Crossing the Rubicon: the case against Dick Cheney re/911


Richard Moore


This seems like a useful summary. In addition to what's
presented here, there is also the matter of the PNAC agenda
document, which calls for a "new Pearl Harbor". I think that
would count as an important additional piece of evidence if
Cheney were ever, perhaps in some other universe, to stand trial.


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 Crossing the Rubicon
 Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

Michael Kane

January 18, 2005 (FTW) - In an argument of over 600 pages and
1,000 footnotes, Crossing the Rubicon makes the case for
official complicity within the U.S. government and names Dick
Cheney as the prime suspect in the crimes of 9/11. Since the
publication of this book (to which I had the privilege of
contributing a chapter), many people have asked to hear the
case against Cheney argued "short & sweet."

I will make it as short as possible, but it can never be

There are 3 major points made within this book that are
crucial to proving Cheney's guilt. I shall first list them and
then go on to prove each point as laid out in Crossing the

            1.   Means - Dick Cheney and the Secret Service: Dick Cheney
            was running a completely separate chain of Command & Control
            via the Secret Service, assuring the paralysis of Air Force
            response on 9/11. The Secret Service has the technology to see
            the same radar screens the FAA sees in real time. They also
            have the legal authority and technological capability to take
            supreme command in cases of national emergency. Dick Cheney
            was the acting Commander in Chief on 9/11.
            2.  Motive - Peak Oil: At some point between 2000 and 2007,
            world oil production reaches its peak; from that point on,
            every barrel of oil is going to be harder to find, more
            expensive to recover, and more valuable to those who recover
            and control it. Dick Cheney was well aware of the coming Peak
            Oil crisis at least as early as 1999, and 9/11 provided the
            pretext for the series of energy wars that Cheney stated,
            "will not end in our lifetime." (Click here for a summary of
            these points)
            3.  Opportunity - 9/11 War Games: The Air Force was running
            multiple war games on the morning of 9/11 simulating
            hijackings over the continental United States that included
            (at least) one "live-fly" exercise as well as simulations that
            placed "false blips" on FAA radar screens. These war games
            eerily mirrored the real events of 9/11 to the point of the
            Air Force running drills involving hijacked aircraft as the
            9/11 plot actually unfolded. The war games & terror drills
            played a critical role in ensuring no Air Force fighter jocks
            - who had trained their entire lives for this moment - would
            be able to prevent the attacks from succeeding. These
            exercises were under Dick Cheney's management. (Click here for
            a summary of these points)

Here is the supporting documentation as laid out in Crossing
the Rubicon, making a legal case against Dick Cheney for the
crimes of 9/11.

* MEANS: Dick Cheney and the Secret Service

As the 9/11 plot unfolded, it has been reported that Secret
Service whisked Dick Cheney into an underground presidential
bunker at 9:03. 1 This establishes that the Secret Service was
in the loop giving orders by at least 9:03, and almost
certainly much earlier, as we will show.

Former counter-terrorism advisor Richard Clarke writes in
Against All Enemies: "Secret Service had a system that allowed
them to see what FAA's radar was seeing." The Kean Commission
(also known as the 9/11 Commission) would have us believe that
the chain of command on 9/11 was a complex web, but in reality
the Secret Service had the authority to communicate
presidential and vice presidential orders directly to fighter
pilots in the air. 2

In Air War Over America, a book commissioned by the Air Force
documenting the morning of 9/11, it is stated that the FAA
contacted Otis Air Force base informing them Flight 11 was
headed to Manhattan and had lost its identification signal by
8:30. 3 This indicates Secret Service was in the loop by the
same time, or shortly thereafter, since they are able to see
FAA radar screens in real time and FAA is reaching out to the
military. There is no question that by 8:45 at the absolute
latest, likely much earlier, Secret Service is in the
decision-making loop. They were most likely in the loop after
8:15 when flight 11 turned its transponder off.

National Special Security Event

It is the Secret Service who has the legal mandate to take
supreme command in case of a scheduled major event - or an
unplanned major emergency - on American soil; these are
designated "National Special Security Events." The Atlanta
Olympic Games and the Republican & Democratic National
Conventions are notable examples of NSSE's. In preparation,
the Secret Service runs training initiatives of simulated
attacks and field exercises for such events. 4

The Secret Service works with state and local authorities as
well as the military to coordinate security efforts; it has
the best communication system of any agency in the country;
and its personnel are always present with both the President
and Vice President - making it the perfect agency to take
supreme command in case of a major emergency on American soil.

