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Subject: SERBIA'S WRITERS' ASSOCIATION :To the writers of Europe and the World
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 Svetski sabor Srba                            Fond istine o Srbima
 e-Bulletin  No 54/ April 1, 1999  #4 Nato Genocide over Serbs


To the writers of Europe and the World

Respected colleagues and dear friends, we expect Your Word.

It is most needed now, healing and responsible.

Since the night of March 24th 1999 our country, Serbia and Yugoslavia and all
our cities have been attacked with cluster bombs and rockets, without
Declaration of war by the North Atlantic Military Alliance NATO, which
the sovereignty of Yugoslavia as well as the Charter and Declarations of
the OUN.

In continuous attacks by several hundreds of airplanes all the vital strategic
objects of our home country have been attacked as well as schools,
kindergartens, hospitals, medical factories, churches, monasteries, gas
and water wells, cemeteries and national sanctuaries, libraries and
cultural institutions, rivers, forests, mountains - our whole world.

Endlessly, NATO troops have been attacking for days now Belgrade, the
capital of
Serbia and Yugoslavia which has been bombed by Nazis in 1941 and by Allies in

Cetinje was bombed- a historical city, the sanctuary and the seat of the
Mithropolites of Montenegro. Bombed was the peak of Lovcen, with its tomb
of the
legendary poet Njegos, the second time in this century- at its beginning and at
its end.

A deadly missile fell in the port of our holy monastery Gracanica (1320) in
Kosovo. The center of Kosovo and Metohija itself- the city of Pristina,
capital of the Serbian nobleman Vuk Brankovic, was bombed.

The park monument Sumarice in Kragujevac a graveyard of 7000 Serbian citizens
and pupils shot by fascists in 1941 was struck by missiles. This time the NATO
pilots killed the already dead peasants, clerks and students. Even their sacred
innocence was a "strategic military object and target".

There is no end to this madness!!!

We, the Serbian writers, believe that the great Austrian and German poet Peter
Handke was right in his global message in which he called the whole free world-

Yesterday at the very moment that the new attacks on Belgrade have been
announced, at the Liberty Square, 100 000 of young men and women came to
the rock concert wearing targets on their breasts. Maybe You saw them on
last night? If you have, say so!

Let us address together in this protest the gentlemen leading these new
barbarians, and stop them.

Let us save together the free and democratic spirit of Europe and the
World, this altar of the Gift and the Mind which the Serbian people have
built themselves into.

The writers of the world have never been accomplices, but witnesses. In the
third genocide over Serbs in this century, let us add Your voice of the
Jove to the book of conscience we are writing together, on the scales of
the world temptation.

Belgrade, March 30th 1999.


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