newslog – 14 Aug


Richard Moore
     **--> featured articles
India's Agrarian Martyrs: 17,107 suicides 
     **--> Subprime collapse: an intentional Ponzi scheme
All domestic communications under surveillance
     **--> Carolyn Baker: The Spirituality of Collapse
Credit Crunch In U.S. Upends Global Markets
Venezuela's pro-people transformation continues
US Military Psy-Ops and You
     **--> Chossudovsky: The Pentagon's "Second 911"
     **--> New Statesman: defense of Chavez
Venezuela & Bolivia: closer cooperation
Venezuela Gives Land Titles to Indigenous Peoples
     **--> Eamon O'Hara: Focus On Carbon 'Missing The Point'
DiLorenzo: The Men Who Destroyed the Constitution
     **--> China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
Depopulation: Asia By DU, Africa By AIDS
Ecuador: The indigenous movement and Correa
Join the next solidarity brigade to Venezuela
Venezuela: Co-management in a sea of capitalism
UK: random stop & search increasing
     **--> * Israeli Minister: US will back Israeli strike on Iran *

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