newslog – 4 Sep 2009


Richard Moore

Wash Post: Taliban winning in Afghanistan
The Taliban has become a much more potent adversary in Afghanistan by improving its own tactics and finding gaps in the U.S. military playbook, according to senior American military officials who acknowledged that the enemy’s resurgence this year has taken them by surprise. 
Bill Blum – Anti-Empire Report – 2 Sep 2009

If there’s anyone out there who is not already thoroughly cynical about those on the board of directors of the planet, the latest chapter in the saga of the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland might just be enough to push them over the edge.  

WHO site: fast-tracked vaccines

Regulatory authorities have shown great flexibility in developing procedures for fast-tracking the approval and licensing of pandemic vaccines.  

Paul Street: Is Barack Obama a Progressive?

Is Barack Obama a progressive?  John Wilson says “yes,” I say “no.” But how much does the question really matter at the end of the day? Obama wasn’t selected to head the United Way or the White Sox. He’s chief executive of the American Empire.  He is a politician above all – one who was selected to sit atop and, I think, to re-brand what the left-liberal political scientist Sheldon Wolin rightly calls “Democracy, Incorporated.”  

Fwd: Paye’s “Global War on Liberty”
Indeed, more than an insertion of totalitarian or dictatorial rule into Western democracies through the many instances of suspension of the law, what Paye’s text reveals is that this suppression of the law gives way to the creation of a new normative system (one for which there may not be any appropriate political vocabulary yet). As Paye puts it, the generalized state of exception “breaks new ground by modifying the very form of the state” (34). Or, as he adds later on, “this morphing of the legal order is significant . . . [because] it lays the foundations of a new kind of political regime” (61).
NY Times: Obama Aides Aim to Scale Back Health Bills
An organized campaign of disruption is not an indication of what the American people do or don’t want.  I think it is pretty obvious to everyone that the overwhelming majority of people want universal health care, and with a public option, to help reduce insurance company rip offs. 
And yet, both the Republicans and the White House are giving serious weight to those disruptions, naming them as reasons for opposing a plan, on the one hand, or trimming it back, on the other. This just doesn’t make sense.

video: history of USA & Rothschilds 

 Criminal Rothschilds 10:17  

CDC H1N1 forced quarantine docs leak
Last night Zero Hedge obtained some interesting documents from the CDC web site.  They contain blank ‘forced quarantine’ orders from Iowa and Florida regarding novel H1N1 — including quarantine to a ‘secure detention center’– which appear to be recent — dated April 2009. Some may be aware the NIH and CDC just held an H1N1 conference in DC — August 19-21 2009 — that focused on ‘mass fatality management’. For many, this should be cause for concern.  As is becoming clear, our government is quite corrupt.  The idea that this same government is now preparing for forced quarantine and mass vaccination  should make anyone who has been following recent events shudder.