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Richard Moore

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On Sumerian clay tablets, from about 6,000 years ago, as interpreted by Zecharia Sitchin, we hear about a giant tenth planet called Nibiru. Nibiru, they say, is usually way out beyond our familiar solar system, and every 2600 years it swings in close to the Sun, leaving chaos in its wake, reversing the Earth’s magnetic field, causing volcanic eruptions and mountain-high tsunamis, wiping out populations, etc.
About 2600 years ago, the Minoan civilization was wiped out by some kind of natural disaster, and this might possibly have indicated the most recent visit of Nibiru, if Nibiru is real.
The Internet is now buzzing with reports and videos saying that Nibiru has returned, and is visible near the sun if you have the right filters to view it with. If true, this ties in with 2012 as being a year of era change, and most of us won’t be here to welcome 2013. It also ties in with the seed vaults our masters have definitely created, and the underground cities they have allegedly created for themselves, and all those CEOs and bankers who have mysteriously resigned. Shades of Dr. Strangelove and the mine shafts, and the film 2012 with its arks.
Here are some of the Youtube sources re/Nibiru, whose validity we can only guess at. If you view these, you’ll also see the usual list of related videos on the right side of the pages:

What I’m hoping is that some of you have astronomical telescopes, perhaps even filters, and you might be able to see if you can detect a ‘mysterious object’ near the Sun, as it rises or sets. Be careful you don’t confuse it with Venus, and if you have an astronomical telescope you already know that.

Let us know, as it is a matter of life and death.

Meanwhile, here are a few of your recent comments on past topics…


Peter Meyer wrote:
Hi Richard,
You said:
I’d like to mention that 
Peter Myer has put together a CD of articles, including some of my 
own. You may find the CD useful, and here is Peter’s description 
Thanks for the mention, though you must have been really rushed 
because you misspelt my name.
Actually the result of 16 years of work, including about 60 
original articles (besides many of yours) is, I think, less than 
adequately described as “putting together a CD of articles”, sort 
of like a compendium of interesting stuff I’d found on the web, but 
the mention is nevertheless appreciated.
Peter Meyer

I was indeed rushing, and I’m sorry for doing such a poor job of mentioning your excellent CD. In the case of my own articles, for example, you did a great job of selecting good ones, and formatting them so they are very readable. I highly recommend the CD. 

Evelyn Goodman wrote (re/ Obama’s birth cert):
I don’t know what to think, anymore, but I do know I am DEFINITELY not in the corner of the Republicans who OBVIOUSLY want to take us backwards.  at least President Obama has managed to take us out of the quagmire of the last administration, albeit under the handicap of the Republicans.  If Obama is also under the influence of the cabal in control, it is, at least, a pathway with possibilities for good.  What would be the alternative, anyway?
Evelyn Goodman 

In what way has Obama taken us out of any quagmire? I see more wars, more debt, more lies, more TSA groping, more murderous drones, more failed states, less employment, a terrible health care law, and everything continuing to get worse since Obama swept into power. What pathways for good are there, other than on his golden lying tongue? What would be the alternative? … there’s only one alternative: We The People social transformation.

Jim Kless wrote:

Hello, I live in Palm Springs.  SCE furnishes electricity and has installed smart meters.  i was electrocuted in bed in the middle of the night by one.  They also create electrosmog-constant buzzing, vertigo, and cause fires and  appliance burnouts.  Make sure they keep them out of Kauai.

Minor prices to pay for progress 🙂

Seriously, thanks for the heads up.