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Lincoln Justice wrote:


While a tinderbox has been created with the potential to spark an all-out war there are reasons to believe that the tide is turning against war around the world.

I am impressed by the potential for replacing war with nonviolent alternatives.  World Beyond War is a new movement that is being launched  in many languages around the world on September 21, 2014.  They are building a membership of both individuals and organizations.

Lincoln B.Justice 

If we talk about replacing war with nonviolent alternatives, we need to know what objectives are being pursued by wars, and by whom, so that we can consider alternative means. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason for wars in the first place, and hence no need to find alternatives. For those who plan & initiate wars, however, it isn’t as clear we can find alternatives. They want to conquer and control, and wars are handy for that. 

You suggest that a tide is turning against war. I assume you’re talking about public opinion. I’m afraid I don’t see any evidence that public opinion has any influence on decision makers. Are you aware of any such evidence? Even back in the 60s & 70s, with ongoing mass demonstrations against the Vietnam War, they continued the war exactly as long as they wanted to. Since then governments have become much less responsive to the public than they were then. 

My view is that whatever is going to happen has already been decided. There’s a war alternative, and a non-war alternative, both aimed at the same objective: a one world government, under a ‘reformed’ and all-powerful UN. ‘Reformed’ means the bankster elites can control it. It would probably be modeled on the EU structure, where an unelected commission has all the real power. The General Assembly remains a talking shop.

If war is the chosen alternative, then the Ukraine is where the spark-of-war is being kindled. There’s nothing we can do, in that case, but watch the show and prepare ourselves for the fireworks. However if non-war is the chosen alternative, then the Ukraine is where something else is being kindled: the visible threat-of-war, a manufactured global crisis. 

When the manufactured crisis reaches its manufactured climax – when it seems the nukes are about to fly  – then the prepared ‘solution’ can be offered: an empowered UN. Russia would go along; indeed Putin has been calling out for an empowered UN for some time now. The political pundits will declare all over TV that it’s an ‘idea whose time has come’.

If non-war is the chosen alternative, then it is very important that public opinion be carefully prepared to accept an empowered UN. The relationship between elite deciders and public opinion is not that elites listen to the public, rather they guide the public toward accepting whatever’s in store for them. The way 9/11 guided the public toward accepting wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, Homeland Security & TSA, etc. 

A brink-of-war scenario in the Ukraine guides people toward wanting a strong UN. And note: the Israeli blitzkrieg against the Palestinians is perhaps even more effective in guiding people toward wanting a strong UN – a UN that has the muscle to enforce a cease fire on all sides, and compel Israel to negotiate, at last, in good faith.

If non-war is the chosen alternative, then that is surely the reason for the manufactured crises in the Ukraine and in Palestine. It would also be the reason for the emergence of initiatives like World Beyond War, and Worldwide Wave of Action.


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Dan Shaw wrote:

As always, Richard,

your thoughtful work continues to inspire. Thank you for sharing this.


(from the Montana Vortex)

Thanks. I appreciated the new energy Gregory contributed to our cj dialog.


Helen Basinger wrote:

An excellent communication – thank you both for sharing that.


Madeline Bruce wrote:

Richard, I certainly relate to hierarchies that become elite tyrannies. I have seen microcosms of that through working as a nurse in hospitals. I have seen power that trumps knowledge, and that is chilling.  When that started happening, I would leave the scene. I did that repeatedly, throughout my career.  Now that I am so close to retiring completely from Psychiatric Nursing, I am speaking out against abuses in the SYSTEM, and I am not seeing that from other individual nurses, as yet.  Also, I have a perspective of 50 years of experience, counting back to the start of nurse’s training.  To see one system under a microscope is to see the larger system writ large.  The chipping away of quality in Health Care I can follow, step by step, and this can be traced in surprising ways.  I cite the extinction of the white uniform and cap of the Registered Nurse.  These were supplied to me by the hospital at the beginning of my career, and laundered, starched, and ironed by the hospital laundry, and then returned to me.  Now a patient cannot tell what level of nursing staff is administering to them – all are wearing colorful cottons.  Very recently, Nanaimo Regional Hospital has replaced RN positions and filled them with unlicensed staff, despite protest marches and petitions by the RNs.  Administration rationalizes their decision by saying it is abiding by “Universal Standards”.  Standards of the New World Order.       

Thanks for sharing your experiences. What you say about ‘seeing under the microscope’ is so true. As above, so below. The macrocosm can be seen in the microcosm. Hierarchy functions similarly at all levels. A hierarchy strives to expand its power externally, and it tends to concentrate internal power in a ruling clique. When the hierarchy is a government, then a ruling clique is another name for tyranny.


Peter ‘webwiz’ wrote:

rkm> My emphasis on localization is not because I see a path-to-transformation there, but

because a path-to-transformation can be found nowhere else. It is not where the light

is best, but it is where the keys were lost. There is only one alternative to

hierarchy, which always becomes elite tyranny, and that alternative is decentralized


This reminds me of my time in cohousing. aka rigorous local self governance training. Amazing stuff that builds and retains commitment to these ideals over long periods.


Can you tell us more about your self-governance training? I’d love to learn about the processes that were involved.