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The global warming saga continues. My article has been picked up by lots of websites, including Global Research, In These New Times, WebGreenWorld, CoTo2, miscactivism, AlethoNews, and Pravada, and has been translated into Russian and Italian. I was able to send a copy directly to Jim Hansen, although I doubt if he’ll reply. The third version is now online, much improved over the earlier versions:

There never has been a global warming problem, and we are now headed for at least two centuries of rapid global cooling. They’ve been rushing through the anti-carbon regime, because they want to get it implemented before it becomes obvious to everyone that global warming is a fraud.

What’s happening in Haiti is an outright genocide project. The telltale signature of such false-flag events is that a military ‘exercise’ was being held in Miami at the time of the earthquake, aimed at ‘rescuing Haiti from a hurricane’. Just as an anti-terrorist ‘exercise’ was being held on 9/11 in the US skies, and on 7/7 in the London Underground. The Miami ‘exercise’ then ‘went live’ and became the invasion and occupation of Haiti, just as the 7/7 exercise went live. 
     But of course this operation wouldn’t have worked if the earthquake didn’t occur, and if the US didn’t have advance knowledge. And never in history has an earthquake been so localized. This one was limited almost entirely to the city of Port au Prince. This is conclusive evidence that the earthquake was caused by HAARP. The US definitely does have this capability, and it was developed precisely for the purpose of causing earthquakes and other disasters, under a ‘nature false flag’.
     But that wasn’t enough to ensure ‘maximum lethality’. The US then systematically blocked nearly all aid to the victims for a whole week, which ensured that nearly everyone who was trapped or seriously injured would die. Even that wasn’t enough. Now the surviving Haitians are going to be ‘gifted’ with toxic vaccinations.

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From: “Tony Seep” 
Date: 17 January 2010 20:12:07 GMT
Subject: Thanks

  I loved this line from “Some Thoughts on Beliefs, Progressives and Conservatives:”
 “Ironically, most of my sentiments are in harmony with those of progressives, and yet my understanding of reality is more in harmony with conservatives. Whereas the progressive belief system is wrong in its essence, the conservative belief system is wrong in its subtleties.”
I have struggled with how to frame that conflict in my own thoughts for at least a couple of years, and there it was in 2 lines. Keep up your work as a thought leader and social commentator. I really appreciate your work.
 Tony Seep – Denver, CO  


From: Blue Ridge Mountain Exchange <•••@••.•••>
Date: 19 January 2010 14:37:26 GMT
Subject: Report on Last Weekend’s Meetings in Roanoke of Local Currency

From the Blue Ridge Mountain Exchange Website:
Thanks to all who took part!
Rick Cook 

The organizational approach will NOT be to implement a top-down system where people will have to choose whether or not to “buy-in.” Instead, the organizers will try to respond to what the community wants and needs. If your business wants to get involved, then we’ll help you do that. If a neighborhood association thinks it’s a good idea to participate, we’ll help with that too. If you want to organize a community market or a business trading in Nokies or capitalize a new business using a Nokie line of credit, we’ll work with you to make it happen. The thing to remember is that this system is owned by the community. It’s here to accomplish what you want to get done.


From: “S.McDowall” 
Date: 19 January 2010 19:34:10 GMT
To: “Richard Moore” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Tom Burghardt: Obama Calls for the Integration of State and Federal Military Forces

