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This message needs to be distributed worldwide to everyone as soon as possible.

I have been waiting for the information to gather on the reason behind the
KOSOVO war.  It is the Bilderbergs continual manipulation of world politics
and the Stari Trg mining complex worth at least $5 billion and 17 billion
tons of coal reserves, PLUS the US testing of new weapons.

The articles below detail what is happening in ways that give us new focus
to the intention of our prayers.



April 14, 1999

The Big Lie About Kosovo

by Richard Poe

"Save the Albanian Kosovars!" Clinton cries. "Save the
Sudeten Germans!" Hitler trumpeted in 1938. The
names have changed, but the strategy remains the same.

For more than 50 years, we Americans have looked
down our noses at the Germans, for having followed
Hitler so blindly. But now it's our turn. We are proving
no more resistant to propaganda than those cheering
crowds in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will.

Back in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler needed an excuse to
seize Czechoslovakia. So he invented one. Three and a
quarter million ethnic Germans lived in the
Sudetenland, under Czech rule. As William L. Shirer
recounts in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Hitler
secretly funded an extremist group called the Sudeten
German Party and ordered it to provoke an uprising
against the Czechs.

Kosovo, too, appears to have been destabilized by
outside forces. For years, Kosovars protested Milosevic
peacefully. But in 1997, a group called the Kosovo
Liberation Army (KLA) suddenly started shooting. Who
were these people?

The Times of London (March 24, 1999) described the
KLA as "a Marxist-led force funded by dubious
sources, including drug money." European police
suspect the KLA of connections to Albanian gangsters.
At least two of the group's backers appear to have been
the CIA and the German spy agency BND, according to
intelligence analyst John Whitley, quoted in the Truth in
Media Global Watch Bulletin (April 2, 1999).

The purpose of staging a provocation is to create a
backlash. This strategy certainly worked for Hitler in
1938. As unrest spread in the Sudetenland, the Czechs
cracked down. Czech President Eduard Benes ordered
troops into the region and declared martial law.

Right on cue, the German press went wild. "Women and
Children Mowed Down by Armored Cars," ran a typical
Berlin newspaper headline in September 1938. "Poison
Gas Attack on Aussig" cried another.

Hitler accused Benes of waging a "war of
extermination" against Sudeten Germans. "The
Germans he now drives out!" cried Hitler, in a
September 16, 1938 speech. "We see the appalling
figures: on one day 10,000 fugitives, on the next
20,000... and today 214,000. Whole stretches of country
were depopulated, villages are burned down, attempts
are made to smoke out the Germans with
hand-grenades and gas."

Sound familiar? Hitler's rhetoric bears an eerie
resemblance to the CNN news blitz on Kosovo. Of
course, Hitler was exaggerating. Many of the atrocities
he alleged later turned out to be fabrications. But the
same is true of our newscasts on Kosovo.

Take the alleged massacre of 45 Albanian civilians at
Racak, for instance, reported in January 1999. Forensic
and other evidence now suggests that the bodies were
those of KLA guerrillas killed in combat.

The hoax has been widely discussed in the European
press (including Le Monde, Die Welt, Le Figaro and the
BBC). But U.S. news outlets have been as silent on the
controversy as if they were taking orders from Goebbels

In the Sudeten crisis, Hitler claimed to be inspired by
internationalist ideals. "Among the fourteen points
which President Wilson promised ..." the Fuhrer
proclaimed, "was the fundamental principle of the
self-determination of all peoples ..." By freeing the
Sudeten Germans, Hitler argued, he was fulfilling
Wilson's vision.

Clinton too claims he is fighting for human rights. But
ethnic cleansing does not bother Clinton when his
friends are the ones doing the cleansing. He ordered no
bombing when the Croatians drove 300,000 Serbs from
Krajina, burning their homes and killing many. Nor did
he intervene when our NATO ally Turkey slaughtered
over 35,000 Kurds.

