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Richard Moore

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There’s lots to report on from my tour. For openers let me share a video of the talk I gave at the Institute for Noetic Sciences, up near Petaluma. This was arranged by Sergio Lub, of Friendly Favors fame, who was also a co-organizer of the ‘Waking the Phoenix’ conference we convened in Ecuador a few years ago.

The first 20 minutes is about ‘where things are headed’, and the next 10 minutes introduce my ideas on ‘what we could do about it’. The final hour is discussion with the audience. The fellow who introduces me at the beginning is Chris Thorman, who has been a staunch supporter of my work for many years. Unfortunately it’s hard to hear what Chris says,  as the audio is often poor when someone from the audience is speaking. 

The video (comments welcome): http://vimeo.com/66541719



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