Kaminski: The fatal flaw in the 9/11 coverup


Richard Moore


If there's anyone out there who doubts that the WTC events were orchestrated 
from the White House, I'd like to hear what that doubt is based on. 


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Subject: The fatal flaw in the 9/11 coverup

The fatal flaw in the 9/11 coverup
Why can no one name the hijackers or prove they flew the planes?

By John Kaminski •••@••.•••

Know how to tell the difference between the truth and lies of 9/11? If
they're talking about hijackers having done the dastardly deed, you know
they're part of the sinister coverup extravaganza, wittingly or not.

In order for the people of the world to be convinced that Islamic
hijackers were responsible for terrible tragedy of 9/11, we need to see
some evidence. Not hearsay, innuendo, aspersion or promises of evidence,
but real evidence.

Otherwise, the whole subject is rightly regarded as a ruse, a setup to
conceal the identities of the real culprits, the ones who sit smugly in
front of the TV cameras and plot their cynical war on terror - otherwise
known as the war on the peoples of the world.

As President Bush continues to insist that his word be accepted as truth
on numerous questions, time after time his statements have been revealed
as blatant falsehoods. Yet he continues to repeat them, and the whorish
corporate media continues to accept them.

Why hasn't either the Bush administration or some element of law
enforcement in the United States issued a single solid piece of evidence
connecting the hijackers to the hijacked airplanes? Why don't the
alleged hijackers appear on the airport security videos? Why aren't
there credit card records of their ticket purchases?

Why did FBI director Robert Mueller say very publicly to the
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco that nothing on paper connected Arab
terrorists to 9/11? I mean, two and half years have passed. And the feds
produced 19 names within 72 hours of the disaster. Notice a mathematical
inconsistency here? All that has happened since is mere vigilante
hysteria, hypothetical scenarios trumpeted ad nauseum by America's
notoriously brainwashed Zionist press.

Seven or eight of the names on that original list have been found living
comfortably in other countries. Why hasn't the FBI made any attempt to
correct the errors made on that original list? See for yourself.
and http://www.welfarestate.com/911/

And why, after much hullabaloo about Colin Powell using phony
information in his remarks to the United Nations about the reasons for
war, hasn't the U.S. government produced a single conclusive piece of
evidence to back up its claim that 9/11 was the work Osama bin Laden and
other Islamic terrorists? Not a single piece!

If you disagree, tell me what it is!

There's a simple answer to this, you know. It's because there isn't any
evidence. And why is that? Because those pseudo-Muslims revealed to be
so publicly incompetent at piloting jerkwater training planes had
absolutely zero chance of flying sophisticated jetliners into anything
narrower than the Grand Canyon, never mind executing tricky maneuvers
with extraordinarily complicated machinery.

The unknown men who played the roles of the so-called Arab terrorist
hijackers were really recruited by either American and/or Israeli
intelligence services in a scheme set up as a diversion to inflame dumb
Westerners against the Islamic world. The purpose was to divert the
world's attention from the Israeli genocide and dispossession of the
Palestinians by blaming the attacks on Muslims.

But that was only half the objective. The other half was to enable our
despicable cabal of neocon gangbangers to fleece the American public
with an endless array of no-bid contracts to enrich the conscienceless
billionaires who are really driving the war machine.

You know how the Bushista American government uses anything for PR to
supposedly authenticate its own evil agenda. If they had any concrete
evidence against the hijackers - if they even possessed all their
correct names - we would have heard about it by now. There would be an
avalanche of TV shows about them, unlike that Jewish claptrap hate crime
against Muslims that appeared on NBC the other night.

After two and half years, with the whole world knowing that eight of the
19 names on the hijacker list are fraudulent, the FBI has made no
attempt to substitute new names. And why is that? Because the identities
of the hijackers were constructed with mostly stolen papers, for some of
the patsies designed to take the heat. In any case, and whoever they
were, there is no evidence they ever got on the planes.

But nothing. Instead we have one minor player convicted in Germany, then
the conviction was overturned, partly because Americans refused to help
with the prosecution.

We have the so-called 20th hijacker and assorted other preposterous
character actors languishing in jails on trumped up charges. We have
security camera film at the Pentagon, which surely reveal that no
jetliner hit that building, locked away in Ashcroft's vault under the
phony aegis of national security. We have all the rubble of the World
Trade Center, which surely would have revealed the use of nuclear
explosives creating shattered beams in odd places, instantly carted away
with no forensic investigation. We have transcripts - but no recordings
- of these phony cellphone calls, some from people who may not have even

And we have the famous standdown, in which America's air defenses
suddenly evaporated - the only time in our history this has happened.

