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Richard Moore

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With traveling, and events with friends and family, I’ve had no time to focus on cyberjournal. And I’m off Sunday to Prague for ten days. So I’ll take a break now and pen a few lines…

A new subscriber, Gregory Prinsze, told me about an online audio recording of my article, Escaping the Matrix. I downloaded it and put it on our website. It’s a good listen, covers more than I remembered:

My Scottish friend, Jim Macgregor, is now serializing the revelations from his book, Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War. The articles are appearing on Jim’s blog. Startling revelations indeed:

One of the things Jim talks about in the book is the media propaganda campaign carried out in Britain, leading up to WW 1. Fabricated stories were put forward of a German armaments build-up, particularly a ‘naval race’, and of German aggressive intentions. It was all lies, but those published fabrications became the source material for mainstream histories, giving a totally false picture of how the war started.

Ominously, there are strong parallels to the fabricated stories being published in the mainstream media about what’s going on in Ukraine. If there were to be a war with Russia, these stories would be quoted by historians, and it would be remembered as a defensive war against Russian aggression. Once again a totally false picture. 

These propaganda parallels don’t mean much on their own, but meanwhile the US and its Kiev Cronies are doing everything they can to provoke a Russian response. A tinderbox has been created with the potential to spark an all-out war. Quite like the tinderbox that was intentionally created in the Balkans, as a means of sparking WW 1. 

There’s a third parallel, and that has to do with the emergence of new economic powers. The reason Germany was targeted by the WW 1 project is because she was beginning to eclipse Britain economically, threatening British supremacy. Now we have Russia and China as the new emerging economic powers. 

Many parallels, but we can’t say for certain we are on the verge of war. Nonetheless these kinds of signs are worth noting. Sooner or later something needs to be sorted out between the US and Russia/China, by one means or another. If it’s not war, it will be some other momentous shift in global power relationships.