cj#928> Review of cj posting policy


Richard Moore

Dear cj,

Responses to my "request for input" (cj#924) have apparently all been
received now, as have statements re/Kosovo.  Kosovo news items continue to

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and thanks for not _everyone
answering - I think we got a pretty good sampling with minimum overhead.

We have slightly over 1,000 subscribers, of which only a handful send
things in.   I don't think there's anything wrong with that - lurking is an
honorable practice... and there's a good flow of material coming in.

But I would like to hear a little more from people who feel they don't have
anything "noteworthy" to say - your sentiments might be shared by others in
the same situation - and those of us who do particpate frequently would
benefit from a "reality check" from the silent majority once in a while.
If you wish, you can request that your name be withheld from your comments,
in case you're worried about annoying mail from people who take exception.


For those of you who subscribe to many lists, cj's benefit seems to come
from the analysis, more than the news forwards, especially the analysis
written especially for cj.  But for many of you cj is your only public
list, or one of very few, and you may count on cj to keep up on major
topics of current interest.

My intention, based on this information, is to give priority to postings in
the following order:

        1. * Articles and essays written for cj * ...
           ...which in my editorial opinion (taking into account
           ongoing feedback) are of high value to list members.

        2. * Brief questions or statements of views from readers *...
           These items will typically be batched up and go out once a week
           (approx). If an item is brief, then free-speech is the main
           consideration; if it's longer, then it needs to have some
           crowd-pleasing qualities  (:>) .  If the same person sends in
           repeated messages saying basically the same thing, a fatigue
           filter comes into effect.

        3. * News forwards * ... filling in the gaps between the above
           items - hand-picked by yours truly as best-of-litter from
           the incoming queue.

While the illegal and wanton destruction of Yugolslavia's infratructure and
environmental future continues, special priority will be given to that


Please be aware that when when items are forwarded from other lists,
subscription information is usually included.  If you see such an item that
really catches your interest, you might try subscribing to the other list.

Consider, for example, RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY.  There's very
good stuff on that list every single week, but I'm not going to devote one
day a week to reposting it.  What I do is republish one of theirs every
once in a while, when it looks unusually interesting, or if it's a slow
news day.  This way you get a sampling of different lists, so you can
branch out to other lists which match your own special interests.

best regards,


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