When 9/11 occurred, the legal framework was in place to allow
the Secret Service to take supreme command over any and all
American agencies, including the Air Force. 6

Richard Clarke writes in Against All Enemies: "I was amazed at
the speed of the decisions coming from Cheney and, through
him, from Bush." 7 This is to be expected. Everything was in
place for the Commander in Chief to be calling all the shots
as the 9/11 plot unfolded, but Bush was in an elementary
school reading about goats with Secret Service agents right
beside him.

Bush's Secret Service detail was in real-time communication
not only with the FAA, but also the PEOC (Presidential
Emergency Operations Center), into which Dick Cheney had
reportedly been whisked by the Secret Service. While Bush
continued his elementary school photo-op after being told,
"America is under attack," Ari Fleischer - according to the
Washington Times, 10/7/02 - caught the president's eye and
held up a handwritten sign that said "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET."
8 Bush was intentionally being kept out of the decision-making
loop during the critical moments of 9/11. The Vice President
has no place in the official military chain of command.9

Thus far we have established that:

            1.   Secret Service was the supreme command on 9/11.
2.   Bush was not in the role of Commander in Chief at critical times on 9/11.
3.   The acting Commander in Chief as the 9/11 plot unfolded was Dick Cheney.

* MOTIVE: Peak Oil

By definition, world hydrocarbon (oil and gas) production
peaks when half the planet's reserves have been used up. After
that point, every barrel of oil will be harder to find, more
expensive to obtain, and more valuable to whoever controls it.
Many of the world's foremost experts place that peak between
2000 and 2007.

We live in a global economic system based on endless growth,
and that growth is only possible with endless hydrocarbons to
burn. Demand for oil and gas is increasing at staggering
rates; after peak, there will be demand that simply cannot be
met, and energy prices will rise inexorably.

The resulting economic catastrophe may see oil hit $100 per
barrel before the end of this decade. Oil not only keeps us
warm and moves our cars, it is used to make all plastics and
is, together with natural gas, the most important ingredient
keeping modern agriculture afloat. It is a little known fact
that for every 1 calorie of food energy produced, 10 calories
of hydrocarbons are consumed. 10

We eat oil.

Without cheap oil, billions of people will freeze or starve
and unfortunately, there is no combination of renewable energy
sources that can replace oil and gas consumption without
massive conservation efforts that are nowhere in sight.

Cheney knew about this.

There are no national plans for conservation in America. As
Dick Cheney has stated, "The American way of life is not
negotiable." Over-consumption is as American as apple pie.
Many industry experts have been speaking to the reality of
Peak Oil for some time. One of those experts - perhaps the
most prominent in the world - was in Dick Cheney's National
Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG).

Just four days after Dick Cheney became Vice President he
convened the NEPDG. 11 Among the experts whose opinion Cheney
paid for (with taxpayer dollars) was Matthew Simmons, one of
the most respected energy investment bankers in the world.
Simmons has been speaking out about Peak Oil for years, and
there is no question that the urgent story of Peak Oil is what
he told Cheney's NEPDG.

The content of the NEPDG documentation has been illegally
withheld from the American public with a rubber stamp of
approval from the Supreme Court. FTW has always contended that
the deepest, darkest secrets of 9/11 are in those documents.
That's why they've been guarded so tightly.

Cheney knew about Peak Oil in 1999 as CEO of Halliburton, long
before was Vice President. A speech he gave at the London
Institute of Petroleum demonstrates this clearly. 12

As stated in Crossing the Rubicon, "By way of confirmation,
people in and close to the oil industry are reporting that
increased drilling is not resulting as yet in significantly
increased supply." 13

A crisis of this magnitude required a crisis plan, something
the Neo-Liberals didn't have. The Neo-Conservatives, including
Dick Cheney, had such a plan: manufacture a crisis - one that
had long been imagined as necessary by elite planners inside
the national security state 14- and use it to maintain
permanent war to steal the world's last remaining hydrocarbons
and temporarily stave off the Peak Oil crisis.

