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Richard Moore

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Paul Cienfuegos wrote:
greetings richard,
i hope you’re closely following the groundbreaking work of on the topic of we the people rising up at the local level and developing “community rights” for people and nature. imo, there is no more important or exciting work being done today anywhere in the US, and they’re getting very little attention thus far from our own indy media. perhaps because they’re mostly conservative rural people? i share stories about them in every one of my many talks and workshops.
best to you,
paul cienfuegos

No, I hadn’t heard of CELDF. I looked them up, and added them to my list of initiatives to include in the book. It is so sad that most progressives see conservatives as the enemy. The folks running the country don’t listen to conservatives or progressives, but they are happy that we fight amongst ourselves instead of working together against the real enemy. 
Madeline Bruce wrote:
This looks wonderful, Richard. Thank you for your very hard work for the benefit of humanity. – Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C.

Tasha wrote:
hi, richard. as i read through your outline, my inner Spirit Guide said, RE-READ THOREAU. I think he has lessons for us all on many of these issues.

Diana Skipworth wrote:
Yes, this planet is the only physical plane where true evil reigns.  Anyone who ventures to be born in this God-forsaken place is a friggin hero!
Too bad the “rules” force us to have complete amnesia when we are born human.  If we only knew the nature of reality, we could turn things around.  But no, we are like the dog who soiled the carpet and gets it nose rubbed in.
I realize it sounds insane, but nothing is truly “real” in this 3 dimensional world.  We seem to suffer and “die” like Jesus.  The truth is we are like Shakespeare said, “the World is a stage and we are players”  It is just a ride — a bumpy one, at that.
Within each of us lies all the answers.  We have chosen this moment to be present, to take this all-important, Final Exam.  I would venture to say, humankind has become experts on being it’s own worst enemy and needs to learn new behaviors, like in your book.
Will humankind pass or fail?  (It has been predicted we will finally pass this time, after failing miserably countless times, before)

OK, I can believe that lots of us chose to be born at this time because we are needed to turn things around. Let’s get on with it!
Linnea Meyer wrote:
Hi Richard!
Have you heard of Richard Florida?  Sure you must have, but have not been following your group regularly, until lately (again).  
Book – The Great Re-Set
Like the new direction you are going in these days, and maybe it is time to not let new energies be drawn up into sorrows of the retro-world order.  Ta hell with the hierarchy!   ‘New’ life forms are springing up everywhere.
  Regards and Hugs!
  Linnea Meyer/Seattle

Hadn’t heard of Richard Florida. Glad to see yet another community thread happening. I hear what you’re saying about ‘Ta hell with the hierarchy’. If I’m going to finish the book I’ll need to focus more on it, and less on current events. I suppose I should keep in mind that Prognosis 2012 continues to be viral on the net, so in some sense I’ve ‘done my bit’ about covering current events.
Herb Kline wrote:
many thanx, once again, for your thoughts and insights — I am somewhat old, and not in the best of health these days, but I look forward greatly to your evolving new book, to see what might be done, in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.
 continued best wishes,

Harvey Jones wrote:
Your thoughts are being echoed on the other side of the world in many ways and places.  I feel the energy of community beginning to grow again as it tries to make sense of the apparent failure of globalisation in the wake of a series of financial collapses and problems.  (bank bailout, finance wizards in jail, property value collapse, Euro problems etc)
The other side has covered its tracks well and will continue to hide or obscure successful local initiatives.  Historical perspectives of local economies supporting themselves in food and services, and only selling spare produce on a wider market for otherwise unobtainable goods is treated in distain or best forgotten.  The idea of not “growing the economy” is never suggested.  The bankers know that economic growth and its inherent increase in money supply is the only way in which the interest bill on bank loans is paid.  A collapse is just another method by which they can increase their asset base at a cheaper price.
Perhaps the local initiatives need to create their ideas and work in isolation at present.  Any greater success would attract unwanted attention of the global hierarchy, who would then need to stifle these activities and maintain the status of the majority being treated as serfs and begging for crumbs off the banquet table of bankers and other corporate diners.  I believe that these initiatives will join forces when the time is right.
Many of us work toward the greater good and believe that it will lead to a collective gain for us all at the time it is required.  Your work is one of the collective threads which bind many of us together.
 Thank you for this