Every schoolchild today knows that Hitler's real goal, in
seizing Czechoslovakia, was to use it as a stepping stone
for his planned invasion of Russia.

But what is Clinton's real interest in Kosovo? Nobody

Many theories have been floated. Some point to the
Trepca mines of northern Kosovo, rich in gold, zinc,
silver and lead. The New York Times called them the
"Kosovo war's glittering prize" (July 8, 1998).

Others see a more far-reaching strategy. The Russians
claim that NATO, like Hitler, wants to use the Balkans
as a stepping stone for extending its power eastward --
eventually meddling in the affairs of Russia itself.

But this is all speculation. Only time will reveal
Clinton's true intentions, as it ultimately did Hitler's.

In his memoir Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer
recalled the anxious mood of Berliners, in September
1939, as they digested the news that England and
France had declared war.

"The atmosphere was noticeably depressed," he recalls.
"The people were full of fear about the future. None of
the regiments marched off to war decorated with
flowers as they had done at the beginning of the First
World War. The streets remained empty. There was no
crowd on Wilhelmsplatz shouting for Hitler."

A wise man once said that those who fail to study
history are condemned to repeat it. Should Clinton
actually succeed in sparking a world war, Americans
will no doubt react with the same shock and fear as
Berliners did in 1939. But we will have only ourselves
to blame.

Richard Poe is a freelance journalist and a New York
Times-bestselling author. He writes frequently on
historical themes. Poe's latest book, "Black Spark,
White Fire", explores the Afrocentric controversy
concerning ancient Egypt.

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interest in Kosovo? Nobody knows." IS TO BE FOUND BELOW...

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Hello All,

1998 and refers to the 1996 and 1998 Bilderberg Meetings and Kosovo...

(This is me speaking, btw, in these next three paragraphs.)

The first time I ever heard the word "Kosovo" was over two years ago in these
reports which forecast how the Bilderbergers hoped to bring about a
debilitating war of attrition in the heart of Europe with tendrils eventually
spreading towards Russia, Syria and Israel.  No doubt, in the interim,
Bilderberger agents provocateurs have been working full time on all sides to
foment the present war.  The following is about the 1998 Bilderberg-creep
meeting with references to the 1996 meeting.

These creeps are hoping this war will spread into Greece, Cyprus, Turkey,
Bulgaria, RUSSIA, and finally, involve the US in their nwo malevolence.
Lucifer must have some magnificent palaces all ready for these heroes of
hell-creeps when they shed their mortal coils - and I do mean coils, as in
snakes...  Sky dragons?  Dracs?  And what is the traditional symbol of China?
 The dragon.  Remember, Albania is and always has been a Red Chinese puppet
and a drug conduit to the west via the KLA for drugs from China and SE Asia.

Since what the nwo Intelligence Update's 1996 report said was going to happen
has now come to pass in Kosovo in 1999, I re-read the following with great
pause because of what it may foreshadow for the entire region (Greece and
Turkey and Cyprus) and for Russia and the Middle East and the US.  The
Bilderberg-made storm clouds are gathering!  I am so awestruck by the level
of deceit and evil these nwo manipulators are into that I cannot say another


"The Coming Kosovo War, Greece, Turkey, And Cyprus...

"In our June, 1996, Special Report on the Bilderbergers, the New World
Order Intelligence Update warned that the globalist elite had planned a
Balkans war which would become the "Vietnam of the '90's"; and that, if
they could not get such a war going by inflaming the Serbs through the
use of NATO "snatch squads" to seize suspected war criminals for trial
at the Hague, their plan was to use Kosovo as the flashpoint to ignite a
regional conflict which would ultimately embroil the Yugoslav
federation, Bosnia, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, the
Western European military powers, the United States, and by extension -
as allies of Turkey and Greece - Israel and Syria. Now, from virtually
nowhere, the well-financed Kosovan Liberation Army has sprung into the
limelight and the scene is being set for a Balkan war of unbelievable
carnage and merciless hostility.

