* Migration – re/Yahoo & Google *


Richard Moore


Many of you responded on the issue of Yahoo & Google. Some said they 
had no preference, some definitely preferred one to the other, and 
some had strong objections to both.

I can understand people's objections to these commercial services. 
I'd prefer to use our own server, but we just can't afford the 
maintenance overhead any longer. Let's face it, when we drive a car, 
or travel by air, or participate generally in life, we are using the 
services and products of companies that we don't always approve of. 
We do what we have to do, taking the best of the available choices, 
according to our judgement. We want to change the world, but we have 
to live in the world in the meantime...Also, I want to move on to 
other things, and I'm sure you do as well.

So...you can have your choice, Yahoo or Google, but our old lists 
will need to go soon. Our web servers remain the same, with the same 
URLs, and the same archives...

If it's a hassle for any of you to go through the subscription 
process, just send me a message saying which list(s) you want to be 
on, and I'll take care of it.

The Yahoo subscribe addresses:

The Google subscribe addresses:

The unsubscribe addresses:

s'il vous plait :-)