newslog 9 April


Richard Moore

Electronic medical records: what’s it really about?
They use terms like send prescriptions but if you think about it, what does that really mean? I can tell you, as someone from the industry, that what  we’re actually talking about is a Federally-managed central database, where  all this information will be maintained. 

* Maha Zimmo : The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act *
Global Research, April 8, 2009 

State secrets and domestic spying, no change here
Obama DOJ Invokes State-Secrets Privilege and Patriot Act To Justify  Continued Bush Warrantless Wiretaps

Eric Boehlert: patching over leaks in the Obama illusion
I’ve run across a few articles by Boehlert, and they fall into an interesting  pattern. He keeps on the lookout for legitimate critiques of the Obama regime, critiques that could be threatening to the illusion if they were more widely  understood, and then he finds some glib way to dismiss them. 

Why the surge on Wall Street?