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Richard Moore


Here’s the latest outline for my new book, FYI. Draft chapters will be posted to the blog as they are written. It’s work-in-progress, subject to change, and suggestions are always welcome.

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New book (title TBD)

Ch 1: Prognosis 2012: the elite agenda for social transformation

Ch 2: The Grand Story of Humanity

Ch 3: The Story of Hierarchy

Conclusions: The Localization Imperative
Theme: Local sovereignty is the only antidote to hierarchy and elite rule.

Ch 4: Community awakening: opportunities and obstacles
Theme: Survey of community-oriented initiatives; 
identification of potentials and obstacles.

Ch 5: Focusing on community development
Theme: Identification of synergies among community initiatives; 
development as a unifying focus; 
outline of a development model.

Ch 6: Cultural transformation
Theme: Community engagement in its own development process, if pursued appropriately, leads automatically to cultural transformation and the emergence of an inclusive democratic process at the local level.

Conclusions: The Transformational Imperative
Theme: The political process is of no value to us, nor is mass organizing; 
our eyes must be on the prize of radical cultural transformation;
our activism must be focused in our own communities.

Ch 7: We the People
Theme: Recognizing the emergence of a new political paradigm: 
We the People acting with coherence and unanimity of purpose.

Ch 8: Social transformation
Theme: Community awakening as a cultural movement; 
the organic emergence of decentralized collaborative processes;
dismantling the old regime.

Ch 9: Envisioning a liberated world
Theme: visualizing the confluence of knowledge, wisdom, and collaborative consciousness;
exploring the potential for education, cultural development, and species evolution.

Conclusions: Turning point for humanity
Theme: The familiar liberal-democratic regime is being dismantled;
a tyrannical feudalistic regime is being constructed to replace it;
the time of transition provides an opportunity for the emergence of alternatives;
we have the power to liberate our species if we can only get it together to do so.


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