Important documentary! – pedophile cover-up


Richard Moore


I downloaded this documentary and watched it this morning. It
is very good journalism and it includes powerful interviews
with victims, investigators, attorneys, and various officials.
It's about a pedophile ring, using children from Boys Town,
and operated by Larry King (a black fellow, not the guy with
the "Live" show) for top politicians, in Washington and

Three of the victims tell their own story, and other evidence
is presented, clearly establishing the existence and extent of
the ring's activities. But that's only the beginning of the
story. The real point of the documentary is the suppression
and cover-up of the investigation by the police and FBI, and
the political implications of this kind of an operation.

Any politicians who participates in one of the ring's regular
"parties" would be from that point on totally compromised. The
parties were secretly filmed, and no politician could survive
if clips were leaked to the media. In the final analysis, the
ring can be seen as an operation aimed at controlling
Congress, and a very effective one. It was "influential
Congressmen" who succeed in pulling the documentary at the
last minute from its scheduled screening on Discovery Channel.

One wonders who is the real ring-leader behind such a ring?
Who is it that holds this absolute power over certain members
of Congress? Someone like Larry King runs such an operation,
obtains the damning evidence, and gets all kinds of perks
(until he becomes the fall guy) - but he's not a man with a
political agenda. The way someone like him maximizes the value
of his evidence, is by making it available to someone who does
have a political agenda, who is able to pay handsomely in
money and perks, and who is able to protect the operation from

There aren't a whole lot of people, or groups, who have that
kind of clout. They would have to be somewhere high up in
Washington, for  a start, given the full cooperation by the
FBI. If we assume such a ring continues to operate today -
nothing in the doc suggested otherwise - I find it hard to
imagine any other apex for such a ring outside of the White
House itself. Power has become highly centralized, and there's
really only one political and budgetary agenda being
considered. If anyone holds blackmail power over a block of
Congressional votes, I have seen no evidence of such a block
being manipulated - unless it's been part of the overall
pattern of manipulation that we've been seeing from the

I watched the doc on the computer, but I was thinking it was
the kind of thing to watch with some friends, on the TV, so
you could share thoughts about it and perhaps have a bit of a
discussion. So I'll probably try to get it into DVD format and
see if some of my friends are interested. If any of you have a
similar inclination, perhaps we can arrange some kind of co-op
exchange so everyone doesn't have to download it and figure
out how to get it on DVD.


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Conspiracy of Silence

On Tuesday May 3, 1994, this news documentary was scheduled
to air on the Discovery Channel. It was withheld from the
public and all copies were to be destroyed. Here is a
production work copy that missed elimination. Also, there is
an almost hour-long interview with attorney, John DeCamp.

The perfidy that sustains the sinister forces of the
established corrupt order is obscene and. would be untenable
if known.

Presented as a civic service.

This is a 281MB File and takes time to load for those with low 
speed access. Please be patient.
Here is a link to download this movie file - 281 MB

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