New attack on Internet underway


Richard Moore

The article below reports that, a very popular alternative news site, is being systematically hacked by high-level agents. This is clearly a test case, to see how we respond, what defensive measures we take, etc. They want to refine their methods for larger scale attacks in the future. In recent newslog postings, we’ve also seen preemptive arrests of Internet journalists. Thus they (the government) are attacking Internet news both at the source and distribution ends. 
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     Amy Goodman: Why We Were Falsely Arrested
_________ Now Under
Severe, Routine Attack
We are being regularly hacked and taken down by the dark side. We cannot
trace the exact point of origin but these are highest level ops…of that
there is no question. We are back up now and profoundly appreciate your
support. No other world news service is being assaulted like this so we know and all those who support its Freedom of Speech and freedom of
journalistic inquiry are directly on and over the target. Thank you for your
kind emails and gracious patience. We ARE taking more steps to upgrade our
security but the opposition is literally the top of the Westen power
structure seeking to remake America in its image. Something I am dedicated
to opposing to the last. – Jeff Rense