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Quite a bit of my time each day is spent reviewing news articles and posting the most useful ones to newslog, often with a bit of commentary. In all humility, I think newslog is perhaps the best single source of interesting news on the web, in terms of getting a wide scope of topics and viewpoints, selected for quality, and intermixed with particularly insightful pieces as they come along. Several of you regularly send me articles that you find particularly useful, and that enriches the mix considerably. 

Newslog does provide a service to the 200 subscribers, but my real reason for doing it is so that I can keep up on developments, and have a handy log of the items I’ve found useful. In order to sail the ‘sea of understanding’ you need both a keel and a sail. The keel is an understanding of history; the sail is attentiveness to the latest developments. 

When I set up newslog, I didn’t realize that people would want to subscribe. My intention was that people could go to the website when convenient, look over the latest headlines, and look at the articles that are interesting to them. The archives are maintained in three different places:
The yahoo and google versions both have good search features. You can put in ‘bailout’, ‘afghanistan’, or whatever, and it finds the articles that contain the phrase, back through the years. 
FYI, below are the headlines for the most recent articles.
steps toward NWO: Obama’s new ‘security strategy’ 
steps toward NWO: IMF seeks broader role 
Marian Wang: BP using banned toxic dispersants 
** 1971 : Powell Memo : origins of neoliberal project 
Chossudovsky: The Great Depression of the XXI Century 
Coverup : Coast Guard and BP Threaten Journalists 
Ray McGovern: US/Israel Challenged on Iran 
spoof on Zionism: “The War on Justice” 
humor video: 6-min Star Wars spoof 
Patrick O’Connor: US strategy unravelling in Afghanistan 
Tanaka Sakai: Who Sank the South Korean Warship? 
PressTV: Iran-Brazil deal: ‘epic victory for Iran’ 
Junk science: ‘diet soda good for you’ 
* Tarpley: Iran nuclear swap deal a defeat for US policy of isolation 
NY Times response to Iran-Brazil deal 
The Cell Phone Industry Knows Emf Is Dangerous! 
* Banksters: The German government has had enough! 
Rand Paul: Mandate of Our Victory Is ‘Huge’ 
underwater video: the BP gusher 
Russia-Ukraine Milestone: new strategic partnership 
Chossudovsky: Obama’s war without end 
Russia’s growing influence: Turkey 
Bilderberger Merkel: wants EU-wide austerity 
Māori legends and myths: Maui and the magic fishhook 
UK hospitals: outrageous patient abuse 
Turkish air-defense prepared prevent Israeli raids 
Mark Blaxill – Gardasil – License to Kill – Part 3 
Latest insult to China: $1.5M to Falun Gong 
Border horrors: US citizens denied re-entry 
Spanish prosecutors want 13 CIA agents arrested 

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