* FLASH – military coup underway *


Richard Moore


In our previous posting, I theorized that a power struggle is
going on at the highest levels of the US establishment. I was
led into that investigation by the unusualness of the torture
photo publication, and the rapid sequence of developments that
followed. As I reviewed current news items, the case for a
power struggle seemed to be rather strong. Well, it turns out
my theory was right on target!

Frequently people respond to such theories by saying, "If
something like that were true, we'd hear about it--somehow it
would get out." In this case that is exactly what has
happened. After I sent out that posting, I opened a package
that had been sent to me, and in it was an interview that blew
my mind. This is very solid stuff. I looked it up on the web
and pulled down a transcript:
      PRISON PLANET.com 
      Copyright © 2002-2003 Alex Jones
      All rights reserved.
      Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.): 
      Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations
      The Alex Jones Show

Many might dismiss Alex Jones as a typical conspiracy
researcher and publicizer, although I would give him high
marks for credibility. But Col. de Grand-Pre's credentials are
beyond reproach. I've combined here a few of his biographical
      DGP:  I'll give you a quick bio. I entered the military in
      1944 as an 18-year-old radio operator, morse code. And I was
      sent to Burma and China. I was attached to the detachment 101
      which was OSS and I operated out of Burma. Then later on in
      Kunming, China.
        ...I went to work then for Sec. Def. Bob McNamara. He hired me
      as the chief arms negotiator for the Middle East. And we
      conducted our business there. We were known as the super
      salesmen in ISA, International Security Affairs. And over a
      ten-year period, we sold over a hundred billion dollars worth
      of military equipment to all comers.
        ... I'm in personal contact at least on a weekly basis with
      the Joint Chiefs and other select people.

One might wonder why is allowed to say the things he does, but
one cannot doubt his knowledge of what he talks about. This
guy is tapped right into the 'little circle' I hypothesized.
He is a reliable official source, in all but name. You might
say he is a "deep throat" who is willing to talk directly to
the people. You will be amazed at his revelations.

If you accept him as a knowledgeable insider, you might still
question his mission. Could he be putting out intentionally
false leads? Could he be part of a disinformation campaign? Is
he having a joke at the expense of the conspiracy-theory
community? I don't think so, for two reasons. First, because
of the evidence I presented in the previous posting, I think
what he says makes a lot of sense. Second, there is a
directness and honesty which comes through the way he
expresses himself. Judge for yourself...

The first part of the interview focuses on 9/11. His first
revelation is that hijackers were not controlling the attack
planes. In these excerpts, I've pulled together different
parts of the interview and combined those that relate to
the same theme. You can see the whole transcript at the 
URL above.
      DGP: ...on 11 September, actually it was 12 September, I wrote
      to my friend Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was Chairman of the Joint
      Chiefs at that time. ... I called together from 16 to 19
      September, in the Pentagon area, not in the Pentagon, a group
      of military, civilian and general aviation pilots. And for
      three days, we kicked around what actually happened on 11
       ... the group of pilots and they will remain anonymous were a
      wonderful mix of commercial, military and civilian pilots. At
      any rate, after three days, the decisions were unanimous. And
      I wrote my 24-page report up and submitted it to the Chairman
      of the Joint Chiefs.
       ...the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved
      in the September 11th tragedy had no control over their
      aircraft.... These planes were being piloted by remote
      control, probably an AWACs aircraft taking over that airplane
      or airplanes or drones, unmanned drones. And flying them at 5
      and 8 G-force that no pilot could withstand.
       ... The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had 500 copies of this
      24-page report made and sent out, including, to the White
      House. And I have to say it was including Pres. Bush. So they
      got a copy of the report. ... 
      AJ: And so, he sent out 500 copies, that would mean that he
      believed it.
      DGP: I'm quite sure that he believed in it. I think that he
      still believes in it. You can understand the difficulties. The
      civilian administration, of course, won't recognize it as
       ...you see there's a definite cleavage between the military of
      the Pentagon and the civilian hierarchy--and never the twain
      shall meet.

