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If this info on depleted uranium is correct, we are in deep shit!




United States 
DU: A Scientific Perspective/ An Interview With LEUREN MORET, Geoscientist 
By W. Leon Smith/Nathan Diebenow 
May 13, 2005, 07:20 

Interview Conducted 
By W. Leon Smith 
and Nathan Diebenow 

Leuren Moret is a geoscientist who works almost around the
clock educating citizens, the media, members of parliaments
and Congress and other officials on radiation issues. She
became a whistleblower in 1991 at the Livermore Nuclear
Weapons Lab after witnessing fraud on the Yucca Mountain
Project. She is currently working as an independent citizen
scientist and radiation specialist in communities around the
world, and contributed to the U.N. subcommission investigating
depleted uranium. According to Wikipedia online encyclopedia,
Moret testified at the International Criminal Tribunal for
Afghanistan in Japan in 2003, presented at the World Depleted
Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany, and spoke at
the World Court of Women at the World Social Forum in Bombay,
India, in January 2004.


ICONOCLAST: What are the latest developments with reducing
depleted uranium exposures on U.S. troops?

MORET: A young veteran named Melissa Sterry of Connecticut has
introduced a bill into the Connecticut Legislature requiring
independent testing of returning Afghan and Gulf War veterans
going back to 2001. She said that she did it because she's
sick, and her friends are dead, and that's from serving in the
2003 conflict. I have been following the bill and talking to
her. Yesterday, she testified twice at the United Nations. I
said, "Why don't we get this bill all over the U.S. in state
legislatures because it informs the public and get the local
media to cover it."

The U.S. has blocked any accountability at international and
national levels. There's a total cover-up just like with Agent
Orange, the atomic veterans, MKULTRA, the mind control
experiments the CIA did. This is more of the same, but the
issue is much, much worse because the genetic future of all
those contaminated is effected. Now vast regions around our
world, as well as our atmosphere, are contaminated with the
depleted uranium. They've used so much. It's the equivalent
number of atoms, as the Japanese professor calculated it, to
over 400,000 Nagasaki bombs that has been released into the
atmosphere. That's really an underestimate.

I went to Louisiana in April. I was invited to speak at the
University of New Orleans for three days. One of the veterans
asked me to be in their April 19 protest and rally through the
City of New Orleans. He took the Connecticut bill straight to
the Legislature, and he got two legislators to sponsor it, and
he said, "Just whiteout the name 'Connecticut' and write in
'Louisiana' on the bill." You're not going to believe it. It
passed 101 to 0 yesterday inthe Louisiana House.

I want you to write about it because we want it (the DU
testing bill) in Texas. Nevada is going to introduce it.
Congressman Jim McDermott is going to put it into the
Washington legislature. We want to get the governor of Montana
to do it because he's the first governor to demand his
National Guard be returned. I think half of them are back. He
said, "I need them in the state."

The DU issue is just really, really, really, really so awful.
I don't think there's any greater tragedy in the history of
the world in what they've done.

ICONOCLAST: Is there a danger of depleted uranium, being used
in weaponry over there, spreading by air over here?

MORET: The atmosphere globally is contaminated with it. It's
completely mixed in one year. I'm an expert on atmospheric
dust. I'm a geoscientist, a geologist, and that's what I
studied and did my research on. It's really a fascinating
subject. We have huge dust storms that are a million square
miles and transport millions of tons of dust and sand every
year around the world.

The main centers of these dust storms are the Gobi Desert in
China, which is where the Chinese did atmospheric testing, so
that's all contaminated with radiation, and it gets
transported right over Japan, and it comes straight across the
Pacific and dumps all its sand and dust on the U.S., North
America. It's loaded with radioactive isotopes, soot,
pesticides, chemicals, pollution - everything is in it -
fungi, bacteria, viruses.

The Sahara Desert is another huge dust center, and it goes up
all over Europe and straight across the Atlantic, to the
Caribbean, and up the East Coast. Of course, you get it in
Texas with those hurricanes. They all originate in the Sahara

The third region is the Western United States, which is where
the Nevada test site is located. We did 1,200 nuclear weapons
tests there, so all this radiation that is already there,
which is bad enough, has caused a global cancer epidemic since
1945. All of that radiation was the equivalent of 40,000
Nagasaki bombs. We're talking about 10 times more.

