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I’d like to share, with his permission, a message I received from Gregory Prinsze, who told me about the audio recording on the ‘Unwelcome Guests’ website (http://cyberjournal.org/audio/ETM-article.mp3). My response at the end.


Writes Gregory…

Hi Richard,

I haven’t been in touch with anyone at Unwelcome Guests… so far I’m just browsing their episode index and listening to whatever looks most interesting. They seem to have connections with Wikispooks, which is a site I really like. Unwelcome Guests has tons of 9/11 material… a fair amount of stuff I hadn’t seen before, which is surprising given how much I’ve studied it. Believe it or not, I knew 9/11 was in inside job the first day… I have a structural background and as soon as I saw the twin towers come down the way they did, I knew it had to be some form of controlled demolition. I saw the towers under construction with the massive core columns, and I knew it was physically impossible that those were gravitational collapses precipitated by airplane impacts and short-duration, low-temperature fires. When building 7 came down later in the day, that just confirmed it. Then the obviously planned-in-advance rush to war, the written-in-advance Patriot Act, the endless and impossible anomolies of the official story, which is by far the most preposterous conspiracy theory of all… and it just goes on and on and on. 

Even though the whole thing is sickening, it continues to be strangely fascinating… it’s just astonishing that so many otherwise intelligent people still don’t see it. Behold the power of cradle-to-grave indoctrination and programming… the sophistication of the mind control system is staggering, The Matrix indeed. I still remember how blown away I was when I first saw the movie, and of course that was before 9/11. I had studied the JKF assassination pretty extensively since the Zapruder film was first shown publicly, then the hidden history of US foreign policy in the Cold War era, then the massive lies of World War I and World War II, and finally the hidden systematic theft of private central banksterism, which makes all the rest of it possible… so the metaphor of The Matrix worked beautifully for me, it was perfect. I remember being amazed at the time how many people didn’t understand what the movie was hinting at, and how the mainstream media even promoted the notion that the movie was incomprehensible and made no sense… lolol, classic! Then 9/11 happened, and for those with the ability to see, the movie became even more brilliant… and the sophistication and effectiveness of the real world Matrix became even more stunning.

I’m guessing you’ve had similar responses over the past twelve plus years. I don’t expect the mainstream media (nor academia, sadly) to change their tune regarding 9/11 or the hidden private elite power structure which brings such things about… after all, those institutions are key parts of The Matrix. But in this day and age of such easy access to alternative information, it just amazes me that we’ve haven’t seen much larger numbers of citizens wake up, especially regarding 9/11, or much larger numbers of journalists and academics quit in protest. It’s just another reflection of the power of the machine. It’s definitely moving in the right direction… but too slowly, and the numbers are still too small.

I don’t recall where I saw it, but a few months ago I came across a term which describes the incapacity of most people to recognize uncomfortable truths… Mayberry Syndrome. The good residents of Mayberry just can’t believe our “leaders” could be so evil. Of course the term is especially apt for America, but it applies in all other countries where some form of The Matrix is in use… it’s another good metaphor and it made me laugh. Now when I encounter someone who parrots the Establishment line, especially if they inveigh against the grave dangers of conspiracy theories, I think of the theme song from the Mayberry RFD TeeVee show… and sometimes start to whistle it out loud, lolol. Since you used to live in the Bay Area, you must be familiar with the unofficial ambassador of Haight Ashbury, Wavy Gravy. Some local media outlet interviewed him on the street during the build up to war following 9/11. It was surprising how much they allowed him to pontificate (sort of a glitch in The Matrix, lol) and he wrapped up his remarks with a subtle and profound quip: “You have to laugh, otherwise it just isn’t funny anymore.” I always try to keep that in mind as millions still fall for the trickery of The Matrix. Very sad, but… we have to laugh, lolol.

What I liked best about your Escaping the Matrix article was the very clear presentation of the sequential phases of the elite control structure through history, since the medieval era came to an end… from old fashioned imperialism, to Pax Americana, to neo-liberalism, to globalization and neoconservative destabilization, and finally to the top down authoritarian command economy of a one world government. I also liked your explanations of how capitalism is literally being phased out, because the growth afforded by capitalism is no longer necessary for the elites. This is very useful in explaining things to people who can’t believe the NWO is real because it would mean no more growth… once the powers-that-be own everything and have their global command structure fully in place, they don’t need growth. For them, growth has served its purpose… now its time to phase it out. 

One of the more difficult challenges in communicating these ideas to a wider audience is that most people have a very hard time interpreting the unfolding of events outside of paradigms which they have been raised with, such as the growth paradigm. Elites on the other hand recognize that the paradigms are temporary phases or tools in the long term evolution of their control structure. Moreover it’s the norm for them to think and plan in long time frames… 50 years, 100 years, 150 years. Ordinary people are trained think in much shorter time frames… no accident. That makes it far more difficult for the masses, including the highly educated, to recognize what the elites are doing. We almost have to admire how clever they are, lol.