He also tells us exactly what happened to the plane that went
down in Pennsylvania:
      DGP: ...It was taken out by the North Dakota Air Guard. I know
      the pilot who fired those two missiles to take down 93.
        ... the aircraft, you see, had totally unconscious people on
      board. There were no hijackers. At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans,
      the Air Guard flying the F-16s were ordered to take that plane
      out. And they took it out from 9:35 to 10:00.
       ...AJ: Well, yeah, you've got Cheney running around, we've got
      the stand down taking place.
      DGP: Well, this is correct, but you see the Adj. General of
      the State of North Dakota gave the command to take it out.
      And, by God, they took it out.  
      AJ: Colonel, how did you get in touch with the pilot who shot
      the plane down?
       DGP: It turned out to be an old friend of mine from the Air
      National Guard and this is my home state of North Dakota. And
      I attended the ceremony in North Dakota and watched...the
      pilot being decorated a year later for this activity that
      happened on 911 with Flight 93.

He says a lot more about 9/11, but I want to move on to our 
main topic, the imminent military coup:
      John (caller): ... I want to make a comment. I was in the Air
      Force. My career field was radar operations and I was assigned
      to the Air Defense Command. The airliners turned around at
      Erie, Pennsylvania and were off-course for approximately
      one-hour, at the wrong altitude, at the wrong speed, without
      radio contact and it is absolutely insane for anybody to
      believe that could have happened unless people were told to
      stand down.
      DGP: Well, what I was trying to get through here, John has
      done a beautiful job of laying it all out here on 911. What I
      want to carry away is that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
      himself has agreed, there were no hijackers. There were no
      cell phone calls. Everybody aboard that aircraft, pilots and
      crew, were unconscious within 8 to 18 minutes after take-off.
      And you can take it from there.

      AJ: I understand but going back to what the caller said, your
      saying these elements in the military when push came to shove
      are going to stand up. Well, I would say that 911 was the
      globalists pushing. So, where's the shove? That's his
      DGP: Well this will come. It's going to be in the form of a
      counter-coup d'etat. You understand that a coup d'etat was
      pulled on September 11th by the civilian hierarchy.
      AJ: ..there was an article right after 'that you talk
      about' in mid-2002 in the Washington Times saying the morale
      in the Pentagon had never been lower. And you would think it
      would be high right after 911 and getting together to fight
      the enemy. But it said that the officers didn't believe in the
      "mission" or in the intelligence.
      DGP: That is correct. That came out of the Washington Times
      and I can verify that from Col. Dick Schultz, who is a friend
      of mine in the Joint Chiefs. Morale was not only low but he
      said some of the troops are ready to mutiny. If it wasn't for
      the fact that the government, the civilian hierarchy, has
      control over retirements, they would probably be blood in the
      streets by now.
      AJ: There was also an article where they panicked in the
      Washington Times, it was also in the Washington Post, they
      panicked and flew the officers on jets to luxury vacations and
      had these focus groups. It even talked about a possible
      mutiny. People were just totally distraught. What would make
      them become distraught overnight in the Pentagon?
      DGP: It wasn't an overnight thing. You see, as I outline in
      book 1, and I carry that on in book 2, as well as book 3, we
      were on the verge of a military coup d'etat. And this was long
      in the planning and even after the 78 days of bombing Kosovo,
      it became critical. And we were close to a coup d'etat at that
      time. In my survey of the reports and the pilots who worked
      with that, a coup was a possibility. In fact, a coup d'etat
      was pulled on the morning of September 11th. Only it was an
      administrative or what we call a cold coup d'etat.
      AJ: Or reverse coup d'etat.
      DGP: Yes, in fact....
      AJ: A counter revolutionary junta.
      DGP: Well that is correct. And as we delved into that, we
      found that the culprits, including Rumsfeld, were part of a
      neocon group that had been planning this thing for literally
      years prior to September 11th.

