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Richard Moore

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Jim Fadiman wrote:
nice to see that the meeting, initial stages as you outlined are already underway.
May the collective wisdom, and the human distillation, create a new kind of heady Irish brew.

Hi Jim,
All the pieces are in place to launch the project this Fall, with the base of operations in Switzerland. I’ve given up on Ireland for the time being. 
Peter Koenig wrote:
Dear Richard,
Your efforts to bring democracy onto a new level or even into a new dimension are laudable, more than that: they are spectacular.
But frankly, it seems to me that with all the flaws and extraordinary new thoughts the two-day weekend in the Jura may have inspired you – right now the world is crumbling.
The lies and media manipulations about Syria, about the collapse of the Euro and the reasons for it – human troupeaux of sheep running blindly into their grave, as they believe the elite funded mainstream media – these blunt lies and deceptions are almost uncontestedly swalloed by us, the 99% – they are about leading us to a world war of proportions which may bring death anddestruction far greater than an ordinary WW III scenario might ever do.
Under these circumstances – a new definition of democracy – seems to become a thing for the back-burner.
Right now, we would render the world a better service spreading truth news throughout the continents, the countries and throughout the agglomerations of societies with the goal of waking up – of bringing consciousness to humanity, of dispelling the lies —- the only way, in my humble opinion – Dear Richard — that enough of us may survive to start thinking about a new paradigm of Democracy.

Hi Peter,
I’ve spent many years ‘spreading truth’ and ‘dispelling lies’, along with many others all over the world. I can give you a dozen news feeds, if you want them, which will give you a long list of ‘truths’ and ‘revelations’ on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this kind of activity doesn’t change anything. There are two reasons for this. First, a very large part of the population, perhaps a majority, is in denial about these kinds of truths, anything remotely like a conspiracy theory, and will not consider the evidence, if it does happen to reach their doorstep. The more we try to ‘awaken’ such people, the more we separate ourselves from them, contributing to divisiveness rather than to unity. 
Second, knowledge of how bad things are is of little or no help in figuring out what we can do to change things. Polemics may motivate people, but it doesn’t give them a direction, other than anger and protest. Change requires people rallying around what they want, not what they don’t want.