"We further warned that, if the war in Kosovo took too long to engineer
or eluded the elite altogether, then their fall-back plan was to create
a vicious conflict between Turkey and Greece over Cyprus, and to push
the war back into the Balkans area from there."





[Copyright (c) 1998, New World Order Intelligence Update. This article
may be reposted to Internet conferences and Web sites if unaltered and
unedited. Prior permission to otherwise reprint or reproduce is
required, and may be obtained by contacting John Whitley as detailed

CONTACT: John Whitley
E-mail •••@••.•••
Phone 416-481 4868
Fax: 416-322 3686

TORONTO, 16th May, 1998

The 1998 meeting of the secretive and immensely-powerful Bilderberg
Group closes tomorrow at the luxurious Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire,
Scotland. The 120 or so Bilderbergers, who normally converge at their
pre-selected venue with as much secrecy as possible, had hoped that
their selection for the May 14th - 17th conference this year, 15 miles
south of Ayr and a quarter of a mile away from the A77 trunk road to
Glasgow, would - together with armed and black-clad police at the the
property entrance and around the perimeter - guarantee their
previously-inviolate privacy.

They have still not recovered from the acute discomfort which they
experienced when the TORONTO STAR and local Toronto media, acting on
detailed Press Releases from the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE
[http://www.inforamp.net/~jwhitley], ran several major articles
revealing their existence and querying, for the first time in their then
43-year history, the nature and purpose of their secretive conclave at a
$66-million luxury resort property at King City, just north of Toronto

Conrad Black, the most closely-watched media magnate in Canadian
history, was the convener of that 1996 meeting, during which -
exhibiting a new and disarming policy of openness - the Bilderbergers
released a list of attendees and a highly-generalized and non-specific
agenda. They tried the same proactive approach at their 1997 meeting in
Georgia; but now, apparently, find the comfort of dark anonymity and of
non-existent Press Releases to be more congenial to their purposes

Well, unfortunately, much of their security effort has been wasted. For
here once again, following the tradition of free publicity for the
Bilderbergers which we first established at their 1996 meeting, are the
substantive issues which they discussed at their secretive 1998
Conference. Since the Bilderbergers make a point of never confirming or
denying the substance of their discussions, we invite our readers to
take note of the following items and to compare them with the contents
of their newspapers over the forthcoming months.

Our sources have shown an extraordinarily high degree of accuracy over
the past several years, as those who have purchased our detailed
Bilderberg Report can attest [see our Report web page at

We need, for reasons which will quickly become obvious, to refresh our
readers' memories at this point.

During and following the 1996 Bilderberg Conference, we asserted that
Bilderberger Bill Clinton would be re-elected as U.S. president; that he
would promptly break his promise to bring American troops home from
Bosnia, but that he would re-position them in Hungary and the
surrounding countries instead and pass command of the Bosnian operation
to a German general and 3,000 German combat troops from Heidelberg [this
later occurred, in October, 1996]; and that the Bilderbergers had
thereafter arranged to inflame the Serbs by pursuing the war criminals
in their midst for trial before a new International Court [the Serbs, a
proud but experienced people, side-stepped this provocation by
persuading the lower- and middle-level suspects to voluntarily

If that failed to incite a Balkan war, then we pointed out that they
were prepared to utilize Kosovo to bring one about:

