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re/ In pursuit of a transformational movement
Rosa wrote:
…the word “unanimity”, I think it brings up completely wrong associations. While I think yr response [to Vera was] GREAT, I find it to be a pain to have to be “explaining it” all the time.
For myself, I prefer to talk about “shared understanding and aligned action”.
That way it allows for the possibility of a multiplicity of actions, which is what tends to happen anyway…
It doesn’t sound as “sexy”, but that’s ok — I REALLY feel strongly that “over-promising” is a BAD set-up for DF. There’s an old marketing thing, about if ppl expect a huge amount, and get just a shade less, they are disappointed… while if ppl expect very little, and get just a shade more, they are overjoyed…
For me, there’s some key truth in that, which of course needs to be balanced with the need to convey some real hope, sense of possibility, etc. to get interested in the first place. Yet I’ve found that people expect so little when it comes to the possibility for some real value to come from exploring diverse perspectives, that I don’t need to promise the sky in order to have people be interested.

Madeline Bruce wrote:

Wonder what would happen to the earth if it went back to a more matriarchal system, if the way women think rose to the surface as a nurturing influence for both human beings and the planet, forming a better path than the one where men have led us so far. The war-making machine has been an extremely powerful and all-effacing value throughout recorded history, taking massive amounts of resources and man-power and energy. The need for the male to be dominant is everywhere, even in the smallest groups, but where does it get us in the end? I am asking for more respect, more time, for the voices of women, and they will need encouragement to speak up, because they have been side-lined all their lives. Men love to dominate, and women have been raised to be nice, to be polite,or they are not considered a “good woman” but this has not been a good thing for the planet, for humanity. Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C.

Jim Fadiman wrote:
good to see this wisdom unfolding


The Transformation Project – part 1

OldDog wrote:
  I admire your intelligence, and respect most of what you are trying to do, however I have some problems with your confidence in human nature, and predict total failure for your project. I would prefer to not be taken off of your mail list, as I find much in your nature to admire, which keeps me from being a total misanthropic curmudgeon.
The entire history of humanity refutes what you propose, as there are way too many of us who are willing to die in our attempt to keep other people who believe in their goals from regulating our lives. Christian theology also refutes the possibility of man’s ability to thrive on his own strength, knowledge, and wisdom. Not knowing what your thoughts are on Scripture, or the Lord God Almighty, I won’t offend you with mine any further than that statement.
I only wish for you to reflect long and hard on the atrocities that have been heaped on humanity by those with good intentions, and a higher self respect than is needed for men to live together in peace.
For one to assume he can determine how I should live my life is the ultimate insult!
 Warm Regards,

I’m currently reading Not in His Image, by John Lamb Lash. A very interesting perspective on the whole Judeo-Greek-Christian-Muslim religious tradition, its origins and its consequences, particularly as regards genocide. Incidentally, what you refer to as ‘the entire history of humanity’ is only the past 6,000 years or so, merely a few percent of our time as humans. You might check out my article: 
The Grand Story of humanity
Peter Koenig wrote:
This project is inspired by a process found in nature: the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. A butterfly is not a caterpillar that grows wings; it is a completely new creature, with a totally different biological operating system, created out of the raw materials of the old creature.
I like the analogy.
You need a set of people who are neither caterpillar or butterfly…. but have an open mind – very open.

People are as they are, and we can’t exclude those who don’t appear to have open minds. That is one reason why appropriate process is the third principle: we need processes that help people get past their fixations, and enable them to participate, at least temporarily, with an open mind.
Vera Gottlieb wrote:
Have another good laugh on me, Richard
Talk, talk and more talk and absolutely NOTHING happens. A lot of hot air and we, the ‘99%’ers, are still being led like sheep to the slaughter.
The only hope for change I see is by totally supporting the OWS movements, wherever the spring up. They need to move faster but at least a beginning has been made.
We need to take the Tahrir Square movement as inspiration – people who didn’t waste time talking but took to the streets until change started coming about. It might not be totally the change they had wished for but at least a start was made.
Those preaching pacifism are betraying us. As Zinn said (slightly paraphrased…) by remaining neutral (which I interpret as ‘silent’) you are agreeing with whatever it is that is happening.

I could say in response that OWS is happening, and Tahir Square happened, and NOTHING has improved. Action, action, and more action, but no vision and no strategy. A lot of hot noise, and we, the 99%ers, are still being led like sheep to the slaughter.
I say we need to find a way to bring action, strategy, and vision all together in the same process.
best wishes to all,