Re: China and propaganda


Richard Moore

6/11/98, Two Priests and a Rabbi wrote:
 >Well, I'd say it's clearly likely that all that is true -  but it's also
>important to remember that the Propaganda Machine (the same one used by
>any government at any time in history) could do a MUCH more intense job at
 >drumming up opposition to China in America.  Perhaps I'm wrong; maybe the
  >more subtle approach is working better.

There is only one nation, since the destablization of the USSR, that poses
a credible threat to the hegemony of the elite/corporate globalist regime
(which some call the New World Order), and which is supported by the
elite-subverted militaries of the US and NATO.  That is China.

The parallels between what's going on now, and what went on in the years
between WW-1 and WW-2 are striking.  Germany and Japan were encouraged to
develop their war machines and were provided by the US with investments and
arms sales.  Public sentiment was intentionally toned down, via propaganda,
as the aggressive and authoritarian aims of those nations became
increasingly apparent.

Only after Germany and Japan had fully launched their aggressive wars did
the US propaganda machine begin to systematically demonize them and prepare
the way for US entry into the war.  The timing was strategically adroit:
when the US _did enter, Japan was heavily engaged in China, as was Germany
in Russia.  The US was then able to achieve full public support for war,
and was able to engage enemies most of whose troops were busy elsewhere.
Truman summarized the overall strategy very concisely:

   If we see that Germany is winning we should help Russia and if Russia
   is winning we ought to help Germany and that way let them kill as many
   as possible . . .
                                                Harry S. Truman, 1941

In the current scenario, it appears likely that India is to be cast in the
role of WW-2 Russia, and China in the role of WW-2 Germany.  The concrete
evidence for such a scenario is considerable.  I invite you to download the

which is accessible via the "CyberLib" button on:


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