In April of 2003, the World Health Organization said they
expect global cancer rates to increase 50 percent by the year

Infant mortality is going up again all over the world. This is
an indicator of the level of radioactive pollution.

When the U.S. and Russia signed the partial test ban treaty in
1963, the infant mortality rate started dropping again, which
is normal. Now they are going up again. It's the global
pollution with this radiation.

ICONOCLAST: I had one of our correspondents send me a series
of photographs of the Al-Asad dust storm in Iraq on April 28.

MORET: That dust is what I'm talking about.

ICONOCLAST: In the picture you can see a gigantic wall of

MORET: I have 16 pictures of that storm. They're posted with
photos from Iraqi doctors of the children of people with
cancer and leukemia. So what did you think of that dust storm?

ICONOCLAST: I thought it was really dramatic.

MORET: It remobilizes all the radiation, but those are the
larger chunks. The DU burns at such high temperatures. It's a
pyroforic metal which means it burns. The bullets and big
caliber shells are actually on fire when they come out of the
gun barrel because they are ignited by the friction in the gun
barrel. Seventy percent of the DU metal becomes a metal vapor.
It's actually a radioactive gas weapon and a terrain

I'll email you the URL of the 1943 memo to General Leslie
Grove under the Manhattan Project. It's the blueprint for
depleted uranium. They dropped the atomic bombs, but they did
not use the DU weapons because they thought they were too

I've toured and gone all over Japan with a pediatrician in
Basra and an oncologist, a cancer specialist. These poor
doctors - their whole families are dying of cancer. He has 10
members of his family with cancer now that he's treating, and
this is just from Gulf War I. They've used much, much, much
more in 2003. All over the whole country.

ICONOCLAST: What can soldiers expect when they come home?

MORET: If they were in Bradley Fighting Vehicles, they're
coming home with rectal cancer from sitting on ammunition
boxes. The young women are reporting terrible problems with
endometriosis. That's the lining of the uterus malfunctioning,
and they just bleed and bleed and bleed. Some of them have
uterine cancer - 18 and 19 and 20 year olds.

The Army will not even diagnose it. They send them back to the
battlefields. They won't treat them or diagnose them. A group
of 20 soldiers pushed from Kuwait to Baghdad in 2003 in all
the fighting. Eight of those 20 soldiers have malignancies.

ICONOCLAST: Does exposure to depleted uranium effect their
psychological background when they come home?

MORET: Depleted uranium are these particles that form at very
high temperatures. They are uranium oxides that are insoluble.
They are at least 100 times smaller than a white blood cell,
so when the soldiers breathe, they inhale them. The particles
go through the nose, go through the olfactory and into the
brain, and it messes up their cognitive abilities, thought
processes. It damages their mood-control mechanism in the
brain. Four soldiers at Fort Bragg came back from Afghanistan,
and within two months, those four had murdered their wives.
This is part of the damage to the brain from the radiation and
the particles.

The soldiers from Gulf War I in a group of 67 soldiers who
came back, they had DU in their equipment, in their clothes,
in their bodies, in their semen, and they had normal babies
before they went over there to war. They came back, and the VA
did a study. Of 251 Gulf War I veterans in Mississippi, in 67
percent of them, thier babies born after the war were deemed
to have severe birth defects. They had brains missing, arms
and legs missing, organs missing. They were born without eyes.
They had horrible blood diseases. It's horrific. If you want
to look at something, Life magazine did a photo essay which is
still on the Internet. It's called "The Tiny Victims of Desert
Storm." You should look at that - oh, my God, the post-Gulf
War babies playing with their brothers and sisters who are

Basically, it's like smoking crack, only you're smoking
radioactive crack. It goes straight into the blood stream.
It's carried all throughout the body into the bones, the bone
marrow, the brain. It goes into the fetus. It's a systemic
poison and a radiological poison.

ICONOCLAST: What about the people in the United States that
are here? You say that DU is being mixed and spread globally?

MORET: Yes, it's being mixed globally. We're getting secondary
smoke. It's the secondary smoke effect. You know the people
who inhabit a room with smokers? They are getting that
secondary smoke, and so are we.

ICONOCLAST: Is that secondary smoke getting thicker as we

MORET: Yeah, the concentration of the depleted uranium
particles in the atmosphere all around the globe is
increasing. There are indications that the U.S. will go in
June and bomb the heck out of Iran. We're monitoring the U.S.
Army ammunition factories. They have very large orders for
those huge bunker buster bombs that have 5,000 lbs. of DU in
the warhead.

