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You folks have been sending in lots of comments, but events have been moving so quickly that all my time has been taken just trying to keep up and figure out what’s going on.  Today I’ll take a break and respond to some of your comments. 

Jackson Davis shared, re/Global warming & the NWO Project:

… John McMurtry argues that our world disorder of unending crises is the predictable result of a cancerous economic system multiplying out of all control… this book shows the necessity and possibility of building a sustainable society based on a universal commitment to life and nature…

A telling subtitle, ‘From Crisis to Cure‘, as in ‘Create Crisis‘ and ‘Offer Cure‘. McMurtry’s perspective on the nature of the crisis is limited, if in fact he’s sincere. My guess is that he’s a conscious contributor to a propaganda campaign that I’ve been noticing more and more recently. It’s about ‘discovering’ that capitalism is cancerous, something that has been obvious at least since Marx. The demonization of capitalism, though well-deserved, is one more way to prepare people for a centrally-managed economy, which is what McMurtry is proposing. 

It may sound appealing to have a system ‘based on a universal commitment to life and nature’. But what it means is that some unaccountable global bureaucracy would tell us what we can and cannot do, according to their ‘science-based’ interpretation of what is best for life and nature. 

In my view there is really only one crisis, and that is the crisis of elite power, or perhaps we should call it the crisis of humanity’s enslavement. Until we do something about that, we have no influence on anything, and can only await what ‘they’ have in store for us. 

Madeline Bruce wrote re/update re/ Syria:

Thank you Richard. Thank you for staying on top of events and sharing with us. – Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C

Jim Fadiman wrote re/Obama’s backdown & the NWO Project:
incisive and cogent, and easy to watch to see how it goes.
thank you for keeping opening my eyes.

Makes total sense. It helped me connect a few dots that were missing.

Great text, thanks.

Just doing my job folks 🙂

David Creighton wrote re/Obama’s backdown & the NWO Project:
Very amusing Richard. I am still rollicking in my earlier glee at the surprise felt by Cameron, and Obama, at the sudden loss of their military momentum. I don’t think “the Elite” are as smart or powerful as you do; sometimes the unpredictable happens, and this looks like one of them. Of course ‘they’ will scramble for a solution but I doubt they had this all mapped out beforehand.
We shall see.
What loss of military momentum? There was nothing unusual or surprising happening as regards public or political opposition right up until Cameron chose to refer the matter to Parliament. That was the turning point in momentum, and it was initiated by Cameron’s controllers; it was not a response by Cameron to opposition. 
You have an opinion, that the elite are not ‘as smart or powerful’ as I claim they are. It is great to have opinions, but if you want to have understanding you need to verify your opinions, by comparing them to the facts of the case. Again, I recommend for a starter:

The Money Masters (1996) [FULL DOCUMENTARY]


Jackson Davis wrote:

A pundit is it now? Pretty soon you’ll have your own talk show! Funded by some outfit secretly related to the Rockefellers. LOL

You’ve only now noticed my punditry? Here are some articles going back to ’95, and you can check out how well they anticipated later events:

Richard — looks like your crystal ball is working just fine — what might
come next? or, do we just need to stay tuned — I can hardly wait, really
— the suspense is killing me.
If you’re asking me, then you need to stay tuned. But better would be to create some theories of your own, and see how they pan out. That’s the only way real understanding develops.
Tasha Polak wrote:

Have you noticed Putin has been so much more visible these past few months. looking like an undertaker in his black funeral suit. one minute he is kissing stray animals, the next, visiting terminally ill patients. i forget the exact examples but definitely something is stepped up with him, making him seem warm and fuzzy and making us forget KGB and assassin etc.

Well observed! These are the kinds of clues one needs to take into account. The elite media is carefully orchestrated to give people certain impressions about the world, and about who are bad guys and who are good guys. When there is a shift in the media, that’s just as significant as a shift in official policy.

I have nothing against the UN Richard. And I am glad you are forecasting a drawdown of hostility against Syria, as am I. This sort of development only encourages the ‘pro-democracy movement’ you know.
On the contrary, I’d say that an apparent move toward peace & international cooperation takes much of the wind out of sails of pro-democracy movements. 

I’m getting confused — are the banksters the secret elite of New World Order fame? — if so, and if they are not getting their way (re: Larry Summers), then who’s in charge in terms of bring in the New Word Order? — or, perhaps, the secret elite is split into somewhat warring factions — and, perhaps, it doesn’t matter that much who is Fed Chair as long as the system, as such, remains essentially unchanged — and what about that phrase “essentially unchanged”? — how much change (in the Fed) is permitted/desired (by the New World Order secret elite)? — and, do the banksters realize that they themselves need to be at least somewhat regulated, lest they otherwise destroy themselves? But, destroying themselves (at least somewhat), I thought, was part of the plan — Just wondering

Good thinking and good questions! 
In The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order, I pointed out that capitalism has been the vehicle that carried the bankster elite into their positions of power. Now that they have the power, and now that the growth paradigm can no longer be sustained, they are quite happy to abandon capitalism, and replace it with a different economic paradigm that they can have control over.
The same thing goes for the privately owned central bank system. That was the lever by which they controlled capitalism, and like capitalism, the central bank system can be replaced by another, as long as the same elite families can retain control.
The general ‘change paradigm’, as I’ve mentioned many times, is Create Crisis, Offer Solution, which is technically called the Hegelian Dialectic. The orchestrated collapse of 2008, along with austerity and the well-publicized astronomical bonuses, have created a ‘crisis’ in finance and in public perception of the banking system. The ‘solution’ will be UN regulation of global finance, along with a new UN-issued global currency, most likely with national debts forgiven. How sweet it will seem. 
The new seat-of-power for the elite, instead of central-bank boards, will be control over the UN and its agencies. This will be accomplished by placing elite agents in key UN positions and by means of corruption. Corruption is accomplished via carrots and sticks. Carrots include financial perks of various kinds, and sticks include things like career-destroying revelations. There are skeletons in everyone’s closet somewhere, and you can be sure there is a dossier on everyone the elite want to control. 
And don’t forget that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their buddies own the lion’s share of the world’s assets, whatever economic paradigm is operating. 


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