* OPPORTUNITY: 9/11 War Games - a perfect "match"

On May 8, 2001 - four months prior to 9/11 - the president
placed Dick Cheney in charge of "[A]ll federal programs
dealing with weapons of mass destruction consequence
management within the Departments of Defense, Health and Human
Services, Justice, and Energy, the Environmental Protection
Agency, and other federal agenciesŠ" This included all
"training and planning" which needed to be "seamlessly
integrated, harmonious and comprehensive" in order to
"maximize effectiveness." This mandate created the Office of
National Preparedness in FEMA, overseen by Dick Cheney. 15

Dick Cheney was placed directly in charge of managing the
seamless integration of all training exercises throughout the
entire federal government and all military agencies. On 9/11
Cheney oversaw multiple war games and terror drills, including
several exercises of NORAD, the Air Force agency whose mandate
is to "watch the sky."

The evening before September 11th, 2001, the National Security
Agency intercepted a communication between Khalid Shaikh
Muhammad and the alleged ringleader of the 9/11 attacks,
Mohammed Atta. The communication stated, "The match is about
to begin."

Were they "matching" their activities to the war games? Was
the attack a rigged "match" between the defenders on one side,
and the attackers with their accomplices on the other?

The Whitehouse was so infuriated when this communication
leaked from the Senate Intelligence Committee that they
threatened Senators with polygraphs and office searches for
disclosing classified information. This leak struck a nerve
within the Whitehouse.

We know multiple Air Force war games were running on the
morning of 9/11, as documented extensively in the mainstream
press. 16 What Crossing the Rubicon has documented
conclusively is that there was a live-fly drill taking place
on 9/11 titled Vigilant Warrior. Richard Clarke disclosed the
name of this drill on page 4 of his book, but it was Major Don
Arias of NORAD who confirmed the definition of the title
"Warrior" to Mike Ruppert via email.

Warrior = JCS/HQ NORAD sponsored FTX, or field training
exercise (live-fly). 17

That means that the Vigilant Warrior drill conducted by the
Joint Chiefs of Staff involved at least one real commercial
aircraft in the skies, intended to simulate exactly the kind
of airliner hijack emergency presented on 9/11. Coincidence?

This was further supported by an April 18 2004 USA Today
article titled, "NORAD had drills of jets as weapons." The
report cited NORAD officials who confirmed live-fly drills
were conducted using hijacked airliners originating from the
continental United States used as weapons crashing into
targets including the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The
specific drill USA Today referred to was "planned in July
[2001] and conducted later" - likely on 9/11 itself. 18

Remember, on 9/11 the Bush administration claimed it had "no
idea" aircraft would be used as weapons. Then why were they
drilling such scenarios before and during 9/11? The Whitehouse
dodged this by saying it wasn't aware of these drills but that
is a transparent lie. The drills took place in the Whitehouse!

Secret Service runs simulated attack field exercises - exactly
what Vigilant Warrior was. This Joint Chiefs of Staff drill
was likely being run through Secret Service lines of
communication by a central command under Cheney's control. 20

Additional war games on 9/11 included Northern Vigilance, an
exercise that pulled Air Force fighters from the east coast of
the United States up into Canada and Alaska simulating an
attack out of Russia. All of those fighters were rendered
useless as the 9/11 plot unfolded - too far away to respond.

One of the components of this drill included "false blips"
(radar injects simulating aircraft in flight) placed on FAA
radar screens. 21 At one point FAA head Jane Garvey said they
suspected up to 11 hijackings on 9/11. Was she saying they
couldn't determine which were real, which were simulated, and
which were live-fly military exercises?

Regardless, all of this rendered Air Force response on 9/11

In Air War Over America it is documented that General Arnold
of NORAD didn't pull out of the war game titled Vigilant
Guardian until reports of flight 93 being hijacked were coming
in. That was at 9:16, a total of 54 minutes after it was known
that flight 11 was a hijacking. 22 What took so long? Were
there still "false blips" on FAA radar screens at this time?

There were likely false blips on screen even after 9:16. The
Kean Commission's report introduced "phantom flight-11" as
being reported by the FAA at 9:25 on 9/11. The FAA reported
flight 11 was heading to Washington D.C. at that time when in
fact it had already struck the World Trade Center. The Kean
Commission's report stated they were "unable to locate the
source of the mistaken FAA information." 23

"Phantom flight-11" was a false blip, but since the war games
are classified, specific information on "false blips" and
other details can't be reported.