ICONOCLAST: So the prognosis for America isn't really good?

MORET: No, it's really bad.

ICONOCLAST: And if this continues then?

MORET: It's going to kill off the world's population. It
already is, and it doesn't just effect people. It effects all
living systems. The plants, the animals, the bacteria. It
effects everything.

ICONOCLAST: So the things that we eat for instance, if they
have DU in them, then we'll just get it in our systems, and so
we're polluting the oceans, so that could effect all marine

MORET: Yes, it's in the air, water, and soil. The half-life of
DU, Uranium 238, is 4.5 billion years the age of the Earth.

ICONOCLAST: With the damage that's been done to this point,
can we turn back? We can't clean it up?

MORET: There's no way to clean it up. What happens is these
tiny particles float around the Earth. There are still
plutonium and uranium floating around the Earth from bomb
testing. These particles are so tiny that molecules bumping
into them keep them lofted in the air, and so the only way for
them to get out of the atmosphere is rain, snow, fog,
pollution, which will clear them out of the air and deposit
them in the environment. What happens is the surface of these
particles gets wetted by the moisture in the air. They come
down and land on stuff and stick to it like a glue. You can't
ever get the particles off whatever they're sticking to
because have you ever put a drop of water on a microscope
slide and then put another one on top of it? Can you pull
those apart?


MORET: Okay, that's the same effect that happens to
radioactive particles. Once they are removed from the
atmosphere, they stick to any surfaces they land on. In a way
they are removed from circulation from the atmosphere. You
can't wash them off. If it keeps raining or they're in a
creek, you know, if they're on rocks or stones or something in
a creek, they won't even wash off. You didn't know it was this
bad, did you?

ICONOCLAST: No, I knew it was bad, but I thought it was fairly

MORET: No. What is over there (in Iraq) is over here in about
four days. I don't know if you followed Chernobyl. That big
bubble of radiation went around and around the world, but this
is dust. It becomes a part of atmospheric dust. Like the dust
storm you saw in that photo, it goes everywhere.

ICONOCLAST: Is it in the upper levels of the atmosphere or the
lower levels?

MORET: It's in lower orbital space. They brought the Mir
spacecraft back down to Earth when they got done using it, and
there was something called a space midge which covered the
electronics on the outside of the spacecraft and protected it
from radiation that comes from the sun because electronics are
real vulnerable to radiation. They analyzed the surface of
that space net and found uranium and uranium decayed products
which they said came from atmospheric testing or burned up
spacecraft with nuclear materials or nuclear reactors on
board. Uranium can also come from supernovas, but they thought
that the most likely sources were atmospheric testing and the
nuclear materials we put in space.

ICONOCLAST: Essentially then, you're saying that we're
conducting a nuclear war.

MORET: Yes, and that's exactly what it is. We've conducted
four nuclear wars since 1991. Yeah, these are nuclear wars. DU
is a nuclear weapon.

ICONOCLAST: From the point of view of a scientist, what needs
to happen to correct this?

MORET: Well, we need to stop the use of it. We've built an
international movement to stop the use, the manufacture, the
storage, the sales, and the deployment of depleted uranium

ICONOCLAST: Are the munitions we sell to other countries
contained with depleted uranium?

MORET: We have. In 1968 the first depleted uranium weapons
systems that we found a patent for suddenly appeared in the
U.S. patent office. It was for the Navy. It was sort of a
Gatling gun style weapon system that you mounted on ships. It
rapidly fires like 2,500 bullets a minute. It's over 3,000
now. They've improved the design. Then in 1973, we gave
depleted uranium weapons systems to the Israelis and
supervised their use. They used them in the Arab-Israeli war
and completely wiped out the Arabs in five days. Then the show
was on the road. That was the first actual battlefield
demonstration of this new weapon system.