"When war comes, as expected, Kosovo, at the southern tip of the Serbian
Republic, may be the flashpoint that ignites a wider war involving
Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, and Turkey - in addition to the
hapless U.S. and NATO troops caught in the middle. Kosovo, "the
Jerusalem of the Balkans", is a self-proclaimed nominally independent
"republic", presided over by "President" Ibrahim Rugova. It is, in fact,
a province of Serbia, though its population is largely of Albanian
descent. The United States, though on record as recommending more "au-
tonomy" for Kosovo, treats the province to all intents and purposes as a
de facto independent state, a fact which infuriates the Serbians. Twice
- once in 1992 and again in 1993 - Presidents of the United States have
threatened Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic with military
retribution "in the event of a conflict in Kosovo caused by Serbian
action." To add insult to injury, the U.S. now plans to establish an
"official presence" in "the capital of Kosovo." Aggrieved by this, and
rightly sensing the intent of the United States to encircle and contain
them, the Serbians are likely to appeal to an increasingly-nationalistic
Russia, their traditional protectors, for help and military assistance.
As reported by Germany's DIE ZEIT, "Serbia is every place where there
are Serbian trenches or Serbian graves", according to Serbian opposition
leader Val Draskovic. That means that Serbia will fight to retain
Kovoso, in spite of the fact that its population is 90% Albanian. The
Albanian Kosovans, determined to be independent, will fight back. That
will likely draw into the conflict the 3.4 million inhabitants of
Albania proper, together with the Albanians of Montenegro and Macedonia.
Albania also has openly-expressed designs on Macedonia's western
provinces, largely populated by Albanians: at least one armed
insurrection directed by Albania has been foiled by the Macedonian
authorities, and the Albanians continue to openly support and encourage
Macedonian Albanian separatist groups. Bulgaria, which considers
Macedonians to be "western Bulgarians", may then go to war for the
fourth time this century to seize the opportunity to finally settle its
territorial claim there. Greece, already incensed by Macedonia's use of
the Greek "Vergina Sun" symbol on its flag and suspicious of the
Macedonian Republic's supposed intention to form a "Greater Macedonia"
by inciting insurrection and separation in the Greek province of
Macedonia, may well then take advantage of events to settle the issue
once and for all. Turkey, acting in defence of its Muslim brethren in
Bosnia, and infuriated by the actions of its traditional rival Greece
against the Macedonian Republic, could then scarcely be refrained from
joining the fray.

The "Albanian issue", centred in Kosovo and overshadowed by the larger
Serb-Bosnian tensions, is a powderkeg waiting to explode. And when it
does, the whole region will explode with it."
- from our 1996 BILDERBERGER REPORT [almost three years later, these
things are now happening!]

The Serbs, scenting the trap thus laid for them, have confined
themselves to short, repressive police actions against the Kosovan
Albanian population, none of which have been sufficient in duration,
extent or intensity to provide the pretext necessary for the
Bilderberger elite to rally Western European and American public support
for a full-fledged military engagement of the Serbs. So their methodical
preparation, financing and arming of the newly-revealed Kosovan
Liberation Army has so far provided the Bilderbergers with no dividends
at all...and the clock is running on their schedule. They need this war,
and they need it soon.



TO READ MORE GO AT: http://www.inforamp.net/~jwhitley/bild.htm


Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the July 30, 1998 issue of Workers World newspaper

Kosovo: 'The war is about the mines'

By Sara Flounders

Wars are at root about economics, and the rapidly expanding war in Kosovo
is no different.  So why have millions of dollars in high-tech weapons
suddenly become available to the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army by way of
the U.S. and Germany?

A July 11 report by New York Times Balkans bureau chief Chris Hedges
describes the KLA's new arsenal the latest anti-tank rocket-propelled
grenades and anti-aircraft weapons.  These weapons are shifting the balance
of power toward the KLA, which is funded fully by outside sources, mostly
from the U.S.  and Germany.

The KLA is "fed by recruits, money and arms from outside Serbia," Hedges
confirms. It has an "inexhaustible supply line," he reports.

"Rebel soldiers, in full uniform with the red and black patch of the Kosovo
Liberation Army, pull thick wads of German marks from their pockets. There
are also signs that the arrival of dozens of former professional soldiers
as well as some mercenaries are turning the ragtag band into a viable
military force of several thousand fighters."  In fact, the KLA is
primarily a mercenary army funded by the kind of shadowy sources that have
long been associated with U.S.  and German intelligence services.  It is a
contra army.

