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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

Below, Joseph Ferguson and Robert Hanzel comment on the Drug War issues.  I
haven't hear back yet from Jeff (the "hood" survivior)... perhaps he'll let
us know if he sees any sense in what we're saying, or else he could prod
our smugness with another provocative remark   (:>) .  In any case,
everyone's comments are always appreciated.  BTW> I consider "provocative"
to be a term of praise, ever since Jay used that adjective in regard to my

As for the test of formatted messages, it was a complete success!  That is,
we successfully answered the research question, "Should we use formatted
text on the list?".  The answer is "Definitely not!".  The ezmlm listserv
not only removes the formatting before posting, but it breaks the message
up into MIME blocks, which makes a hash of it in most readers.  Thanks for
your responses, which out-numbered those received on any topic in recent

It's a shame though, because messages become a lot more readable with a bit
of formatting.

If anyone takes a look at the Police State article on the website, I'd be
interested in comments, particularly on the "Sherlock method".

all the best,

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999
From: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Re: cj#903> The Drug War and the emerging USA police state

Great to see CJ finally interested in this issue.  I tried to raise
it a few years ago :-)

Responding to Jeff Gates:

> At the risk of rocking this smug little boat, I just returned from a stay
> in West Oakland where I resided with a friend who lives at Ettie and 34th
> street.  Might I suggest you take a ride around the hood before you
> proncounce too widely on calling off the war....  Living there is a bit
> like living in a war zone.  Quite a challenge when raising a child or ...

It is exactly the point that it is the War on Drugs that creates these
war zones.  If you put $100 Billion in the street that may only be picked
up by outlaws, you attract a large collection of the most ruthless outlaws

I have two teenaged daughters and am not smug about this.

There's a saying: if you want peace, work for justice.  There is nothing
just about the U.S. sponsored "War on Drugs."

I would highly recommend reading "Drug Crazy" by Mike Gray (author of
"The China Syndrome") for a balanced view of the history and present of
this insane policy.  No conspiracy theory is needed, just practical sense
to see how impractical and deadly our policies are.

Nobody in the reform movement is saying "drugs" are good or an answer to
anything, or that any solution is simple or perfect.  I think what most
are saying is that we thought we learned something from alcohol prohibition
and how it provided such bountiful expansion capital for the likes of Al
Capone.  Today's drug prohibition is the bigtime compared to that, and
we have not only our childern and our poverty stricken neighborhoods at
risk, but the soundness of our entire governmental structures.  Why should
Mexico and other Latin American governments be the only ones susceptible
to the corrupting power of "Silver or Lead?"

- Joe Ferguson

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999
From: •••@••.••• (Robert Hanzel)
To: •••@••.•••  [?]
Subject: Emergency Rule

Dear rkm,

Great posting today concerning the War on Drugs.  You might wish to add
that to keep the emergency rule statues on the books "alive and well", the
rulers need to call for a "War" every two years.

Heard on network tv this AM the "trial baloon" for the next war, the War on
Corruption.  Appears that the oligarchy that now runs the foreign nation in
D.C. found out a long time ago the emergency rule loophole which was left
open since the days of Lincoln.  He called for emergency rule but died in
office. Only a President can call or rescind such, and over the years the
"rules" via statutes and orders, appears to have completely erased
constitutional government in the united States.  Get rid of the War on
Drugs and up pops the War on Corruption or "whatever", it really doesn't
matter for the real war appears to be against the American people as you so
clearly point out in your references to the emerging police state and it's
worldwide implications.

The "elete" run the show from the top (banking circles) to the bottom
(street gangs), sad but true.  What is truly needed involves an
international change in attitudes AND a toal revision of systems?  The
pressing issue is whether in the end we as a society can attend to ours
needs, especially the needy, not at the sacrifice or the suffering of
others, but in a way that allows EVERYONE to come out as winners,
including, with mercy, those who would have enslaved us?

The model for the revision needs only to be dusted off and used (The U.S.
Constitution and it's Bill of Rights), the change in attitudes can only
come about by learning the truth. Again, thanks for today's posting and as
always, keep up the great work.

For Peace & Prosperity,
Yours in the service,
VegaBob :-)



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