I am becoming tired of reading these.  Is this normal ?
  It appears people are not taking any action about what is happening.   Those of us who are writing letters to the editor or to our politicians are not being heard.   Letters to the editor are often not published…even when well written and short…if they are too threatening to the system.   
  I feel like I and everyone I know and admire are nothing more than ants….in fact less than ants.  Ants work together for a common cause.   We sure don’t.
  Now I am watching what I believe to be deliberate withholding, by the U.S. military, of medical supplies, water and food to the people of Haiti.   Everything being tied up at airports is deliberate as far as I am concerned.   This mass confusion and disorganization is no accident.  New Orleans all over again except it is far far worse this time.   
  Again, Hilton Hotels & other similar U.S. businesses will be buying up all of Haiti’s waterfront property for tourist resorts etc.   This is what happened in Sri Lanka too after the people and property owners were gotten rid of.
  One would think by now, I would have become impervious to the incredible evil I am witnessing…that I would accept it. and even expect this from the U.S. and the UN.      I am not.    I am just more enraged which is not healthy.
  I hate my own helplessness.   Trying to get people together to act as a small community is almost impossible too in the Nanaimo area although we do have one small community on Gabriola Island…just off shore of Nanaimo… that seems to be populated by people who are working together for their own common good.  Gabriola has a lot of old hippies plus a large number of very creative people….artists, writers etc.  On average I would guess most are far better educated and informed & often more affluent than the general population of Nanaimo.   
  So many people are stuck and can’t seem to open their eyes.  In fact they do not want to see, Richard, and they become quite hostile if you try to inform them of what is going on.     
  I am becoming tired of people Richard ?   Have  you ever felt this way?
 You would not believe the kind of media coverage we are receiving about Haiti.   One heart rendering tragedy after another with the odd heart warming rescue.   On and on it goes for hours and days.   No analysis, no critical reporting etc.   I don’t need to tell you. I am sure you already know. 
  The evil is actually overwhelming.   Evil is a word that sounds so darned “Christian” fundamentalist.   It is the only word I can think of to describe the sociopaths psychopaths controlling our world.  Tell me a better word and I will use it. 

Hi Stephanie,
You are in a very powerful place: you are facing reality head on. When you are in that place being enraged is not unhealthy. Giving up is is unhealthy; being impervious to suffering is unhealthy; compromise is unhealthy; going for a lesser prize than liberation is unhealthy. There’s a story of a British miner who was trapped in a mine collapse. It took them many days to get to him, and they were sure he would be dead. When they reached him still alive, they asked him how he had managed to survive so long. His answer was that he spent the whole time mad as hell at how damn inefficient the rescue team was. He wanted to be able to tell them off when they finally got to him. Psychic energy can be very powerful when it is aligned with a healthy ego. 
Evil is a very appropriate word to describe what is going on in Gaza and Haiti and all the US aggressive illegal invasions, and let’s not forget depleted Uranium, or the killer drones, with names like Reaper and Predator. Evil is exactly what it is. Pure evil.
As regards eyes being closed, what we learned in our belief thread is that people can’t help it: their eyes are closed because of their brain’s natural defense mechanisms. And logical arguments cannot penetrate those mechanisms. Keep mind the image of a Baptist preacher, and consider the problem of convincing him that his image of a judgmental God is an illusion. Can’t be done. It’s the same thing with the people you’re encountering, even though the issues are little less clear cut.

As regards Gabriola, besides the advantages you mention, there is the fact that Gabriola is an island. People on an island always have a special sense of collective identity, whether or not they value it or act on it. I feel it every time I visit Kauai. Any newspaper other than the folksy little Garden Island feels like foreign news, the Honolulu or LA paper no more relevant there than a paper from Mongolia. Even here in Ireland, big as it is, there is that special island feeling.
As regards becoming tired of people, that’s a matter of perspective. If you focus on the fact that their eyes are closed, and you can’t get through to them, that will tire you. It will also prevent you from working with them. In working with people in the community you’ll need to start by listening to their concerns, rather than convincing them of yours. And you’ll need to start small. Don’t think in terms of the whole community, just start with a circle. Still not easy, but good luck, and don’t give up.


From: Molly Morgan
Date: 20 January 2010 17:26:37 GMT
Subject: Re: dialog thru 17 Jan 2010

Hi, Richard –

rkm> There is no technical problem as regards mass transit. Indeed, it took considerable effort to dismantle the systems that were already in place at the end of World War 2. I still remember the Pacific Electric ‘red cars’ that connected all of Los Angeles for 50 cents a ride (memorialized in the film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?). 

