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Richard Moore

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I’ve updated the cyberjournal website again. In software, there’s a rule: always wait for version 2.0 before you take it seriously. In this version there’s a list of recommended books and online news sources. Also, it turns out that Peter Meyer has been republishing selected postings on his Serendipity site, and I think he’s done a good job of selecting. So I included a page that links to all those articles on his site, where they are very nicely presented. 

I think the site now gives a fair summary of what I’ve been up to for the past 15 years or so. Also I’m proud of the site, for its red-pill potential, for anyone with an open mind. It’s got a balance, between current news and long-term perspective. And it’s concise, with only five web pages, none of which require scrolling. I’d really appreciate feedback from any of you who have the time and inclination to give the site a critical review. 

Incidentally, there are some unusually interesting items on newslog. I just posted a fascinating report on a near-death experience, for example. Also today there were three related articles on Technocracy, Smart Grids, and the Carbon Economy. Very much in line with my Prognosis 2012 thesis….

warm regards,

Milton Block wrote:

Missed your earlier email it seems, but as Prem Rawat said, “When things are good, wait a while. When things are bad, wait a while.”


Hopefully the Creator’s Love is on all our sides.



Hi Milton,

I like that, about ‘waiting a while’. I think he’s really talking about detachment. If one is too in love with the good times, one will eventually be disappointed. And with bad times, one either survives or one doesn’t.  Why worry in the interim? What you say seems quite in line with the near-death report I mentioned above.



DEAR richard
     it struck me that you literally were carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and it 

was just too much for one man. i love the idea of you writing a play or some poetry, taking up outdoor easel painting or hiking the moors of ireland (i guess they do actually have moors), and exploring the great themes in literature. my recent favorite no-brow novel, DUANE IS DEPRESSED, by larry mcmurtry, about a moderately sized oilman who one day gets out of his pickup truck and decides to walk everywhere. naturally everyone in his family and community think he is either a freak or insane. it spirals on from there to an exploration of healing. funny, heartfelt, sad, magical. be well. xoxox mlpolak, philadelphia


The Sufis say that with knowledge comes responsibility. How can one not carry the weight of the world, if one has any kind of insight? As regards being ‘too much’, let me say that I have been just as ‘burdened’ by the trivial things I’ve done in life, as the non-trivial. Indeed, I’m less stressed now than I have been in most of my life. The Sufis also say to be in this world, but not of it. Alan Kay, credited with inventing the personal computer, says, “A great project is no more work that a good project”. 
thanks for the book recommendation,
Christopher Gruener wrote:
I do trust you know that your perspective, research  and writing have made critical contributions to our collective movement toward liberation from the Matrix.  I deeply  appreciate your investment in this process and hope your will continue to offer more of same.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your encouragement. But are we any closer to liberation? In my work in the computer industry, I’ve generally been about 10 years ahead of my time with my ideas. The world eventually catches up, and my contribution plays no role. My ideas turn out to be prediction rather than contribution. I hope that happens with my writing.
Please do review the new site. 
Anita Sands Hernandez wrote, re/ new shorter website:
wow, you must have worked hard! cutting is harder than writing the stuff

Hi Anita,
Yes it is hard to cut stuff. Harder for you than for me I must say 🙂 New Dawn magazine has asked me to give them a version of Prognosis 2012 that is shorter than what I’ve got now. Hope I can rise to the challenge.