We have Marvin Bush sitting suspiciously on the board of directors of
the security company that had the contract for the Twin Towers.

We have Larry Silverstein, who conveniently leased and insured the
towers shortly before the big hits, telling officials to "pull" a
relatively intact tower, which then fell identically to the two
structures that were struck by airplanes, creating the impression that
that's the way all three came down.

We have billions of dollars of windfall profits made by savvy investors
in the days before 9/11, and an FBI investigation that insists nothing
was amiss with these spectacular deals. Of course, we don't get the
details. Only "assurances" that the trades were not suspicious, despite
patterns and results that were unprecedented in the entire history of
financial trading.

We have reports from firemen of explosions at the base of the Twin
Towers BEFORE they fell, and the seismographic evidence to back up these

We have leader after leader saying they didn't know such a thing could
happen when the government had been studying the problem for ten years.
It had held at least two major drills simulating such a possibility.

And we have a president sitting in a ghetto classroom in Florida, at
possibily the most pivotal moment in American history, pretending to
read a book that he was holding upside down.

Perhaps most tellingly of all, we have the tragic tale of John O'Neill,
rabidly honest FBI investigator, prevented from following his leads
about Osama bin Laden because of the danger he would have discovered the
links from Afghanistan back to CIA headquarters. Just review the way he
was prevented from conducting his probe of the Cole bombing, and
prevented by digging into other leads by the same guys - namely insiders
Louis Freeh and Thomas Picard - who prevented significant reports from
other FBI agents from seeing the light of day.

So, how does all that make you regard the supposedly impartial
government panel investigating these matters? When they talk about
Presidential Daily Briefings months before the event, or chitchat with
presidential flunkies who leak out these pseudorevelations about this
and that tidbit of essentially trivial information. And especially when
they talk about the dastardly hijackers (without being able to name
them) as if there is no question of their guilt. Talk about your
misleading urban legends! This one is the champ.

Well, no sense feigning surprise. We knew this commission was a set-up
from the get-go. Recycled Watergate investigators, even. Part of the
same bunch that has run the country and covered up everything for the
past 30 years or more.

Surely you didn't expect a real investigation. Thomas Kean declared at
the outset of his hearings that Osama bin Laden was guilty. End of
discussion. As soon as he made that statement, there was no way the
hearings could be legitimate.

Asserting that genuine Arab hijackers did not carry out the attacks of
9/11 requires analysis of two concomitant categories: the history of
American (and Israeli) involvement (and subterfuge) with Arab
terrorists, and methods of remote control of aircraft, or other means of
piloting the aircraft.

The remote control aspect continues to be a bone of contention among
legitimate pilots, with some asserting only real pilots could have made
such extemporaneous maneuvers and others insisting only remote control
could have accomplished such a feat. An interesting new perspective on
this debate can be found here:

A third natural area of study in this regard would be the intimate
histories of those whom officials claim to be the hijackers, including
putting the microscope on their behavior in the days and weeks before
the tragedy.

Many researchers claim the name al-Qaeda was made up in middle '90s by a
variety of American functionaries (one of them being none other than
Richard Clarke) as an all-purpose villain the U.S. could blame as a
convenient reason for its military adventurism. And a group of Israeli
provocateurs was recently discovered trying to create their own faux
version of al-Qaeda.

How many more hints do you need? The absence of any relevant arrests or
discovery of any clues to the hierarchy of this supposedly worldwide
terror group should tell you a lot.

Al-Qaeda doesn't exist except for when they want it to, to blame for any
sort of strategic terror they have created themselves for some political
reason, like influencing the elections in Spain. Hah, that one really

Why haven't American intelligence operatives gone to these foreign
countries to interview these named hijackers who turned out to be alive?
Simple. Because they knew the list was fiction in the first place, and
the Arab-types who have been named as terror gurus are mostly their own
employees, or people who have been set up by them.

It is a celebrated fact that Mohammed Atta and some of his friends were
seen in nightclubs in the hours before 9/11, certainly a fact that
argues against them being able to carry out their supposed missions
because they were motivated by Islamic religious zeal. So their
appearance in strip clubs blows the whole story that they were devout
Muslims giving their lives to Allah. Devout Muslims don't drink, never
mind cavort with strippers.