Kosovo is often portrayed in the media as an isolated mountainous region
that's poor and without resources.  It might seem, from these accounts, to
be an area of interest only to those who live there.
The New York Times, for example, has carried dozens of such articles by
Chris Hedges in the last six months.  Only once, on July 8, did Hedges
write about the real wealth of Kosovo the Stari Trg mining complex.  It was
a tip-off that something more was at stake in this war.

Hedges' visit to the Stari Trg mining complex is an eye opener.  He
describes the glittering veins of lead, zinc, cadmium, gold and silver in
Stari Trg. According to Hedges, "The sprawling state-owned Trepca mining
complex, the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans, is worth at
least $5 billion." According to the mine's director, Novak Bjelic, "The war
in Kosovo is about the mines, nothing else.  This is Serbia's Kuwait the
heart of Kosovo.

...  In addition to all this, Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves."
The whole world knows and observed firsthand in the war against Iraq to
what horrendous extent the Pentagon was willing to go in order to guarantee
control of the oil wealth of Kuwait. But the enormous mineral wealth of
Kosovo is never publicly discussed by U.S.  United Nations Ambassador
Richard Holbrooke, President Bill Clinton or the Pentagon generals.  They
speak only of "self-determination" of the Albanian population of Kosovo.
Of course, they never mention what U.S.-imposed "self-determination" means.
 It means colonization under the guise of "liberation," like what the U.S.
did to Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines a hundred years ago.

An Internet search for reports on the mines of Kosovo the Trepca mining
complex or Stari Trg turned up only the one article by Hedges and a small
piece in the June 22 Wall Street Journal.  All other mentions are in
metallurgical journals. How could this vital fact be omitted from all
discussion of what is at stake in Kosovo?  It is comparable to describing
Kuwait and the oil-rich Gulf states as barren deserts. The wealth of Kosovo
is greater than the rich veins of ore in the mines. Hedges describes the
mining complex: "The Stari Trg mine, with its warehouses, is ringed with
smelting plants, 17 metal treatment sites, freight yards, railroad lines, a
power plant and the country's largest battery plant."

The labor power of millions of workers throughout socialist Yugoslavia
built this mining complex into the powerhouse it is today.  It was their
wealth that was invested in developing the complex.  It belongs not just to
those who live in Kosovo, but to the workers of all Yugoslavia. The
Yugoslav web site www.yugo slavia.com describes Trepca as the "richest lead
and zinc mines in Europe." Lignite deposits in the Kosovo mines are,
according to experts, sufficient for the next 13 centuries.  The capacity
of the lead and zinc refineries ranks third in the world.

Miners work round the clock, day and night, in six-hour shifts. According
to the mine director, "In the last three years we have mined  2,538,124
tons of lead and zinc crude ore and produced 286,502 tons of lead and zinc
and 139,789 tons of pure lead, zinc, cadmium, silver and gold." Although
the average person watching the news in the evening has never heard of
Stari Trg, it has been a prize changing hands for two thousand years.
The wealth of Stari Trg is legendary.  Precious metals were mined there
more than 2,000 years ago, first by the Greeks, then by the Romans.

These mines were the grand prize in the Nazi occupation of the Balkans
after Germany grabbed control from the British.  The mines have great
industrial and military importance.  The Nazis used batteries produced
there to power their U-boats.  Today submarine batteries are still made
there. Profits from these mines are helping to keep the Yugoslav Federation

U.S.  and UN sanctions imposed on Serbia and Montenegro, the two remaining
republics of Yugoslavia, have taken an enormous toll. Without investment
credits, loans for financing industry, imports and exports, the economy has
been stifled.  Inflation has weakened the currency. The mines, which once
were the largest employer in the province, have also been affected. The
most important words in Hedges' article are the description of the complex
as "state owned." Throughout this decade, as the capitalist market has
swept over the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet
Union, socialist Yugoslavia has attempted to resist privatization of its
industry and natural resources. To break this resistance, the Western
imperialist countries played a major role in the breakup of socialist

This huge complex of mines, refining, power and transportation in Kosovo
may well be the largest uncontested piece of wealth not yet in the hands of
the big capitalists of the U.S. or Europe. The industry, natural resources
and transportation of all the former Soviet republics, the socialist
countries of Eastern Europe, and the secessionist republics of Yugoslavia
are now being rapidly privatized.  No one within the region has the wealth
or connections to finance capital to buy controlling shares of these vast
state-owned industries.  The major Western corporations are gobbling these
industries up.