Now imagine being an air traffic controller with both real
planes and "false blips" simulating hijackings on your screens
when suddenly there are real, multiple, hijackings. Where do
you send the few Air Force fighters that you have? You can't
guess wrong, you don't have enough assets for that. The FAA
doesn't even make that decision, the military does. The Kean
Commission managed to scapegoat the FAA in their report, but
the Air Force itself confirmed the FAA did its job properly on
9/11 in Air War Over America. 24

There were more 9/11 war games including Northern Guardian,
Northern Denial (recently confirmed by an Assistant Editor at
Harper's magazine) and an unnamed National Reconnaissance
Office (NRO) drill for a plane crashing into NRO headquarters
at precisely the time of an actual crash in New York.

Another coincidence?

War games, terror drills and exercises are run by the military
quite frequently. In this case, they mirrored the real attacks
of 9/11 with such shocking congruence as to be beyond the
realm of coincidence.

This is made clear when we consider the warnings that had
flooded U.S. Intelligence prior to 9/11, indicating that
terrorists were planning to hijack aircraft and crash them
into American targets on the ground during the week of
September 9th, 2001. 25 With that type of information, who in
their right mind would then schedule war games that would
leave New York and Washington D.C. completely undefended?

We've already shown that the man in charge of managing all
such programs was Dick Cheney. Among the central
decision-makers for the scheduling of so many simultaneous
exercises would be Dick Cheney and Ralph Eberhart, head of

It certainly was a perfect "match."

The Maestro

The most important revelation made about the 9/11 war games
comes again from Major Don Arias of NORAD. With multiple war
games running, there had to be someone coordinating them.

"Yes, there is an exercise maestro," said Don Arias in a phone
interview. 26

So who was the maestro?

Mike Ruppert called every relevant military and government
office looking for an answer to this question and received no
response. At the final 9/11 Commission hearing on June 17,
2004, I asked General Ralph Eberhart - the man in charge of
NORAD on 9/11 - who was in charge of coordinating the war
games that day. His only response was, "No comment." None of
the commissioners, including Chairman Kean, could answer this
question. 27

FTW's research has concluded the maestro was either Dick
Cheney, Ralph "Ed" Eberhart, or both. Whoever the maestro was,
he was certainly under Cheney's management as per the May 2001
presidential mandate.

Additionally, Tripod II was a bio-terror exercise being set-up
on the west side of lower Manhattan, reportedly scheduled to
begin the next day. This exercise was being coordinated with
FEMA and the Department of Justice - two of the agencies
placed directly under Cheney's control in May of 2001 by
presidential mandate.

Another coincidence?

There is no question that Cheney would be responsible for
managing this exercise. The Tripod II drill became the command
& control emergency response center on 9/11. The command
center in WTC 7 was reportedly evacuated by 9:30 on 9/11, but
Tripod II provided a new command center organized just as the
original was. 28 How convenient.

The Air Force war games ensured the air attack would be
successful, and Tripod II assured Cheney would have control of
the response to the crisis of his making. Matching the war
games with hijackings - or hijacking the war games - was the
opportunity for Cheney to help ensure the 9/11 attacks would
be successful, justifying what he calls, "The war that will
not end in our lifetimes." The "war on terror" is actually a
war for the world's last remaining hydrocarbon reserves. This
energy war is a response to a coming energy crisis that Cheney
was well aware of at least as early as 1999.


Crossing the Rubicon demonstrates much more than is presented
here. The book goes into the failures of the 9/11 Commission,
9/11 insider trading, the curtailing of civil liberties,
coming economic crisis, biological warfare, the real history
of the Osama bin Laden, and many other issues critical to an
understanding of today's historical reality.

Crossing the Rubicon also looks into the evolution of PROMIS
software, a well-documented artificial intelligence and
datamining program whose current descendants played an
integral role in the crimes of 9/11. As Dick Cheney was
running a separate chain of command via the Secret Service, he
also had the capability to intervene in the functions of the
FAA through an evolution of PROMIS software developed and sold
by Ptech, Inc. - a company funded by Saudi terrorist financier
Yassin Al Qadi. Al Qadi claims he met Dick Cheney in Jeddah
before he was Vice President, a claim Cheney hasn't publicly
refuted. FTW will soon be releasing an in-depth report on
Ptech and its role in the crimes of 9/11.

What we have placed in front of you here is the legal case
against Dick Cheney and other persons of interest within the
U.S. government. Such evidence should constitute the
foundation for articles of impeachment and criminal
prosecution against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their

Review the documentation for yourself - purchase Crossing the
Rubicon here.

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The following is a synopsis of the case against Dick Cheney
who was named as the prime suspect in the crimes on 9/11 by
Michael C. Ruppert in Crossing the Rubicon.

