only requirement is that you  think there is a *problem* with the War 
on Drugs!  No demands have yet been made, and I think that is something that 
should be discussed once organizations have met, discussed, dialogued, debated, 
researched the issue, and can come up with some reasonable demands/suggestions 
and alternatives.  For now - we have to create a broad coalition of 
organizations, within the Bay Area, focussing on Jerry Brown, and his Strong 
Mayor Proposal - Measure X (which I call Malcolm X!!! ;-).

The only request presently being made of the Mayor is the following:

~~~~~~~Go public about the Drug War, and as such appoint a Mayoral
Committee to investigate the local Oakland implications and effects
of the Drug War, especially considering the recently released CIA
Reports I
and II which admitted CIA complicity in targetting inner city

A 'source' says that *with enough public support/pressure* this is a
'reality'.  Once he agrees to such an appointment, people can
volunteer their time to such a committee and we can start work.

Oakland can and will benefit from a large coalition of citizens and
organizations united around this issue and dedicated to reforming the
current drug policies.

There is already a fax/email/phone campaign to Jerry's office, which
is going strong!  Oakland can - ONCE AGAIN - be the city that says "We
have  had enough"!!!!  STOP THE WAR!!!

Those organizations/individuals not in Oakland, but who would like to
support our initiative in getting our *progressive* (ha, ha!) Mayor
to denounce the Drug War and committ Oakland on a new path to peace, can
fax/email/tel Mayor Browns office with your views.

Details are:
Tel: 238 3141
Fax: 238 4731
Email: "Jerry Brown" <•••@••.•••>

Jerry Brown for President in 2002

For the moment I am the contact person for the coalition, up until
such time as we can form a name, elect a steering committee, etc.

To Help Form the Action Coalition, contact:
Lara Johnson
P O Box 24869
Oakland, CA 94623
Email: <•••@••.•••>
Tel: (510) 451 4430
Pager: (510) 873 3699

Organizations demanding meeting with mayor on criminal justice
- Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice (CERJ)
- Prison Moratorium Project - California
- Amandla Awethu (Power to the People)
- American Friends Service Committee
- Pacific Institute of Criminal Justice
- Pueblo (People United for a Better Oakland)
- KPFA Radio
- Urban League
- East Oakland Development Corporation
- Angry White Males For Affirmative Action
- New Abolitionists
- Bay Area PoliceWatch
- Native American Network
- African People Solidarity Network
- National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement
- KMEL radio
- Various teachers and principals of Oakland public schools (as
individuals, in their own capacities)
- Various other individuals
While on this subject, the following is an event on this issue coming
CIA-THE DRUG WAR & criminal INjustice system Community Meeting:

Michael Ruppert ex-LAPD narcotics officer
speaks about:


Mr. Ruppert is the editor of From the Wilderness and has written
numerous articles on the CIA-DRUG issue, including:
'Blacks were targeted for CIA Cocaine - It can be Proven'
II. [speaker(s) to be announced] (on Jury Nullification) from the

speaking about:

Jury Nullification -- YOU [the juror] HAVE THE INALIENABLE POWER TO
REFUSE TO CONVICT, regardless of the evidence presented,
regardless of the law as written, and regardless of the judge and the
judge's instructions.  IF YOUR CONSCIENCE, your SENSE OF JUSTICE, OR

Followed by discussion and questions!

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