There is an excellent documentary about this called Taken For a Ride that I recommend to you or any of your subscribers. (I may have mentioned this to you already.) It not only talks about the experience you describe in city after city, but also tells how GM, Standard Oil, and Goodyear (I think those were the three) were actually convicted in court of conspiracy to do this. They paid measly fines but the damage had been done and their goal achieved.

I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that we have been visited by aliens or that we need their technology. Tesla and others have tapped into free energy without the assistance of aliens.

You mention this person and free energy twice in this post. Can you give us a few sentences about what this free energy is? I am not familiar with it.

Another point about the media: whenever the media jumps full-time on an issue, then we’re being sold a load of crap about something, or else we’re being distracted from major events. 

I’ve just returned from five weeks with my mother, who consumes a lot of TV news (which I normally never watch). Like Claudia, I had to work at finding sympathy for the situation in Haiti. Their suffering is real, and I could connect to that, but the round-the-clock coverage was such an obvious cover for something that I was also very repulsed by it. As I said to my mother, “There is a tragedy of the same proportions every single day somewhere in the world. Why this nonstop coverage?” Your commentary helped put it into perspective for me; many thanks. Another thing that came to me: if my memory is correct, Haiti was the one successful slave revolt in the very late 1700s or very early 1800s. They took over the government. As I recall, Jefferson was president and offered any help France required to help take the country back, but they were unsuccessful. I think there’s been an attitude toward Haiti ever since.


Hi Molly,
When people see non-stop coverage, they get the impression that it reflects non-stop attention to the problem, they feel comforted that ‘something is being done’. As you say, it is always covering something up… the fact that nothing is being done. The worst are those ads asking you to donate $5/mo to save a child. They give the impression that actions are afoot to save the downtrodden, when in fact our own governments our pursuing a systematic and well-funded program of genocide against those same children. Even Ireland naively plays its part, by sending ‘peace keeping’ troops, thus freeing up US troops for invasion duty.
Free energy. Think about an electron circling around a nucleus. Why doesn’t the orbit decay? Why doesn’t the electron eventually fall into the nucleus? Where does the energy come from that prevents this from ever happening? The universe is full of energy, bubbling with energy, of a kind that doesn’t show up on our measuring devices. In quantum physics, it is called ‘zero point’ energy. Chemical reactions are the weakest forms of energy production. Nuclear is more powerful, but conventional methods of accessing it are toxic to humanity. Cold fusion is much better, but suppressed politically.  Zero-point energy is more powerful than nuclear, and those who explore it often turn up mysteriously dead.
     And then there are intermediate forms. Consider a water molecule, hydrogen and oxygen. With the right catalyst, or the right resonate frequency, the bond between hydrogen and oxygen can be broken, using far less energy than hydrolysis. As it turns out, I’m going to a demonstration this Saturday in Dublin, a company called Steorn. They claim to have a way to get hydrogen from water, getting more energy out than they put in. I don’t doubt the possibility of the science, but I’m dubious of Steorn, given the fact that a public demonstration is being permitted. They say the demo will available online Saturday, 4pm, GMT, at http://www.steorn.com/ . However, when I try going there right now, I get a server error. We’ll see.
The red cars. The problem, of course, is that they didn’t use enough energy. We can’t have that. We must use as much energy as possible, we must get addicted to automobiles. It’s not nice to minimize profits. And of course the energy needs to be expensive, it can’t be free. Now that we’re all addicted, and society as a whole is addicted, it is time to tax carbon. It’s all just like the illegal drug trade, only by more ruthless people. 
From: “Jim Bell” 
Date: 20 January 2010 18:00:58 GMT
To: “‘Richard Moore'” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: RE: dialog thru 17 Jan 2010

Perhaps we need what we want to happen before we get to deep into the politics. Here’s what I believe we should if we are able to do it politically:
The least we must do
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