MEANS: Dick Cheney and the Secret Service

Cheney was Commander in Chief on 9/11 calling the shots via
Secret Service.

* Secret Service has the legal authority to take supreme
command over all agencies in the United States in time of a
national emergency on U.S. soil. Even the Air Force recognizes
Secret Service supremacy.

* Secret Service has the highest technological communication
systems of any agency in the U.S. - as it should.

* On 9/11 Secret Service had the technology to see FAA radar
screens in real time.

* Secret Service was in the decision-making loop as early as
8:15am on 9/11, no later than 8:45am.

* Everything was in place on 9/11 for the Commander in Chief
to have full supreme control of the Air Force via the Secret
Service communication systems and legal mandate to take
supreme command.

* However, Bush was reading about goats in Booker Elementary
School. Secret Service was within arms' reach, and they chose
to keep him there as the 9/11 plot unfolded. Bush's Secret
Service detail was in full communication with Cheney's Secret
Service agents in the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations
Center) as the 9/11 plot unfolded.

* Dick Cheney was the acting Commander in Chief on 9/11 and
Secret Service was the supreme command.

MOTIVE: Peak Oil

The world is about to start running out of oil.

* Half of the world's oil has been, or is about to be,

* Once that midpoint is crossed, every barrel of oil will be
harder to find, and more expensive, as demand grows.
Controlling the last remaining oil reserves is the key to
controlling the world.

* Almost everything in modern society - vehicles, buildings,
bridges, weapons, consumer products, and much more - consumes
oil in its manufacture, its operation, or both.

* Cheap and abundant hydrocarbon energy keeps the industrial
world warm and cooks our food. Most houses are heated with
natural gas.

* We "eat" oil and natural gas: For every 1-calorie of food
energy produced, 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy is

* Four days after becoming Vice President, Dick Cheney
convened his National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG)
in which he received extensive information on Peak Oil from
world-renowned experts. He has refused to release the
documents from those hearings to Congress or the American
people. FTW has always contended that the deepest, darkest
secrets of 9/11 lie in those documents.

* Dick Cheney knew about Peak Oil at least as early as 1999.
He knows the economic impact of oil depletion and the
catastrophic effects that will result.

* 9/11 made possible what Dick Cheney called, "The war that
won't end in our lifetimes." This is a war that is chasing the
last remaining hydrocarbons across the globe. The "war on
terror" is in reality an energy war and 9/11 was its pretext.

OPPORTUNITY: 9/11 War Games

Cheney was managing multiple war games and terror drills on
9/11 that paralyzed U.S. Air Force response.

* In May of 2001 Dick Cheney was placed directly in charge of
managing the "seamless integration" of all training exercises
throughout the federal government and military agencies by
presidential mandate.

* The morning of 9/11 began with multiple training exercises
of war games and terror drills which Cheney, as mandated by
the president, was placed in charge of managing.

* War games & terror drills included live-fly exercises with
military aircraft posing as hijacked aircraft over the United
States, as well as simulated exercises that placed "false
blips" (radar injects indicating virtual planes) on FAA radar
screens. One exercise titled NORTHERN VIGILANCE pulled Air
Force fighters up into Canada simulating a Russian air attack,
so there were very few fighters remaining on the east coast to
respond. All of this paralyzed Air Force response ensuring
that fighter jocks couldn't stop 9/11.

* An unknown individual or command center referred to by Major
Don Arias of NORAD as the "maestro" coordinated the war games.
It is possible there was more than one maestro, but no one
will name names. FTW has asked this question of everyone in
relevant government and military positions, to no avail. Our
investigation has found the maestro was either Dick Cheney,
General Ralph "Ed" Eberhart, or both.

* Whoever was coordinating the Air Force war games was under
the management and direction of Dick Cheney, who was also in
charge of managing a terror drill being set up on the West
Side of downtown New York on 9/11 titled Tripod 2. This
exercise set up a command and control center on 9/11 that was
configured exactly like the one lost that morning in WTC 7. It
was the perfect command center to respond to the crisis, and
it was under Dick Cheney's management before the hijackings
occurred. How convenient.

* Dick Cheney was one of the main government officials
deciding that such extensive war games would take place on
9/11. This was when American intelligence had collected dozens
of warnings from governments and intelligence agencies
indicating that terrorists were planning to hijack civilian
aircraft and crash them into American targets on the ground
during the week of September 9th, 2001.


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