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My title: "FISK- US Colonial Suppression of Iraq"
    Robert Fisk 17 April 2003
    IT'S GOING WRONG, faster than anyone could have
    imagined. The army of "liberation" has already turned
    into the army of occupation. The Shias are threatening
    to fight the Americans, to create their own war of

My title: "Rumsfeld's Deal with the Republican Guard"

  The offer proposed by the American command in Iraq to
  the Republican Guard and Saddam's Fedayeen was
  generous. The offers were run past Secretary of Defense
  Rumsfeld, who okayed them immediately. The provided
  1. In return for not opposing American forces and for
  laying down their weapons, the United States will give
  the following:
      Transportation for the Republican Guards top echelon to
      secure locations outside of Iraq,
      Transportation of the Republican Guards leaders of the
      second echelon to "liberated" places of which the
      Anglo-American forces had control inside Iraq,
      Granting to the top echelon of the Republican Guards
      large sums of money, with lesser sums going to the
      second echelon,
      Granting some of the leaders of the top echelon of the
      Republican Guard, and to those who had not committed
      "war crimes" official roles in "liberated" Iraq after
      the end of the war,
      Granting American citizenship and residency in the
      United States to some of the first echelon commanders
      and their families, depending on their wishes,
      Establishing a balance between the Iraqi Opposition
      that will have a limited role in the administration of
      Iraq on the one hand, and Republican Guard commanders
      who did not fight the American forces, on the other.


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