ppi-policy: Announcing changes! (and a holiday)


Richard Moore

Dear friends,

I was _very pleased to see the prompt and sensible discussion that arose
from my query re/ list policy.  This is the old "cj community process" that
I've found so valuable in the past, but which has been hibernating under
the deluge of the Peoples Press International initiative.

There were additional good comments that were sent to the list or to me
personally, but the ones posted adequately represent the range of
perspectives that were offered.

In addition to _your desires, I must also take into account my own limited
bandwidth, what I am capable of delivering, what my `mission' is, and what
my talents are.

My conclusion is that the "old cj" and the "new ppi" are not compatible
with one another.  The various suggested reforms (abstracts, links, subject
tags, digests) are all useful ideas for _any list, but they aren't enough
to bridge the gap between the separate goals of the cj & ppi concepts.

The fact is that _everything in my life is now coming up for re-evaluation
and re-dedication -- you might say my `spring cleaning' muse is dominant at
the moment.  I hope you will be pleased by the `clean house' when it
emerges later this Summer.


ppi/considerations: I think the Peoples Press International is a valuable
and needed service, and it will eventually ressurrect itself.  But for the
time being I simply don't have the bandwidth to operate it at the level it
deserves.  In addition, the current subscribers (ie, _you) did not really
sign up for ppi -- the majority of you came aboard during the cj era.

ppi/decision: ppi will go into hibernation and I will move all of you over
to a new list, probably called "•••@••.•••", which will be
operated according to the old cj policies.  You don't need to do anything,
and until the switchover this existing ppi list will begin operating in the
old cj mode.  When the `new ppi' gets re-launched I will let everyone know.

If anyone is interested in helping staff a resurrected ppi, please write to
me and I'll get back to you when the right time comes.


I'll be travelling in North America from 16 June through 11 July.  I am
therefore announcing a "list holiday" beginning now.  (I still have
significant trip preparations to complete!)

There will still be _some postings, even while on the road, but they will
be infrequent.  I won't have much time to pay attention to things sent in
to the list by others, so please don't be offended if your gems don't get

What you'll get will be in the nature of `travel reports', when I have time
to file them.  I think you will find these useful and interesting, as my
`travels' will be a series of meetings and seminars with important
political activists -- plus a week-long retreat with the cadre folks and a
few others on the topic of:

                  "Seeking an Effective Democratic
                     Response to Globalization
                       and Corporate Power"

This, by the way, continues to be my primary mission: overcoming elite
corporate hegemony and replacing it globally by genuine democracy,
something quite different that what goes under the name `democracy' today.
I really don't care if the task is impossible or not, I can't think of
anything else worth working on.  No matter how things go, my motto will
remain "I have not yet begun to fight!".

Thank you for your patience during the past few experimental months.  We
try things, we learn, and we adjust.  You are all very special to me and
the `cj process' has taught me more than you know.

in love and revolution,

btw> hope you like the `selected quotes' which are also being posted today.