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Obama’s backdown & the NWO Project

Obama’s backdown – the media spin emerges , and you saw it here first…


The script continues to infold as I said it would, and so far no one else seems to have noticed that the world has changed. I suppose people will begin catching on when the House votes No to attacking Syria. 

Meanwhile the Secret Elite’s  media is preparing us for that unprecedented outcome, telling us how it is to be interpreted. For example, consider this article from the Washington Post:

  President Obama’s Syria problem — through the lens of Michael Grimm

The article presents several examples of Representatives ‘responding’, such as this one:

“Received 100s of calls from constituents who are reluctant about involvement in Syria – something my vote will reflect.”

– Mike Fitzpatrick ( Rep Fitzpatrick) September 6, 2013

The officially mandated interpretation of the No vote is to be that the Representatives turned to their constituents for guidance, and the constituents were overwhelmingly in favor of not attacking. 

There is nothing at all surprising about how constituents are responding. If similar attention had been paid to constituents regarding the invasion of Iraq, for example, the results would have been even more decisive. As you may recall, there were worldwide protests against that invasion, much bigger ones than we are seeing now in the case of Syria. The surprising thing is the media attention itself, that is being paid to the will of We the People.

In the previous posting I said:
Another interesting thing will be to see how quickly the focus shifts from Washington politics to breakthroughs in international relations. That’s obviously the next dramatic event in this script. 

Right on cue, we get this article from the Washington Post, preparing us for such breakthroughs:
     With its own restive Muslim population, Russia has no interest in radical Islamists imported from Syria. That’s one reason the Russians are backing the Assad regime. Assad claims he is the only person who stands against the extremists.
     That gives Russia and the United States common interests in finding a solution. President Obama needs to acknowledge Putin’s status as the leader of a major power with interests in Syria. Pressing Moscow to cooperate in mitigating, if not resolving, this crisis will best serve American interests.

Again, there is nothing at all surprising about the fact that cooperation is the best way forward for all concerned. It was the best way forward in the case of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Cold War itself. The Soviets, and later the Russians, have always been hoping for a cooperative way forward. The surprising thing is that this possibility is being promoted, for the first time, by the elite media.

Not only is the media preparing us for Russian-American cooperation, but a forum is already in place for that cooperation, as we see this NY Times article:
For his part, Mr. Putin said the two leaders agreed to disagree.
He added that they did agree that Syria ultimately needed a political settlement, and that they delegated the matter to Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, and Secretary of State John Kerry. In May, the two officials announced an effort to begin negotiations for a settlement in Syria, to be held in Geneva, but that effort has since stalled and now seems further away than ever.

There is nothing surprising about the fact that the negotiations have been stalled since May. With the US intent on promoting and pursuing violence, there was no hope for negotiations.   But the world has now changed, and in that context it is a mistake to think that a settlement ‘now seems further away than ever’. Rather, when the House votes No, I can see a contrite Kerry being dispatched by a contrite Obama, with instructions to pave the way for a joint Russian-American proposal to the UN Security Council re/Syria. The empowerment of the UN is, after all, what it’s all about.

The most sensible commentator I’ve seen re/Syria is John Wight, a Scotsman who assesses the current situation in this video:
What we saw at the G20 was the end of an era, we saw the the end of Wasington’s uni-polarity… This is gong to be the defining week of the Obama administration.

Even though Obama and Cameron are the ones who took us to the brink of global war, it seems they will end up being seen as heroes, for finally retreating from that brink. I can already see Obama, in his full Yes We Can glory, giving The Speech of the Century, Peace In Our Time.



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