      AJ: Now, by a coup d'etat, you mean another intensification of
      a reverse coup d'etat to keep the people from fighting against
      the New World Order or do you mean the type that Bill Clinton
      successfully stopped in his administration?
      DGP: Well, I'm talking about the administrative coup d'etat
      that came off September 11th.
      AJ: You're talking about an intensification of the elite in a
      coup d'etat against America.
      DGP: That is correct.
      AJ: Well, I mean, it's ongoing. They are federalizing
      everything, they are militarizing everything, they're engaging
      in the classic takeover, are they not?
      DGP: Yes, [they] are. And from this, Alex, and I bring this out
      very clearly in book 3, the only way we can stop it is with
      the classic counter-coup d'etat where the military steps in.
      And under the aegis of the military itself, disengaging or
      disemboweling the civilian hierarchy and taking over and
      re-running or re-organizing the federal government.
      ...DGP: Well, I'm in personal contact at least on a weekly basis
      with the Joint Chiefs and other select people. My computation
      is that 70% of us are with us. That's the higher ranking
      military, field grade officers, etc. and even the first three
      grades of the enlisted ' 70% are with us.
      ...AJ: ...but going back to what the caller said, your saying
      these elements in the military when push came to shove are
      going to stand up. Well, I would say that 911 was the
      globalists pushing. So, where's the shove? That's his
      DGP: Well this will come. It's going to be in the form of a
      counter-coup d'tat. You understand that a coup d'tat was
      pulled on September 11th by the civilian hierarchy.
      ... Cheney is closest to the action. He was probably most
      involved in all of the details of September 11th and he'll be
      one of the first to fall. So I predict, I predict that Cheney
      will be out of here inside of, well prior to the election.
      ...these guys can only understand one ingredient and that is
      force. And that's why it has to emanate from the military. And
      military force in the persona of military tribunals will
      takeover. And Cheney, as I reiterate, is toast.
      ...There will be a lot more people either resigning or
      retiring. And yet it's going to come out and there will be
      military tribunals.

DGP seems to be saying that military tribunals are
specifically on the agenda of the coup plotters. This seems to
imply that the coup will be overt. That is to say, an
all-channel TV announcement will be made that the civilian
administration has been guilty of criminal acts, and a
care-taker military team is explicitly taking over. 

I imagine they'll be able to put together a good presentation
of their case to the public. Someone who was present during
the stand-down could dramatically tell how all the military
people were screaming to scramble, and how Cheney refused to
let them. Someone from the Joint Chiefs, who is well spoken,
could talk about the disgust in the Pentagon about the torture
policy, and how the nation deserves to get to the bottom of
these crimes. He could describe how their mission is to
restore honest government, not to set up a military regime. I
imagine the public generally would feel a sense of relief that
people with at least half a brain in charge for a change.

In light of what DGP has said, I believe we can interpret the
torture photos as the coup's opening salvo--aimed directly at
public opinion. After that ranging shot, a barrage was fired
for effect--a string of other damning revelations--demolishing
the fortress walls of the White House's public image. With the
image softened up, the Senate Brigade was able to grab the
investigatory high ground--and proclaim a 'get to the bottom'
doctrine which shall not bow to White House wishes. 
Altogether, the coup is proceeding blitzkrieg style.

With ready access to high-level leaks and informants, the
Senate Brigade will be able carry out a devastating initial
assault on the neocons. For any lies they tell in the
hearings, there will be reliable witnesses who can contradict
their testimony.  They'll look like fools and
villains--America's Stupidist Criminals. For once, the right
people will be demonized in the media.

I wonder what will bring about the transition, from the Senate
Brigade's preliminary assault to the final attack by the
heavier forces--the military tribunals? I suppose it will be
one of two things. First, it could come about by stonewalling
from the White House. The coup announcement could be justified
by the fact that the White House was preventing the pursuit of
Constitutional process. Second, it could come about because
the hearings make it obvious that control of the nation cannot
be left any longer in the dangerous hands of such insane war

In the media sequence, the coup will seem to be the result of
the Senate hearings. But we will know better. Big things
never follow in rapid succession by accident.

The wild card in the scenario is the neocon's possible counter
moves. Already they're carrying out regular drills for a 9/11
repeat. Their chances of pulling off another successful event
are somewhat reduced, however, given the current climate in
the Pentagon and CIA. The neocons will have a harder time
smuggling in foreign operatives, and there won't be any stand
downs of defenses. Nonetheless, with compact biological
weapons and many other WMD choices, the neocons might pull it
off again. But if they do, it will backfire. It will be the
military that controls the martial law aftermath, not the
White House.



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      Reichstag fire."  
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