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Richard Moore

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The event at Sergio’s went well. People seemed interested in my presentation on the Electric Universe & climate, but mostly it sparked others to share their own insights and experiences of an ‘alternative’ kind. So it turned out to be a very interactive evening. Sergio has kindly uploaded a video of the event. The whole thing is about an hour and a half long. It starts with everyone introducing themselves, and then the presentation itself runs from about minute 16 to minute 42. The rest is discussion ranging over many topics:

The reference for the electric universe model is


Thanks for your responses to my ‘report’, and your expressions of condolence. I’d like to share your responses, mostly without comment.


rkm report…

Peter Meyer wrote:
Hi Richard,
I’m in near-total agreement with what you wrote, especially about the Ukraine. I’m not totally pessimistic, since I think Russia (with China, etc.) has a decent chance of defeating the Anglo-Zionist Empire (which will help in its own destruction also).
I’ve recently been reading Michael Sharp’s “The Book of Light, Vol. I”, and find I am in agreement with his view of “the Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness and the Universe Within You”, and this gives cause for optimism. I haven’t yet looked at his website, but if you don’t know his work then you can find out from It makes a lot of sense to me, and confirms much of what I had come to independently.

Torstein Viddal wrote:
First off, my condolances. When we lose someone close, we see the
world and our place in it in a new perspective.
I always find it interesting how parallel you and I think, about the
same things at the same time.
Enjoy your writing — of course the same thing I do this summer — and
all the rest of it.
Good summer and best of luck from Torstein, Norway.

Hill Eshbach wrote:
Dear Richard,
I grieve for you. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. Having lost mine, I have a sense of how difficult this can be. My sympathies, condolences, and best wishes.
If it matters to you at this time, six months of time passage (not to mention active grieving), will likely help some of the pain, sadness, and depression to shift a bit, and some light and laughter to enter again.
None of your work has been lost. It just didn’t turn out the way you had hoped it would. It’s all found its rightful, yet unknown, place in the universe. You’ve inspired people you will never know about and they in turn are inspiring others.
I wish you all the best as you go forward in your newly bereft state.

Lincoln Justice wrote:
I am also using any additional years I have on planet Earth to enjoy life. After traveling around the Sun for 85 times I have decided to let my inner child out to play and just have fun. However, I am not pessimistic about the future even thought we will probably go through some very rough times during the transition.
It is Amazing, but the human family is actually growing its ability to empathize. The amount of crime and violence is going down, in spit of what the US mainstream media would have us believe. This TED talk by Steven Pinker provides the evidence along with the books he has written.

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

Lincoln B. Justice

Tasha Polak wrote:

HI. I would definitely come [to Sergio’s event]  if I were not still living in East Coast. I would certainly rather be in the SF region for many reasons. Plus, I wanted to mention–Your prior note about having done all your efforts yet feeling not much had changed– I felt exactly that way after ending 23 years as a writer/interview of magazine profiles of ‘achievers’– supposedly had 2.4 MILLION readers a week but …nothing changed. and.then felt the same way after ending my 10 subsequent years as an online columnist dealing largely w political/public affairs. I came crashing into my own hubris and finally realized….the world is what it is. what we can change is, if we are lucky, our own little bailiwick. thing globally, act locally, Best of luck w the talk.

jackson davis wrote:
FYI: Neutrino Dreaming – 

The article fails totally in debunking the EU model. It creates a straw man, a mis-characterization of the model, and then debunks the straw man. A big percentage of the ‘debunking’ articles I’ve seen are of this kind, over a range of topics, such as climate. Yet some people consider it valid to dismiss an idea if they’ve heard that a debunking article exists somewhere. Go figure.

Susie Jenkins wrote:
Aloha Richard,
I was really sorry to learn about the passing of your Mom. Could tell by the after post that you are going through a rough time. Totally understand that we all must live now and and enjoy life as much as possible. 
Thank you for all the insightful postings/writings you have done for so many years. They are out there and now the people and the universe will do what it will with your work.
Have a wonderful time in the Bay Area.
My sincere condolences on your loss.
Susie Jenkins
Big Island