cj#904> *TEST* of formatted messages


Richard Moore

I wonder how many of you out there can handle email messages which include
styles (bold, centering, different fonts, etc)?  And what happens when one
comes in, if you can't?  The remainder of this messsage will include
styles...  I'd be interested in hearing what happens.  I'd especially
appreciate it if someone who has a plain text reader could send me a copy
of this message (Cut&Paste, not Forward; with headers and all).


Centered, bold, large TITLE

Small, italic, right-justified
cursive script <-Script MT Bold

Default font-> There are horizontal lines before and after these test lines.

This is an indented block of text, which would be useful for quoting
material from a previous message.  Better than those messy ">" characters.
BTW> This paragraph is red.

Zapf Dingbats:
+  !*(K: