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Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 11:08:10 -0800
From: Connie Fogal <•••@••.•••>
Subject: A Speaking Itinerary for Connie Fogal, Leader of
CAP/PAC , and William Krehm, founder COMER

Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party/parti
action Canadienne, CAP/PAC, and Bill Krehm, a founder of
COMER, Committee of Monetary and Economic Reform, join
presentations in a series of public meetings and lectures
in November 2005: Ottawa,On., Prince George B.C., Surrey ,
B.C., Vancouver ,B.C., Victoria, B.C.,  Gabriola Island,
B.C., Port Alberni,B.C., Nanaimo, B.C., Duncan B.,C.Their
detailed  itinerary is set out below following the
summaries of their presentations.


Victoria Organizer Derek Skinner writes:


We need to know more about Money - who creates it - who
controls it. The manipulation of the form and power of
money - it's various forms from the primary concept of a
standard unit of exchange to ease barter and trade in
goods - to the philosophical definition as a currency or
scrip issued by a government for the common good, based on
trust and confidence, and acceptable at par for the
payment of taxes - to the present day bastardised
commodity bought and sold in its own right, - is a subject
deliberately concealed and obfuscated through false
economic doctrines by those who profit from peoples
ignorance. It is time to take the covers off and shine
some light on the critically important and darkly hidden
secret life of Money.

Come hear international authority and speaker Bill Krehm,
Editor of the COMER Journal, speak on this vital subject.
Bring your questions.

    - Why do we pay some 26% of Federal Tax revenue as
    interest to the private banks and agencies when we could
    be using our own Government owned Bank of           Canada
    to hold our federal debt virtually interest free.?
    - Who is controlling or even looking at the gambling in
    derivatives by the banks, trust companies, mutual funds
    and stock market operators which then create           
    massive debts and losses which we have to bail out by
    - Is your pension secure?
    - Do you know that the cure lies sleeping, in the Bank of
    Canada Act?
Connie Fogal, leader of CAP  writes:

Did you know we are losing our capacity to utilize our own
Bank of Canada as a result of a trilateral arrangement in
process that will strip Canada, USA ,and Mexico of their
respective sovereign capacities over their money supply?

"Did you know our three levels of government in Canada are
facilitating the creation of a North American Union of
Canada, USA, andMexico Under the Direction of 150 of
Canada's leading Corporations, the CCCE?"

"Did you know: That the  enforcement mechanism for the
North American Union is a police state? That its  tools 
are "anti-terrorist" laws? That anti terrorist laws strip
the citizens of civil liberties?

Do you know why?  Did you know it is to prevent dissent
against the new regime? Did you know that the camouflage
is 'security', 'safety'?"

I would like to talk to you about these matters. I would
like to discuss the facts of how our own government is
facilitating the metamorphosis of Canada into a North
American Union which sabotages the independence and
sovereignty of Canada, and tears asunder the core of our
constitutional protections and rights.  I would like to
present to you information that shows that the chief
executive officers of 150 of the largest corporations of
Canada pull the strings in Ottawa from which  dangle all
the representative parties, and especially the Liberals
and the Conservatives.

On the website of the  the Canadian Council of Chief
Executives, the CCCE, posted or updated November2, 2005 as
News and Information, there  is a discussion paper
released April 2004. There you can see that the chief
executives of the 150 leading corporations of Canada are
the puppet-masters manipulating the strings of the
politicians to  dance to the tune of the corporations. 
The choice of words of the puppet-masters discloses their
attitude that corporations do indeed rule the continent,
and certainly that the 150 from the CCCE   are shaping and
directing the decisions for Canada- not in the people's
interest, but in the interest of the corporations.

The CCCE spearheaded the FTA and NAFTA. Their current
project is called The North American Security and
Prosperity Initiative (NASPI). They are developing a
strategy for shaping Canada's future within North America
and Beyond. They announced the project in January 2003.


In April of 2004 the CCCE disclosed  that both the Martin
Liberals and the Harper Conservatives  support the CCCE
initiative for a North American structure that will serve
the corporate agenda. . The CCCE paper states:

"While 2004 will bring elections in both Canada and the
United States, political interest in new approaches to
North America crosses partisan boundaries. Prime Minister
Paul Martin has made clear his intention to reinvigorate
Canada's relationship with the United States as part of a
broader strategy for strengthening Canada's influence in
the world. Stephen Harper, the new leader of the
Conservative Party of Canada, has called for a continental
"strategic partnership", one that would link freer flows
of goods, services, labour, capital and technology with
improvements in continental security."

Martin (Canada) , Bush (USA)  and Fox ( Mexico)  signed
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
in March 2005.

In June 2005 the top ministers of the three countries
reported to their leaders in a document called  The Report
of Ministers to the Leaders -SPP- North America June 2005


It is signed by three ministers from each of Canada USA
and Mexico. For Canada they are : Anne McLellan, Deputy
Prime Minister, and Minister of Public Safety and
Emergency Preparedness; David Emerson, Minister of
Industry; and Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign
Affairs. They begin their report by saying that the
leaders on March 23, 2005 asked their Ministers to create
an architecture to enhance the security of North America.
This report shows how these Ministers are emasculating
Canada to make it a gravy train for corporations and a
sweat shop for the people. Every single discontent you
have about the loss of benefits for Canadians and the
erosion of our way of life is rooted here- from the
dismantling and de-funding  of our Medicare and
hospitalization to the funding of a war economy . It is
not true that we have no money for our cherished way of
life and social programs. The truth is the Liberals and
the Conservatives have the will to dismantle it, not  to
protect, preserve and deliver it. The NDP have some will,
but have no spirit, no fire in the belly. The Bloq
Quebecois appears to welcome any movement that would
facilitate Quebec's separation from  Canada.

All of them refuse to utilize our  hidden jewel, our own
Bank of Canada. Why? Because to do so would be to
emasculate the corporate agenda.

I would like to share with you my conviction that contrary
to the corporate view, it does not have to be that way.
Ignorance is our enemy.The path out of this mess is not
just knowledge and information; not just more exposure of
the lies and deception of our reigning political parties .
The route out is via a legitimate political vehicle- an
action plan- The Canadian Action Party.


 Nov 15/05- Tuesday :    Ottawa, Ont- Public Meeting.

    Tuesday November 15, 2005
    384 Bank Street
    7pm - doors open at 6:30pm.

Organizer: Robert Cooper, candidate , Ottawa Centre

    e mail: •••@••.•••
    phone: 613-233-3226
    fax: 613-233-5993
    toll free 1-866-919-0063

Nov 23/05 - Wednesday: Prince George, B.C. Public Meeting

    U.N.B.C. Canfor Theatre

    7:00 PM

Organizer : Bev Collins, Candidate Prince George E mail :
"bev collins" <•••@••.•••> Tel: 250 962 8695


Nov  25-  Fri: Vancouver , BC  Public Meeting

    Mount Pleasant Community Centre
        800 East Broadway
    Vancouver BC
    7:30 pm

Organizer : Isabel Minty , member 604 266 5153


Nov 26/05- Saturday : Surrey, BC  Public Meeting

    Guildford Library
    15105 -105th Ave.
    Surrey BC

     2:00 pm

Organizer :Pat Meloy, CAP member and
organizer   •••@••.•••   
pager    604 623 0687


Nov 27/05  Sunday, Victoria

    Fisher Building, Room 100
    Camosun College
    Foul Bay Road and Lansdown

    2:00  pm. to 5:00 pm

Admission by donation to cover room rental, insurance and
P.A. system
(suggested $5, students $1.)

Organizer: Derek Skinner , COMER member, and former CAP
e mail: •••@••.•••          
tel: 250 381 7553


Nov 28,2005,  Monday evening, Gabriola Island

Connie Fogal and Bill Krehm will present immediately
following a short Film produced by Paul Grignon and United
Financial Consumers,, Money As Debt

tentative details : AGI Hall or Community Centre or
Women's Institute
    7:00 pm

Organizers: Paul Grignon, videographer and internet
reporter, Tel: 250 247 8350; Jeff Warr, candidate Nanaimo
Cowichan , CAP/PAC, e-mail: •••@••.•••, mobile
tel: 250 739 8863; and  Marc Bombois, CAP Vice
President, former candidate.


Nov 29/05  Tuesday    Port Alberni BC

    Hansen Hall
    3940 Johnston St.

Stephen Bradley and Jen Bradley, mayoralty candidate, Port ALberni,  
e mail:  Jen and Stephen Bradley <•••@••.•••>   


Nov 30/05  Wednesday Nanaimo BC

    Connie Fogal and Bill Krehm will present immediately following

    a short film produced by Paul Grignon and United Financial
    Consumers,, Money As Debt

     St. Pauls Church
    100 Chapel St.
      7-9 pm.

Organizer: Jeff Warr CAP candidate, Nanaimo- Cowichan, e
mail : •••@••.•••, mobile tel: 250 739 8863


Dec 01 /05    Thursday , Duncan ,B.C.

    the Heritage Community Hall
    375 Brae Road in Duncan
    7:00 pm

    SHORT FILM "MONEY AS DEBT" - by Paul Grignon of Gabriola
    and 2 important Canadian leaders and activists speaking

    "Deep Integration with the United States and Mexico"
    "Did you know our governments are facilitating the
    creation of a North American Union of Canada, USA, and
    Mexico under the Direction of 150 of Canada's leading
    - with Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party

    "The Bank of Canada, history, creation of money, debt, and
    how to return to the proper use of the BoC to finance our
    public, government-approved projects."
    - with William Krehm, founder of COMER - the
    Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, and senior
    authority on money matters in Canada, who will
    take your questions.

     Sponsored by the Cowichan Citizens Coalition and the
     "Duncan Initiative" on monetary reform.
     Organizers: Bill and Celia Abrams, COMER , E mail:
     •••@••.•••,  Tel: (250) 748-8992





"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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