cj#924> A request for input re/ posting topics


Richard Moore

Dear cj,

I'd like to invite some inputs regarding what you'd like to see on the
list.  There are a number of pressures on my own time, and I want the
limited time I can devote to the list to be used most effectively.

The last ten postings have been pieces which, I hope, have been informative
about what's going on in Yugoslavia.  I tried to select pieces rich in
information unavailable from through mass-media channels, and pieces which
expose the disinformation supplied abundantly over those channels.  The
queue of such postings is quite long, and grows daily.  That's after
pruning out the less-interesting ones.  I can't say that every sentence of
these postings has been gospel truth, but I've tried to select on the basis
of overall credibility and consistency with known facts.

One must with all news items, whether on the net or on the mass media, take
into account the source and the motivation of the presenters.  My own
judgement of the mass media is that the truth-to-deception ration is about
1/100.  I can't guarantee the accuracy of everything I forward, but I do my
best to keep the truth-to-non-truth ratio as high as I possibly can, using
my best overall judgement.

Should I continue to post info articles on Yugoslavia?  Would a pace of one
or two per week be better than daily?  Are there other topics you'd find
more useful?

I promised to post statements you all have sent in regarding Yugoslavia,
but I've been postponing that to give people a chance to also respond to
the various info-postings.

In fact there hasn't been a heavy response to these postings, which is one
of my reasons for inviting feedback at this time regarding posting topics.
I'll allow a few days for responses to come in re/ this query, and in the
meantime (tomorrow or the next day) I'll paste together your Kosovo
comments into a posting or two.

For today, I'm going to post an essay I wrote this morning in response to a
reader who accused me (in a personal message) of being more concerned about
the dangers of TNC's than I am about the dangers of fascism, and further
that fascism wasn't even on my list of "things to oppose".  He (or she)
evidently believes that the NATO bombing, besides being humanitarian, is
somehow also anti-fascist.  He (or she) is also evidently unaware of the
many ariticles I've published, on the net and in print, on the topic of
fascism. (A selection is avaiable on the cj website
(http://cyberjournal.org), via the <Library> button: the "Police State"
series, and then via the <Cyberlib> button: a directory of articles,
several of which have "fascism" or "nazism" in the titles.)

I hope you find the responding essay (cj#925) useful.  Veteran readers will
recognize some of the themes, but there is considerable new material
regarding the context in which fascism can be understood, and regarding
modern versions of fascism which have so far managed to keep their sheep's
clothing wrapped tightly around their wolven selves.  The essay endeavors
to render transparent these Emperor's New Clothes.

inspite of it all,
all the best,


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