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Richard Moore

Bcc: contributors.

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 06:54:14 -0400
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From: Allan Balliett 
Subject: What's Going On?

I've been missing your insight, Richard. What's going on?
-Allan Balliett, Purcellville, VA

From: "Linnea Carroll Meyer"
To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: cyberjournal?
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 01:31:42 -0700

Hi Richard -
Is there some problem with the cyberjournal email list?
I haven't received anything from the list since 6-26-01?
Hope all is well -
Please let me know what's going on -
Linnea Meyer



I guess this is the longest the list has been out of service
ever since we started back in 94.  In some sense, the
explanation is that I've been preoccupied with making some
money, and getting back into software development.   But in
another sense it's because I've been taking a rest from
thinking about the world.  Not that I was losing interest,
but that I needed to renew my inspiration.  Vacations can be
very renewing, like retreats... they can bring new perspectives 
into view. 

What I've been doing for the past six years is trying to
understand our predicament and our opportunities, in their
various dimensions, and to articulate that understanding in
writing. These lists have provided a forum which has been
both supportive and appreciative of that endeavor.

What I feel now is that I've pretty much said and understood
everything I'm able to say and understand.  After "Escaping
the Matrix" and "Returning to our roots", I feel like I've
'been there, done that, got the T shirt'.  Not that much
better things couldn't be written, certainly they could, but
I'm not the one who can do it, at least not right now.

So what next?  One possibility is a book. That would involve
some reworking of the material, but it would be primarily a
networking endeavor - talking to publishers and
self-publishing services, and working out some appropriate
arrangement.  I don't know whether such a book would 'make a
difference', but I'd like to get out there and give it a
try.  But not at the moment.  The energy isn't right for
that yet.

What else?  I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do
with moving my activities off the net and into the real
world. It has something to do with face-to-face society. 
Somehow connecting activities with what really matters.  I'm
not sure how that begins, or what it would look like.  It
doesn't necessarily mean 'activism', at least not at first. 
It has something to do with learning how to be effective
working with groups, regardless of what the group might be
about.  It's a personal growth thing, an empowerment thing.

For now I can only leave that as an open question, as a
focus of background attention... and stay awake to

As for our lists, what I'd like to do is devote one day a
week to putting together a posting.  I'll look over what's
been sent in, and at news items and articles I've received,
and pick a topic.  The posting, as usual, would be a mixture
of forwarding and commentary.  Once per week might be better
for you all as well - more chance you'd be able to actually
read items, rather than save them for 'someday'.

I leave in less than a week for California, where I'll be
until the last week of August.  Then a family reunion on
Kauai. Monica, my Irish girlfriend, and her kids will be
there as well for three weeks on the island.  We've got our
own cottage across from a de facto private beach at the end
of a cu-de-sac back road.  It promises to be the holiday of
a lifetime.   But I'll have my laptop along, and the
posting-weekly scenario will be in effect.

as usual, your thoughts are invited,

btw> Version 2 of the cybercredits system is up and running.  It 
isn't of much use unless you have some community where folks want 
to exchange things with one another. In that case, the system 
registers transactions for you, much like a credit-card system
does, except there's no bank in the middle..