re-6: global warming – ice-core graphs visible in archives


Richard Moore

Bcc: contributors


Several folks wrote in and said the graphs didn’t come through in their email. This is a problem with your computer software, not with the list, as all three copies came back to me with the graphs OK. The posting with graphs can be seen on the riseup archive:
Next, we’ll be looking at more recent data. The ice-core data takes us up to about 1900, which is when the oil-boom took off and Co2 emissions start becoming significant. Surface temperature measurements began in the 1800s, so we have an overlap of surface measurements and ice-core measurements. This enables us to link-up the long-terms trends with the more recent trends.
I find the ice-core graphs very interesting as regards the history of humanity. From the chart that goes back to 9,000 BC, we can see that agriculture was developed right away, as soon as it got warm enough following the ice age. Before that, we had about 100,000 years of ice age. Before that, there was another brief period (about 15,000 years) where agriculture would have been possible. One wonders if there might have been a civilization then, 100,000 years ago, and all traces have been wiped out by glaciers.
By the way, if anyone wants me to send them the Excel spreadsheet, or jpgs of the charts, let me know. 
Also, if anyone knows where to find clean, official copies of the more recent measurements, let me know.