My observations regarding your ideas were along the lines of agreeing with you that the NWO has moved well into its endgame phase. I also agree that the NWO command structure will be based on consumption control, in particular around trumped up environmental concerns and the carbon scam, backed by various forms of authoritarian force. This will be combined with further Orwellian fear mongering, Huxlean social engineering and bioengineering, and additional iterations of the Patriot Act justified by planned-in-advance false flags and wars which can be launched at any time. Apart from how bleak that scenario is, my concerns and questions were along the lines that countervailing strategies such as localization, dynamic facilitation, and collaborative consensus – as much as I believe in the value of those approaches – won’t be enough by themselves. More will be needed because the sheer power and extent of multifaceted top-down control possessed by the banksters is just too great as we move into the endgame phase.

Compounding the problem is the fact that the NWO power elite are well aware of the potential threat from localization and other bottom-up movements. They are responding to this by aggressively rolling out Agenda 21 and ICLEI at the local level. I lived in Albany for a number of years, just north of Berkeley. My wife at the time was considering running for Albany city council and we became familiar with sitting council members and other people who were running… it was stunning how many sounded like programmed robots as they extolled the virtues of Agenda 21 and ICLEI. I’m a strong believer in sustainability and protecting the environment, but as you know, certain threats have been disingenuously over-hyped and the movement has been hijacked… well meaning people have once again been brainwashed and unwittingly co-opted, and their conviction has all the earmarks of religious fervor. Quite scary, and it has the effect of reducing the maneuvering room for those of us who would like to push back against the coming psychopathic bankster-controlled totalitarianism of the NWO. Do you agree?

I think localization movements are essential, but I also think more awareness of the private elite power structure on the part the general public is necessary… at least a larger portion of the general public. We need much better understanding of the existence and nature of this power structure… its institutions, its methods of control, its history, its outrageous crimes, the people who are running it, and their agenda. Much larger numbers have to become aware of this power structure… how it runs the institutions of legitimate government, how it uses The Matrix to keep people in the dark, and the heinous exploitation and destruction it perpetrates. I think a clearer recognition, and a corresponding mass anger, will be very helpful if not essential in effectively pushing back. 

Somewhere out there is a tipping point in public awareness which would lead to sufficient distrust of the establishment, such that the majority would start boycotting mainstream institutions… especially corporate media outlets and the transparent fraud of the two major parties. At that point The Matrix begins to lose much of its power, and we move closer to the spell being broken. After all, despite the sophistication of their system, the veil is nonetheless quite thin. The emporer has never had any clothes, and when that dawns on enough people it’ll be very hard for the Matrix to function with anything like its previous effectiveness. I think it’s possible to push back without this wider awareness, but the prospects for success are better with it. 

Having said all that, I’m glad to hear you’re moving in the direction of science, and I look forward to hearing more about what you’re focusing on. Of course familiarity with science is important for recognizing how elites use it to manipulate us, but the positive potential of new paradigms in science is where the real transformative power lies… it’s incredibly interesting and exciting. I think new frontiers outside of consensus scientific dogma are very important, and I’m a big believer in the notion of breakthroughs coming from outside specific disciplines, or from interdisciplinary approaches. I’ve been aware of Wallace Thornhill and others in the Thunderbolts Project for about three years… the implications of the Electric Universe are mind blowing, along with the work of Rupert Sheldrake. Fascinating how those fields are related, and I’m convinced that we’re nearing a paradigm shift which is larger than anything since the scientific revolution.

Apart from these new fields of research being fascinating in their own right, what makes them even more interesting in light of the intended control structure of the NWO is their potential to contribute to disruptive technologies. As important as broader public awareness of The Matrix is, along with strengthening trends in localization and alternatives like Mondragon Cooperatives, the real power is in disruptive technologies… especially those which are highly scalable, not just to very large sizes, but also to very small sizes. Two of the most crucial franchises for the NWO psychopaths are the fossil fuels energy industry and the monetary and banking system, and there are highly disruptive technologies developing in both areas. 

In the energy sector, obviously the Electric Universe has huge implications in the medium to long term, but in the short term there are a number of fascinating developments in alternative energy technologies which are here today, which are being researched and pursued entrepreneurially, which are highly scalable, which have numerous environmental and geopolitical advantages over conventional fossil fuels, and which could creatively destroy the fossil fuels leviathan. I have a brilliant friend who’s involved in this area (research wise and entrepreneurially) and he’s urging me to get involved. Just over the last few days I’ve become increasingly convinced that I’ll move in that direction. In the monetary sector, the obvious disruptor is digital crypto currencies. 

In both areas, progress could be supported through better public awareness of The Matrix, the outrageous criminal exploitation of the private elite power structure, and a resulting boycott of mainstream institutions. I think all of that should be part of the picture, and it’s worth it to continue devoting efforts in that direction. But the beauty of the best disruptive technologies is that they can succeed on their own without that… they can become unstoppable.