If we knew who the hijackers were, we'd know their names, wouldn't we?
Or is it now worth bombing other nations and murdering thousands of
innocent people because we say we know who the hijackers were, even
though we don't know their names? It is the great shame of the American
people that they have approved of the murders of thousands of people
because of that blatant lie.

Many of the men who were fingered as 9/11 hijackers received
preferential treatment from American immigration officials when it came
to entering and leaving the U.S. on numerous occasions. Many of these
same names reportedly trained at various U.S. military installations.

What has resulted after two and a half years of work by America's crack
intelligence agencies, besides the persecution of Muslims throughout the

Well, hundreds of innocent people have been unjustly imprisoned and
tortured at Guantanamo. All of them innocent, hapless dupes rounded up
in a Rumsfeld-ordered dragnet in Pakistan after U.S. planes had
(inadvertently or otherwise) allowed the Taliban fighters to escape with
the Pakistani army from Afghanistan.

Two pathetic flunkies have been arrested and held without due process.
One of them, the notoriously pathetic shoe bomber who was obviously a
deranged personality and not a member of any terror network, was
ceremoniously sentenced to life in prison.

Other than that, no al-Qaeda kingpins have been even named, never mind
apprehended. No clue about how the 9/11 attacks were engineered has ever
emerged. This is simply not consistent with being able to name all 19
hijackers the day after the attacks. It is a case of pretending you have
all of the information instantly, and then pretending you no information
for the next two years. What a smell!

This means two things: that the list of 19 names was a total
fabrication, and that the worldwide terror network called al-Qaeda is
also a total fabrication, the wet dream brainchild of the CIA and the
Mossad to be trotted out as an excuse for a whole string of terror
attacks - Madrid, Bali, Riyadh, Istanbul, etc. - that were really
carried out by the CIA and the Mossad themselves, cleverly involving
designated patsies to give the operations a suitably foreign flavor.

Al-Qaeda does not exist except as a bogeyman invented by Western powers
to justify their evil agenda. There were no hijackers flying those
planes on 9/11. And honest FBI agents have been prevented from
publicizing that fact.

If you disagree, prove it! The world knows you can't, though the
high-tech mass murder by the United States and Israel spreads around the
world because of this falsified version of events.

History will show - and the public will soon realize - that those who
are telling these lies not only allowed 9/11 to happen, but planned it
for their own personal advantage.

The only question that remains is will the American public awaken to
this murderous, treasonous scam before the perpetrators achieve their
objective and bury the whole planet in the flames of their insane

Just remember. If they're talking about the hijackers, they're part of
the coverup, whether they know it or not.

Much more productive would be analyzing the tiny hole in the Pentagon,
how the ejected material in the WTC photos prove there were unexplained
explosions, or how those emotional cellphone calls could not possibly
have been made as government flunkies have presented them.

But you won't hear the official 9/11 commissioners talking about any of
that, because they are definitely part of the coverup. You can obviously
tell, because they keep talking about the hijackers.

* * *

Other than a general alert to citizens of the world about the basic lies
that continue to underlie all political debate in the United States at
this time, there is another, more pressing reason to discuss and
contemplate all these matters at this time.

On Tuesday, April 20, and Wednesday, April 28, the U.S. Supreme Court
will hear arguments on the power claimed by the President to designate
people as "enemy combatants" and have them incarcerated by the military
- indefinitely, without charges, and without access to the court
system--solely on his say-so.

As my friend Alvin notes, "This is a critical moment in United States

"How the court rules on these cases will determine the type of country
we will be living in. We urge those of you who can to be present outside
the Supreme Court on these dates," said Alvin. For more information
please see http://www.nlg.org/eccases/

It is one thing to realize all law enforcement and defense strategies in
America in 2004 have become lies.

It is quite another to incorporate those lies into the law itself, and
that is about to happen next week.

The decision expected will make a time of darkness grow even darker, and
practically guarantee that freedom and justice for all is now an
outmoded phrase that has been conveniently discarded by the evil robots
who now control the lives of every person on earth.

John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection
of his Internet essays seen on hundreds of websites around the world,
and also "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official
Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001," a 48-page booklet written
for those who insist on believing the government's version of events.
For more information about both, go to http://www.johnkaminski.com/