Hughes Aircraft developed the full-length system which is for
the Navy. That's the Gatling gun system. They still use it.
That was produced in 1974 and tested. Within six months the
U.S. government had sold the DU weapons system to 12 entities
which included many branches of the U.S. military and other
counties. We've sold DU weapons systems to about - we don't
know exactly for sure - it's been about 12 or 17 countries.
The good news is that normally such a weapons system that
effective would have been sold to 80, 100, or 120 countries by
now. But because of the radiological, biological, and
environmental hazard, countries were not only afraid to buy
it, the ones who did buy it are afraid to use it. The only
countries we know that have used DU are Britain, the U.S., and

The United Nations in 1996 passed a resolution that depleted
uranium weapons are weapons of mass destruction, and they are
illegal under all international laws and treaties.

In 2001, the European Parliament passed a resolution on DU.
What happened is that the NATO forces went into Yugoslavia in
1998 and '99 and flew 39,000 bombing runs and completely
bombed Yugoslavia into radioactive rubble.

Germany and the U.S. made the most money on the destruction of
Yugoslavia, and they made sure that countries that didn't know
about the DU, that the peacekeepers from those countries like
from Italy and Portugal, were sent to the most contaminated
regions in Yugoslavia. Germans and Americans didn't send their
own troops into those areas. They were in the least
contaminated areas. These poor soldiers from other countries
came back and died within weeks or in a couple of days or
months. The parents in Portugal and Italy are furious and went
to the Parliament and media, and there was just a huge media
storm of articles about DU.

The cat was out of the bag because of the 1998 NATO invasion
of Yugoslavia. The cat was out of the bag, but Japanese troops
have been sent into Somawa. They're self-defense forces. It
was the most contaminated area where the heaviest fighting
happened in Iraq. We can expect those soldiers to be really,
really sick.

ICONOCLAST: What about Iraq itself? What's been done thus far?

MORET: It's uninhabitable. The whole country. Yugoslavia,
Iraq, and Afghanistan are completely uninhabitable.

ICONOCLAST: But people live there, so they're going to live
there suffering?

MORET: Well, you can see from the birth defects and the
illnesses that it is pretty severe. Each year the number of
birth defects and illnesses will rise because of the total
contamination levels in all living things will increase
because they are breathing that air and drinking water and
eating the food from contaminated soils. It's just a slow
death sentence. The same with Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

Depleted uranium is a very, very, very effective biological
weapon. This is the primary purpose for using it. Marion Falk
(a retired chemical physicist who built nuclear bombs for more
than 20 years at Lawrence Livermore lab), who is the Manhattan
Project scientist I work with, taught me pretty much
everything about radiation and particles and DU. He said the
purpose of weapons used by the military is not only to injure
and kill the enemy soldiers, but the purpose is to kill, maim,
and disease the civilian population because it reduces the
productivity of a country and pretty soon a lot of their
resources are going to be used for taking care of sick people.
They will have fewer and fewer healthy workers.

Of course, once you cause mutation in the DNA, that damage is
passed on to future generations of that affected person or
animal or plant. DNA does not repair itself.

ICONOCLAST: So the mutations would be probably destructive
moreso than constructive.

MORET: Oh, the mutations are causing those birth defects.

ICONOCLAST: They're not evolutionary diseases?

MORET: No, they are evolutionary. They are inherited by all
future generations and passed on. It's like if you have red
hair and all of your future generations will have that gene.

ICONOCLAST: So if I had a precondition to heart disease
because of the radiation, then the generation that would come
after me would have the same problem?

MORET: Well, if you damage the cell or parts of the cell or
functioning of cells, that doesn't necessarily damage the DNA.
There are two kinds of damage: one damages the cells of the
living organism, and that may not be passed on, but if you
damage the DNA in the egg or the sperm, that is passed on to
all future generations.

ICONOCLAST: So the guys coming back from the war, their sperm
is probably going to be -

MORET: Damaged. Yes. They also have depleted uranium in their
semen. When they're intimate with their partners, they
internally contaminate them with depleted uranium. The women
become sick themselves. They have depleted uranium in their
bodies, and there is something called burning syndrome. Just
absolutely horrible. You can read about it in an article by
David Rose in the December Vanity Fair. It's on the Internet.

A friend of mine is the widow of a Canadian Gulf War veteran.
David Rose interviewed her, and she griped about the burning
semen. She said, "I had 20 condoms full of frozen peas in my
freezer at all times, and after we were intimate, I would
insert one into my vagina, and that is the only way I could
bear the pain from the burning semen." And it goes through
condoms, too.

ICONOCLAST: Gosh, durn!

