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Richard Moore

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Unfortunately, not good news about the world, rather good news for me. My proposed talk has been accepted for the next Electric Universe conference, which will take place this June in Phoenix. I’m really excited about this. I’ve got a good story to tell, connecting lots of dots, and it’s a story that will be easy for the audience to follow (with the help of lots of lovely images of the cosmos). 

Of all the new paradigms that are invading mainstream science, I see the EU Model as having the strongest dynamic, in terms of the coherence and professionalism of the research community, the importance of the ideas, and the solidity of the evidence. It’s ‘the place to be’ if one wants to be part of a successful scientific revolution.

Even more important, from my perspective, this is ‘the right time’ to jump in. The field is still in its infancy, with fundamental threads of inquiry yet to be explored. The community is still small and informal, making it possible to  meet and converse with all the principals (as I’ll be doing in Phoenix). This is the stage of a science when you can still get your name attached to some important principal or discovery. A path to immortality 🙂

Also working to my advantage is the fact that most of the researchers come from an engineering background. Their energy is mostly in the empirical domain, oriented around experimentation, observation, and interpretation. This leaves lots of well-grounded room in the theoretical domain, oriented around extrapolating from the known principles, and looking for higher levels of resonance and coherence – exploratory model development. Something that has long been my specialty, whether it be in software, the Enneagram, or political analysis.

Adding to the fun is the nature of the talk’s thesis. It’s a thesis that will make perfect sense to that particular audience, while at the same time the thesis would be seen as outrageous by nearly everyone else. Thus it satisfies my need to be an iconoclast, within a context where I’ll avoid the rejection that typically accompanies such behavior. I can have my cake and eat it too 🙂

The thesis? Simply that climate is an entirely electrical phenomenon, reflecting current surges in the circuit that powers the Sun, a circuit that connects us to the galactic center and beyond, to the very source of the energy that powers the universe. It’s a strong proof, as regards the evidence and the logical steps, although this is the only scientific audience I can think of that would find it persuasive. They’ve developed the evidentiary basis for the thesis, and they’re fellow iconoclasts, so it’s an ideal scenario for little old me.

Needless to say I’ll be busy this Spring, partly with more delving into the data, and partly developing the presentation. The conference will be streamed live, for any of you who might want to follow it. The talks are always of a high standard at the EU conferences, and I’m very much looking forward to learning a lot, and meeting some great people.

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