PPI-024-Update from Chiapas: May 1 1998


Richard Moore


                   Update from Chiapas: May 1 1998

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Date: Sat, 2 May 1998
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May 1, 1998
Chiapas, Mexico

Today in the early morning hours of this May Day, agents of the Seguridad
Publica (Public Security police), State Judicial Police and the state
"sub-procuraduria general" (like the Attorney General Office for US
dwellers) entered the Autonomous Municipality of Tierra y Libertad, in
the community of Amparo Agua Tinta, on the border with Guatemala.
Officially, they entered with 250 operatives (26 of these Judicial
police).  They "dismantled" the autonomous municipality and claimed that
the incursion proceeded with "calm" for 3 hours.

They also claim they entered the autonomous municipality to "liberate"
two Guatemalan refugees, from a refugee camp named "Esperanza," who had
been kidnapped since April 29.  One was named Pedro Flores Dominguez.
When they entered to free him they found many "important" community
documents, including birth certificates, which they seized. They arrested
47 "presumed Zapatistas," including the alleged Municipal President
Aureliano Lopez and took then to Tuxtla to levy charges.

State Attorney General Rodolfo Soto Monzon said that they acted to pacify
the state and re-establish order and sovereignty.  Governor Albores
Guillen will be giving a press conference later this afternoon.

We've just heard that the police are not letting journalists anywhere
near the area of Amparo Agua Tinta.  We've heard nothing from people of
the community.


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