MORET: Yeah, you should see the high school classes when I
talk about the burning semen and the internal contamination.
The girls' mouths go into little round Os, and the boys start
panicking because they're like, "I'll never get sick!"
(laughs) The name of this article is "Weapons of

ICONOCLAST: How much DU will it take to kill off all known
life on this planet?

MORET: The amount of radiation released is certainly going to
have a very, very profound global impact, and we're already
seeing infant mortality increasing globally. The fetus is the
most susceptible to radiation damage because all the cells are
rapidly dividing, the limbs and the bodies developing, so when
you start introducing toxic chemicals and radiation, it really
damages the natural process of fetal development.

The reason they were able to convince the Senate to sign the
partial test ban treaty in 1963 was because of the increase in
infant mortality. It had been dropping and declining two or
three percent for quite a long time each year because of
better prenatal care and educating mothers.

Infant mortality started going up after the bombs were dropped
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, especially in the '50s when the big
bomb testing started. By 1963, it was really obvious that the
bomb testing globally was having a real impact on the unborn.
They signed the partial test ban treaty. Russia and the U.S.
stopped atmospheric testing, and the infant mortality rate
started going down right away. They're going up again now.
This is global radioactive pollution, and how long it would
take to eliminate all life is something nobody knows, but the
depleted uranium is a very, very effective biological weapon.
There are two purposes for the military use of weapons. One is
to destroy the enemy soldiers, and the other, which is just as
important, is to destroy the enemy civilian population. By
causing illnesses and disease, long lingering illnesses really
impact the productivity and the economy of a country. It was
Chernobyl and other nuclear disasters that actually destroyed
the Soviet Union because the former Soviet Union is very, very
sick from all the radiation that was released. They were much
more sloppier than we were.

I have a World Health Organization world health survey which
they published in the Journal of American Medical Association
last June. The impact of atmospheric testing is very, very
apparent by the percentage of population in each country they
investigated for some form of mental illness. For instance,
Japan is 8.8 percent. Nigeria is very low - 4.7 percent. They
have almost no radiation in Nigeria. In the Ukraine where they
had the Chernobyl accident, it is 20.4 percent. Spain is at
9.2 percent. Italy is 8.2 percent. It's pretty low because
they don't have nuke plants. France is 75 percent reliant on
nuclear power, so you have mental illness in 18.4 percent of
the population. Mexico is at 12.2 percent, and the United
States is at 26.3 percent - the highest rate of mental illness
in the world.

And George Bush and his siblings were all exposed in utero to
bomb testing fallout in the United States. He had a toddler
sister who died of leukemia when she was about three.

I worked with a group called the Radiation And Public Health
Project. Their website is <www.radiation.org>. We are all
radiation specialists, well-known scientists, and independent
scientists. We've collected 6,000 baby teeth around nuclear
power plants and measured the radiation in them, and one of
our members is the neighbor of the women who worked with all
of the Bush children, including President Bush himself,
because they had severe learning disabilities.

ICONOCLAST: How do we know that the Bush children were

MORET: By the year of their birth. The year they were carried
by their mother. You have to look at how much bomb testing
material was released into the atmosphere, and there's a
direct correlation to the decline in SAT scores for all
teenagers in the U.S. to the amount of radiation that was
released into the atmosphere the year their mother was
carrying them. These are delayed effects of radiation exposure
in utero.

ICONOCLAST: So they were living in Connecticut, but they were
still feeling the effects of the radiation in Nevada?

MORET: Two years ago the U.S. government admitted that every
single person living in the United States between 1957 and
1963 was internally exposed to radiation. So for any pregnant
woman during those years, her fetus was exposed.

ICONOCLAST: What type of radiation levels are we talking

MORET: It's low levels, and the main pathways are drinking
water and dairy products. It even killed the baby fish in the
Atlantic. Strontium-90 is a man-made isotope that comes out of
nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors. They measured the levels
of strontium-90 in milk in Norway from the 1950s up until the
1970s, and they measured the decline in the fishing catch in
that same period, and as the strontium-90 increased in the
milk in Norway, fishing catches declined.

By 1963, when the U.S. tested a nuclear bomb almost every day
(they did 250 tests in one year because the treaty was going
to be signed), the fishing catch declined by 50 percent. In
the Pacific, it declined 60 percent because there was Russian,
Chinese, French, and U.S. testing in the Pacific.