Sorry this was so long… I always feel funny apologizing for using somewhat long form communication, but I have a feeling you are one of the people who won’t mind too much, lol. Look forward to hearing your thoughts when you have time… no rush. I’ll also check out your facebook page too… I’m on facebook a fair amount. Despite its problems it’s still a useful tool, at least for the time being… until the next major disruption in social media, lol.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your message. I like the way you chat about the nature of the Matrix, and the strange power it has to convince people that black is white. I can tell that we are seeing the same general landscape in the Real World. 

The localization movement never really got moving on a scale that could become a mass movement; it was too narrowly focused on carbon issues, and it came with a de facto ideological filter, bringing in mostly the ‘usual suspects’ activists. And as you say it has now been effectively co-opted by the well-funded Agenda 21 project. No disagreement there.

One reason for the Mayberry Syndrome, in today’s context, is a divisiveness tactic – the ‘conspiracy theory’ concept. Ever since JFK, a divide has been growing, between those who scoff at anything that sounds like a conspiracy allegation, and those who have some understanding of how the world works. The scoffers are a strong majority, and they have over time been conditioned to see non-scoffers as being crazies, or at least deluded. The scoffers have a strong need not to be seen as crazies themselves, and so they have no choice but to accept the Matrix narrative as it unfolds. They avoid exposing themselves to contrary information, and yet they have a strong sense of ‘knowing the whole story’. 

This is not a playing field upon which we have any influence, this field of social factions and mass-media manipulations. It’s a rich man’s game. Indeed co-option is well underway, with all kinds of Awakening movements springing up, channeling ‘those in the know’ into harmless activities, or inactivity. I can’t agree that hope is to be found by pursuing the path of revelations. Besides, plenty of good people are doing that all over the net already – to what effect?

You say:

Somewhere out there is a tipping point in public awareness which would lead to sufficient distrust of the establishment, such that the majority would start boycotting mainstream institutions… especially corporate media outlets and the transparent fraud of the two major parties. At that point The Matrix begins to lose much of its power, and we move closer to the spell being broken. 

With those words you are putting forth a scenario. It’s a plausible scenario, as far as it goes. One can imagine those things happening. But where does your scenario lead? What would be the effect of such boycotting, and what would follow after the spell was broken? How would this lead to a functioning society, a society that was somehow on the other side of the Matrix illusion? I presume that’s the kind of outcome you’re suggesting we should hope for, given your scenario.

If I’ve gained anything in the way of wisdom over the years, I’d offer this one gem: if you want to accomplish something difficult, you’ve got to begin by imagining the endgame. In our case, I suggest, the endgame is a different kind of society, where common sense prevails, and where plans and decisions are made in a quite different way. One cannot expect such a society to emerge spontaneously, following some kind of Matrix-collapse scenario. If there is an infrastructure collapse, for example, Homeland Security is prepared to maintain ‘order’, and that won’t include space for a cultural renaissance.

My emphasis on localization is not because I see a path-to-transformation there, but because a path-to-transformation can be found nowhere else. It is not where the light is best, but it is where the keys were lost. There is only one alternative to hierarchy, which always becomes elite tyranny, and that alternative is decentralized self-governance. 

We have numerous examples of stable societies that operated in that way historically, and evidently that’s how nearly all societies operated during most of human existence. Living in supportive communities, where we have a voice, is our natural ‘home’ as a species. Yearning for that kind of home is why Little Home on the Prairie was so popular.

Such societies, in the real, documented world, operate by inclusive dialog processes. In the case of the Sioux and the Iroquois, the same kind of processes were extended up one level, giving larger-scale consensus & coherence, without sacrificing local sovereignty. When a society operates in this way, an ethics of mutual trust and mutual-benefit collaboration becomes a valued part of the culture. I can imagine a stable global society based on such principles, and with that kind of culture. 

As I see it, the Big Problem is not how to overcome elite power, or the spell of the Matrix. The Big Problem is how to come out the other side with an outcome we would be happy with. That must come from some kind of spark, some kind of new movement energy, some kind of meme that awakens what’s already inside of people, a yearning for self-determination and for community. Something that brings people together locally so that a seed of a new culture can spring forth and be nurtured. A decentralized, self-governing movement that dispenses with the Matrix and becomes the decentralized, self-governing new society.

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of ideas for what such a spark and movement might look like. 

You mention ‘disruptive technologies’, ‘free energy’, and such things. Given the extent of surveillance, and the police state infrastructure, I don’t see any potential gains on that playing field. Nor do I see potential there as any kind of seed for a transformational movement. In a post-Matrix society, however, I’m sure many of these esoteric technologies will have an important role to play.

My interest in science is simply a personal hobby that intrigues me. This is a seminal time in science, with model-shattering lines of discovery opening up in many important domains of knowledge. The important work is being done in most cases by independent researchers, who depend largely on the Internet to share their results and their thinking. The leading edge of science today happens in an open-source Internet environment. 

I see a potential opportunity there to make some original contributions to the emerging thinking. I’ll be focusing on cross-pollenization, where breakthroughs in various domains add up to more than the sum of their parts. There’s room to work there, as most researchers are so excited about pursuing their own domain. The fetish of specialization has yet to be overcome.

thanks for your message,