While the fate of some industries is still in negotiation, the lending and
credit conditions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
require the breakup of all state-owned industries.  This is true for the
oil and natural gas wealth in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea as well as
the diamond mines of Siberia.
The decision on who will own or have controlling interest in the 22 mines
and the many processing plants of the Trepca complex will be made by
whoever wins the armed struggle raging in Kosovo.  NATO domination on the
ground would put U.S. corporations in the best ownership position.
Nationalist strife advances their position.

Although being forced to privatize in order to survive in today's global
market, Yugoslavia has tried to control the process and to propose Balkan
regional development.

According to the June 22 Wall Street Journal, the Yugoslav Federation is in
negotiations to sell shares in the Trepca mining complex.  Forced by the
economic crisis, they have been negotiating with a Greek
investor Mytilineos Holdings SA for partial ownership. The former manager
of the mines, Byrhan Kavaja who is now allied with the opposition to the
Yugoslav government has written to all corporations dealing in soft metals
to tell them not to make agreements with the Yugoslav government.  Kavaja
says that once a new government is in power, all past decisions on
ownership will be invalidated.  The opposition will make "new agreements."
Who is likely to be the beneficiary of these agreements?

The progressive movement in the U.S.  and throughout Western Europe must be
at the forefront in explaining that the billions of dollars spent on the
U.S./NATO occupation of the region is not in the interests of any of the
people of the Balkans.  Nor is it in the interests of poor and working
people in the U.S. or Europe.  The war is destroying all that was built
through collective ownership and collaboration in the Balkans. This war
will mean higher taxes and even more cuts in social programs in the U.S and
Europe.  But the billions of dollars in profit will go to a few wealthy
stockholders in the U.S. or in Western Europe.

- END -

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Russian military officials late on Monday night accused the United
States of testing a new secret weapon in Yugoslavia -- a weapon that
is somewhere between conventional and nuclear!  "The United States is
using Yugoslavia as a test range for its latest secret means of
destruction," representatives of the Russian Defense ministry told
reporters late Monday night.  The Pentagon refused immediate comment.
Russia claims that a bomb tested in Yugoslavia radically differs from
conventional weapons. "It was created in Los Alamos and is aimed to
destroy radio electronic equipment," the TASS newswire reported in
Tuesday flashes.  The military said that the bomb generates an
electric impulse similar to electromagnetic fluctuations caused by a
nuclear explosion.  They added that the bombs are being carried by two
strategic B-2 bombers of the Stealth technology. Russian military
officials provided no other details.  FOOTNOTE: This late night report
from Russia's newswire service continues a strange trend that has
developed in the past week. By night, the ITAR-TASS wire moves
provocative scare stories -- many on Russian plans for military
maneuvers. [On the first night of NATO bombings in Kosovo, TASS
shocked with a report that Moscow was considering moving nuclear
weapons to southern regions of Russia. Late night reports that Russian
ships were maneuvering also created intrigue.] But during daylight
hours in Moscow, TASS, the official state news agency for Russia,
turns more diplomatic, most military talk vanishes. There appears to
be two forces at work inside of the Kremlin, the main source for TASS
military reports. A dark and cold-warlike force appears to be
operating at night when Yelstin and his close advisers are sleeping.
Due to expanding information technology, these provocative late night
stories quickly move outside of Russia and instantly bounce throughout
the world. In the morning, Yelstin and others rush news releases that
completely counter the reports that surface on TASS at night.

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