Emergency bulletin #1: New World Order update


Richard Moore

The rapidly-weaving threads of the New World Order

Consolidation of military dominance
Pentagon rapidly pursuing global dominance via space weapons
This is an excellent documentary, narrated by Bruce Gagnon, with interviews with Noam Chomsky and others. It covers the whole history of the space program, its origin with Nazi scientists, the dangers of plutonium in space, the latest strategies and weapons, etc. 

     The most important thing to keep in mind is the intent behind these programs. They are designed to permit any target on Earth, of whatever size, to be demolished with precision and without warning by pushing a button on a computer in some command center. And they are designed to enable a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia and China. 
     These weapons have no relevance to defense, their only purpose is attack and domination. From a single command center armies could be wiped out, fleets sunk, rebellious towns obliterated, unauthorized crowds sprayed with lasers, or whatever. Push-button global tyranny. This too is part of the New World Order.

Population reduction – all the ducks are in a row

The development of the NWO has been underway for decades, and it is with some hesitation that I declare now to be a special emergency, the onset of the final endgame. I overcome this hesitation because of the overall picture, re/ the Swine flu scam. There is a clock ticking on this thread: either a real pandemic emerges within the next couple of months, or the whole operation comes to nothing. I believe that too many arrangements have been made, too many ducks lined up, for that to be the outcome. 
     In addition, we must keep in mind the Shock Doctrine – which Kissinger and others have essentially declared to be in operation – which says it’s better to go for the whole enchilada, pull out all the stops, while everyone is off balance from financial collapse.
     Among the ducks, we have global preparation for mass vaccinations, no control over what might be in any given batch of vaccines, preparation by media to expect a deadly pandemic, a WHO declaration of global emergency authorizing forced vaccinations and quarantines, earlier surveys by FEMA to locate mass burial sites, a declaration of national emergency in the US, enabling at any time marital law, forced relocations, shutdown of communications and travel, and the turnover of government to Homeland Security. This level of official global emergency preparation is unprecedented, and it is totally out of proportion to H1N1, a very mild version of flu. 
     These are the reasons why I sense that the time is nigh for a mass bio-weapons assault on populations. The conditions have been established to enable such an assault, and the same NWO financial-mafia masters who brought us the economic collapse, who managed the bailouts, and who control the media, the WHO, and Washington, have made it clear that depopulation is one of their central objectives. Here are two relevant items from newslog:
Overview of eugenics projects, William Engdahl
We now know the nature of the pathogen that has been genetically concocted for use in this bio-assault. It’s a viral combination of H1N1 and parainfluenza, it’s aggressive and deadly, and it very rapidly causes hemorrhaging and total destruction of the lungs. It is not a mutation of H1N1, rather it is a separate but related concoction. These characteristics have been confirmed, in varying degrees, by a number of sources:
Russian source: Doctors learned why Ukrainians dying!
Global Research re/ Ukraine Flu Outbreak
NY Times spin on Ukraine outbreak
UK spin on Ukraine pathogen
WHO says it’s just H1N1
While parainfluenza is not normally a big deal, we learn from Wikipedia:
In immuno-suppressed people, such as transplant patients, parainfluenza virus infections can cause severe pneumonia, which is often fatal.

With this background information, the two-step genocide protocol becomes rather clear:      
     First, suppress the immune system of the entire population with an initial batch of vaccines. 
     Second, finish off the target populations with an H1N1-parainfluenza cocktail, selectively distributed in special batches of the second round of vaccines. 
     There is an important whistleblower incident, in this regard, that everyone should be aware of:
Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): 
“Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

The cull will be selective, because eugenics is just as important to to these demonic overlords as is gross population reduction. That’s why the recent weapons test in the Ukraine was so important. They wanted to confirm the lethality of the pathogen in the field, and equally important they wanted to verify that it wouldn’t spread wildly from the test area, where the pathogen was evidently distributed by aerial spraying. In a pathogen-based genocide project, it is important to assure both lethality and localization
     In such a selective genocide operation, martial law, and a close-down of all communications, are of critical importance. The zones scheduled for genocide, and the zones scheduled for survival, must be kept insulated from one another. There will be clean-up operations, to kill off those who didn’t succumb to the virus, and that kind of news needs to be blocked from media and bloggers alike. The only thought in people’s minds when it’s all over needs to be, Jeez, I’m sure glad I got my shot in time.