ICONOCLAST: So we're still eating those contaminated fish
today. Has the genetic code been changed?

MORET: The oceans are getting whatever is getting rained down,
snowed down, or fogged down from the atmosphere. It's getting
into the oceans. This big frog die-off, which is global, is
certainly related to the radiation in the rainwater. It's a
global nuclear holocaust. It effects all living things. That's
why they call it "omnicide," which means it kills all living
things - the plants, the animals, the bacteria. Everything.

ICONOCLAST: You think we ought to have the Weather Channel
report on the current sand storm conditions in Iraq so we can
prepare four days in advance for the radiation?

MORET: I'll tell you what I did when 9/11 happened. I called
all the doctors with Radiation And Public Health Project, and
I said, "Get out of town, and don't come back until it has
rained three times." One lived 12 miles downwind from the
Pentagon. She went out on her balcony with her geiger counter.
I said, "Get that geiger counter out of your purse." We had
just done a press conference in San Francisco, and I knew she
had it in her purse. Well, the radiation levels were 8-10
times higher than background.

We called the EPA, HAZMAT, FBI, and said, "Get all those
emergency response workers suited up. They need to be
protected." Two days after 9/11, the EPA radiation expert for
that region called back and said, "Yup, the Pentagon crash
rubble was radioactive, and we believe it's depleted uranium,
but we're not worried about that. It's only harmful if it's
inhaled." He said, "We're worried about the lead solder in the
plane." Well, you know what's in Tomahawk missiles? They have
depleted uranium warheads. The radioactive crash rubble
contaminated with DU is evidence of a DU warhead.

ICONOCLAST: I did not think about that, but going back to my
original question: Should the Weather Channel report for us on
the toxic dust storms in Iraq?

MORET: But how could people get away from them? These dust
storms are a million square miles. They're huge, and they come
right across the Atlantic, the Caribbean, and Texas coast
line, and right up the East Coast. There are people who are
going to leave the state every time there's a hurricane It's
in the food, drinking water, dairy products, and then the
problem with Uranium 238, which is 99.39 percent DU, is that
it decays in over 20 steps into other radioactive isotopes.

That's why I call it the "Trojan Horse." It's the weapon that
keeps giving. It keeps killing. This is like smoking
radioactive crack. It goes right in your nose. It crosses the
olfactory bulb into your brain. It's a systemic poison. It
goes everywhere. These particles that form at very high
temperatures - 5,000-10,000 degrees C - are nanoparticles.
They are a 10th of a micron or smaller. A 10th of a micron is
100 times smaller than a white blood cell. They get picked up
in the lipids and probably the cholesterol and go right
through the cell membranes of the cell. They screw up the cell
processes. They screw up the signaling between the cells
because the cells all talk to each other and coordinate what
they're doing. It messes up brain function.

ICONOCLAST: Do you know what Iraq was like before the first
Gulf War?

MORET: Iraq prior to the 1991 Gulf War was the most advanced
in the entire Middle East. They had scrupulous databases of
the health problems and disease rates, which is why the U.S.
bombed all of the offices in the Ministry of Health. We
destroyed all those records so that a pre-Gulf War health base
could not be established to show how much these diseases have
increased. This would concern the U.S. in terms of
compensation for war crimes.

In these horrible U.N. sanctions, they (the Iraqis) could
never get all of the protocol medicine for the treatment of
leukemia. They (the U.N.) would say, "These steps of the
leukemia treatment were components in weapons, so you can't
have that." They never gave the people the full proper
protocols in the areas of treatment they needed to get rid of
the leukemia. It hid the effects of the depleted uranium
because the children were starving. They had malnutrition.
They had the healthiest population in the Middle East (prior
to Gulf War I).

ICONOCLAST: Let's talk about the children of Iraq.

MORET: After the Gulf War, they had maybe one baby a week born
with birth defects in the hospitals in Basra. Now they are
having 10-12 a day. The levels of uranium are increasing in
the population every year. Every day, people are eating and
drinking while the whole environment is contaminated. Just
what you'd expect. There are more babies born with birth
defects, and the birth defects are getting more and more

An Iraqi doctor told me that babies are being born now that
are lumps of flesh. She said that they don't have heads or
legs or arms. It's just a lump of flesh. This also happened to
populations that were not removed from islands in the Pacific
when the bomb tests occurred. Basically, governments were
using them as guinea pigs.