Thank you Harvey for forwarding my posting to your friend Sharon. We’ve been dialoging and she’s offered to review the latest chapter when it’s done. 
There does seem to be lots of good energy emerging from ‘down under’. Perhaps the isolation from the rest of the world breeds independent thinking. 
I hear what you’re saying about not attracting unwanted attention. Nonetheless, I think we must forge ahead as boldly as we can. They’ve already anticipated a localist response; we have nowhere to hide. Already in the USA, they’re trying to pass a law that would outlaw growing your own food. 

andrea lea wrote:
Beautiful, Richard. If only we could superimpose your vision of the new paradigm on the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast with its sickening reality of oil gushing into the water representing the uncontrolled greed of the oil barons and their acolytes and their determination to savage Mother Earth to increase their ill-gotten gains. How grand it would be if we could return this fertile crescent to the descendants of the many souls who have made their living for generations by bringing the bounty of the sea to the dinner table. As the long-term implications are increasingly grim, let’s look at the possible acceleration of the inevitable as a result of this catastrophe. Seems to me this is the moment when we would be advised to suspend our perception concerning ‘reality’ and take a step back, looking again at what we can do now that the ‘final blow’ has been rendered by the corporations and their uncontrolled exploitation of Spaceship Earth.
   In solidarity,
   Andrea Lea

Stephanie McDowall wrote:
Hey Richard !   Great to see you published by Information Clearing House

Thanks for letting me know. The virus continues to invade! Now if we can just get an equally strong community virus going…

Robert Ocegueda wrote:
Excellent analysis Richard, as usual.  And I believe that you express the true plans of these elite groups.  However, I have some sort of confidence that their nefarious plans will not come to pass.
First, I don’t believe that these groups are monolithic in their goals and actions.  There have been some indications that there may actually be some fighting with in the groups.  Some may have some degree of palpable humanity which may interfere with the grand design.  
What makes me think of this is that the past ‘predictions’ of war with Iran, or clamping of martial law, the use of the ‘missing’ nuclear bombs from the Air Force for another false flag attack, and a variety of other climactic events, although planned and intended to occur, have not.  Whether because some insiders have opposed it or sabotaged it, or the conditions were never appropriate as they had expected, I don’t know, but they have been stopped, even though I’d suspect that they would keep on trying to bring them about.
Also, your analysis does not include the possibility of some form of ‘subtle energy’ that may be in play within these world developments.  This comes from the belief that Gaia is a real living entity, and we are part of it.  Like cells within a living organism.  Perhaps the ‘antibodies’ of her immune system are actually working in some subtle form. Perhaps what we call intuition in many of our people.  Not very visible in the media ‘radar screen’, but there nevertheless, just under the surface, ready to spring into view when the time is right (2012?)
Who knows what the future holds?   We must not be too much into despair, only enough to motivate us.  We may be pleasantly surprised.  Intention is a powerful force.
I don’t think we can count on dissension among elites, or subtle energies, to save us.  It may be true that some plans are not on schedule, or it may be that those were trial balloons, to see what kind of popular response there would be. For example, consider the swine flu scam. True, there was no deadly pandemic that time, and no martial law, as many of us were concerned about. And now, in WHO circles, they’re studying how to handle the propaganda better next time, and how to counter the information about vaccines that flooded the Internet. In short, they’re regrouping for a more effective attack, most likely with a more virulent pathogen. Meanwhile they go right ahead with their criminal injections of mercury into the nation’s children. 
An interesting side note about mercury. In one of our local pubs, a thermometer broke, spilling a tiny amount of mercury on the floor. The police moved everyone out and closed down the pub until the mercury could be cleaned up. And they tell us it’s save to inject into our bloodstreams. 
The planned economic collapse happened; the treasonous bailouts happened; the depression is deepening; the exploitation of sovereign debt (Greece) is happening; life-threatening GMOs continue apace; evil Wall Street continues to run the White House; the war drums against Iran are beating strong again. I see no reason for any kind of optimism as regards elite agendas. Our only hope comes from what we ourselves do. Any optimism that keeps us from doing what needs to be done is dangerous. 
Richard Cook wrote:
For some reason I am just now reading your Prognosis 2012.
Yes, that is the way it’s being done. Very soon a global dictatorship will step in to rescue us from the chaos they have created. I believe the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster is part of this plan. 
I also believe the Cosmos has different plans. 
  Richard Cook 

It is time for us to go viral in channelling the plans of the cosmos!
Several people have suggested that the BP disaster was intentional. I have a hard time figuring out what the payoff would be. 

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