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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

I haven't had a lot of energy to devote to cj recently, as you can tell by
the posting infrequency.  The programming contract I was pursuing fell
through, and so now I'm sending out resumes and cover letters to all kinds
of websites and folks who've listed jobs.  I like programming, but I hate
the job-search part, so it's a stressful time.  It's like fishing... you
never know if you'll catch anything until the first one's in the basket.
Not so much of a problem unless you're counting on fish for dinner.

I've made a little personal website, with resume and all (even a picture of
beautiful dowtown Wexford), and if any of you have time to take a look and
give feedback, it would be appreciated.  If you happen to have contacts in
the industry who might be interested, that'd be even better.

Meanwhile, I do have material that I could be posting...  write & let me
know what kinds of articles you're most interested in.  One thing I will be
posting is a response from Jeff Gates, author of "The Ownership Solution".
Needless to say, he didn't like my critique.

all the best,
Wexford, Ireland