ICONOCLAST: So all the countries that were equipped with
nuclear weapons are guilty of those atrocities.

MORET: They were all doing it. France, Russia. China, and the
U.S. And I'm not sure if Britain did bomb testing. They were
real low key about it.

ICONOCLAST: Where are the radiation hot spots in the United

MORET: In the United States, it would be within a 100 miles of
nuclear power plants. We have 110 nuclear power plants in the
U.S. We have the most of any country in the world, but only a
103 are operating. Almost all of the entire East Coast.

What we did was we took government data from the Centers of
Disease Control on breast cancer deaths between 1985 and 1989.
Anywhere from within a 100 miles of a nuclear power plant is
where two-thirds of all breast cancer deaths occurred in the
U.S. between 1985 and 1989. It's also around the nuclear
weapons laboratories. That would be Los Alamos in New Mexico,
the Idaho Nuclear Engineering Lab in Idaho, and Hanford in
Washington State, which is where they got the plutonium for
all the bombs. They contaminated the entire Columbia River
watershed and almost the whole state of Washington.

It gets into the water and into the plants and into the
vegetation. If you eat clams or mussels or crabs or things
like that, even certain kinds of fish that eat off of the mud
at the bottom of the river, you have much higher levels of
radiation in your tissues. It depends on each person and on
how healthy they are, but this man from Washington State died
suddenly. He was in his late 40s. They did an autopsy, and he
was full of radioactive zinc. They went, "Where in the world
did he get this? It only comes from nuclear bombs and nuclear
reactors." They studied his diet and discovered he loved to
eat oysters. They found out where he bought his oysters and
found the oyster beds. They were 200 miles off shore, from
Washington State. The radiation was being carried off out to
sea from the coastline. It was passing over this oyster bed.
The oysters were just gobbling them up.

ICONOCLAST: What are the symptoms of DU poisoning?

MORET: Soldiers on the battlefield have reported a metallic
taste in their mouth. That's the actual taste of the uranium
metal. Then within 24-48 hours, soldiers on the battlefield
have reported that they felt sick. They start getting muscle
aches, and they lose energy. Some of them came back
incontinent. In other words, in adult diapers.

One woman reported that the first night home, she wanted to be
intimate with her husband, but she had absolutely no feeling.
She couldn't feel anything from the waist down. This
particulate matter damages the neuromuscular system, the
nerves; it just goes everywhere. And there's no treatment for
it. These particles are very, very insoluble, so they can't
even dissolve in body fluids, so they can be excreted from the
body. Then they keep releasing. Even when uranium decays, it
turns into another radioactive isotope. So it's a particle
that just sits there shooting bullets until you die.

Another problem is that soldiers have crumbling teeth. Teeth
just start falling apart. The uranium replaces calcium in the
calcium-phosphate structure of the teeth. Some have complained
about grand mal seizures, cerebral palsy. Some diseases
reported at very high rates in Air Force and Army soldiers are
Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, and Hodgkin's
disease. This is damage to the mitochondria in the cells and
the nerves. The mitochondria make all the energy for the body,
so when you damage mitochondria, another symptom is chronic
fatigue syndrome. There's just not enough energy produced by
the body to function normally.

I found a study in the SanDia Nuclear Weapons Laboratory
employee newsletter in September 2003. They are doing major
studies in mitochondrial disfunction related to Lou Gehrig's,
Hodgkin's, and Parkinson's diseases for veterans. Since it's
at a nuclear weapon's lab, they are fully aware of the health

ICONOCLAST: Tell me about the tests that detect for DU in the

MORET: The chromosome test in the best indicator. It's $5,000.
The urine test is a $1,000. If you test positive with the
urine test, you know you're contaminated. If you test
negative, it does not mean that you're not contaminated. It
just means that you may or may not be contaminated but enough
hasn't dissolved in your blood stream to go through your
kidneys to be excreted in your urine. Anyone who goes now
cannot avoid being contaminated. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone.
Everyone who goes to the Middle East and Afghanistan will be

The DU issue affects every single living thing on this planet.
What else has that impact? They have altered the genome for
the entire planet forever with this DU. The Pentagon people
say, "You're exaggerating or you use the uranium word to scare
people." I don't care if people believe me or not. All I can
say is that over time what I am saying will actually be an
underestimation of the long term effects.

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